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#1 by xcyt
2015-10-18 at 18:50
So getting the links for the interface patch from NekoHen was a huge pain in the ass. The database that the download link on the page used didn’t load properly most of the time. I managed to get it to work properly using Google’s cached version of the page (which is from Oct 14, 2015 19:09:44 GMT). I had originally tried the Wayback Machine, but unfortunately, NekoHen is using a robots.txt file, so it doesn’t have any of the site archived at all… :(

I archived that Google cached page (lol) with archive.is here (thank goodness something like this exists).

Unfortunately, I ended up having another issue, that being that the two download links on that page actually redirect to a URL shortener (sh.st) that makes the guy some money. I have no issue with that, but what I did have an issue with is that the site wouldn’t redirect to the actual link even with JavaScript enabled. Probably due to uBlock or Ghostery, but I’m sure as hell not going to enable all that tracking crap just to get the actual link. Thankfully, if you put the shortened links in DuckDuckGo, it will automatically expand them for you (using longurl.org), so to save anyone else the huge PITA of doing all of this, here are the links:

Names and Descriptions Patch (via DDG search)
Interface Patch (via DDG search)

or if DDG or LongURL happen to not be working when you check this post, here are the actual expanded links I got from them:

Names and Descriptions Patch
Interface PatchLast modified on 2015-10-18 at 18:53
#2 by drank
2019-02-09 at 17:01
links dead


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