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#1 by himitsukou
2015-10-23 at 19:08
I would like a complete list of those novels where the release date would change then or I call abuse of authority. And since when do official statements or site rules matter here, considering that VNDB lists the Phoenix Wright series in the database despite yorhel himself saying that he would be inclined to remove them but will not do so simply because it's been here for years. Hypocrisy much?
#2 by yorhel
2015-10-23 at 19:16
@himitsukou: If you're mad about Steam lying about a release date, then direct your rage towards them. There's absolutely no point trying to "fix" things here, because we, wherever possible, use information provided by publishers.

EDIT: I also don't see how pointing out inconsistencies in the database is an argument for ignoring any attempt at following regular guidelines.Last modified on 2015-10-23 at 19:19
#3 by beliar
2015-10-23 at 20:39
Just like Yorhel said, while I would never call VNDB the most orderly of places, it doesn't mean that we can abandon following the rules.
We aren't making shit up to include as hard data. There used to be a time when people were making up their own ratings where publisher didn't provide one, but luckily the practice has been mostly squashed in the infancy. Now you are offering to make up our own dates.
So, the dev released the game on Steam basing it on their own time zone. Tough shit. Deal with it. I remember that Jast also released a few of their games at the last minute while the date was still applicable. So what?
And talking about hypocrisy, I am a human, thus by the very definition am a hypocrate - deal with that too.


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