What happened with the translation?

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#1 by gabezhul
2010-06-26 at 22:20
Okay, I was kinda looking forward to this one, but I wasn't checking it that often, so I was really shocked when I realized that the TLWiki page was removed. There was supposed to be an explanation, but even that link was dead. So the question is: Does anyone know what happened? did they drop it, or moved it, or got a letter like minori's or what? -.-'
#2 by chikan
2010-06-26 at 22:21
C&D'd, dropped.
#3 by gabezhul
2010-06-26 at 22:22
Awww... Well, whatever. Too bad.
#4 by izmosmolnar
2010-06-26 at 22:24
The translator is a japanese dude, who'd like to avoid adding fuel to this fire, and thus likely leave it alone. That said, he never actively started translating it due to involved with a different project.
#5 by hko2006
2014-03-12 at 17:11
I don't have Baldr Force but here is a BF translation I found.
Edit: the patch only translated the first chapter.Last modified on 2014-03-12 at 17:22
#6 by rokitoru
2015-02-07 at 04:40
Hi guys any update for English version for this VN if there is any project ? or it remained dead ?
#7 by souseiseki
2015-03-10 at 05:13
bump, being looking forward to this for aeons now
#8 by vario
2015-03-10 at 10:07
As you can see on the vn page, there is no project at the moment. And I doubt it'll be in the future.
#9 by souseiseki
2015-12-28 at 23:13
#10 by [deleted]
2018-09-15 at 23:05
Someone went and dropped a TL patch on 4chan outta nowhere.
Unfortunately, it's the all-ages version.
linkLast modified on 2018-09-15 at 23:12
#11 by usagi
2018-09-15 at 23:28
I have only two questions:
1) how is the quality of translation?
2) how reasonable to wait until somebody make the patch for adult version?
#12 by zeorymer
2018-09-16 at 00:11
@11 good luck waiting for someone to appear, willing enough to go through that engine hell and back, could be tomorrow, maybee in 2-3 years or probably never
#13 by kominara
2018-09-16 at 00:19
Baldr Force's adult version is about as bad as the adult versions of Kanon and Air. Seriously. It's impossible to state how bad it is. I'll gladly take a voiced protagonist over sitting through a bunch of shittily written H-scenes with even shittier art. Look at the CG for Baldr Force, and tell me you really want to see that.
#14 by dk382
2018-09-16 at 00:20
It would most likely be easier to just import the h-scenes into the all-ages version than to try and hack the original version of the game.

What I'm more interested in is if a patch for the console voice acting is possible. Frankly, it's better than the eroge version by a lot.
#15 by zeorymer
2018-09-16 at 00:22
@13 that totally doesn´t mean shit to all those pseudo purists, no matter how bad it is/was, regardless if the story basically did get improved due to the lack of it.
#16 by kominara
2018-09-16 at 00:28
Anyway, you EOPs should be happy you're getting this game at all. It's a damn good one, even if it is a bit rough around the edges.
#17 by kiru
2018-09-16 at 08:10
^Literally everyone I've heard about reading this in the last few years found it mediocre to pretty bad, and Baldr Sky also starts to suffer from the same fate. The games had elements that made them interesting, when they came out. But they are outdated by now. It also doesn't help, that the writer likes to recycle his characters, plot elements and style quite a bit. Makes me wanna say: Just play Heart. Not as much as a mess as this and not 3 games with lot's of copy and paste and recycling either.Last modified on 2018-09-16 at 08:11
#18 by kominara
2018-09-16 at 11:58
Who the fuck have you been listening to? Force and Sky Dive are dated to some extent, and they do recycle plot elements a lot, but that doesn’t mean they’re “mediocre to pretty bad”. The point of “it’s old, so it’s bad” is completely indefensible. And, really, if you think Sky is so dated, I’d love to hear your opinion on Baldrhead ~Busou Kin'yuu Gaiden~...

Besides that, there’s the matter of Baldr Heart. You are aware that this is a thread for English speakers, right? Most of them can’t play Baldr Heart. Besides that, Heart is a completely different kind of VN from Force and Sky; and I know that the setting in particular will probably throw some people off. Sure, the gameplay may be more modern, but you may as well just recommend Bringer if that’s the extent of your standards.
#19 by kiru
2018-09-16 at 13:41
Like I said, pretty much everyone. You may not like to hear it, but hearing really positive things about Baldr Sky Dive hasn't happened in a long time, and this game is even worse off. (Although it still does get sometimes recommended instead of Sky Dive or something by some who played it a long time ago I guess)

People relying on a translation may not have a choice in terms of playing a different Baldr, but they still have the choice to just not play it at all. This game has its fans, but I think it's quite important to stress, that many many others didn't find it particularly good. You will most likely get that impression by the people playing it now soon enough though.
#20 by kominara
2018-09-16 at 14:24
#19 I mean, I've seen some people shit-talking Force before because it's old and has a lot of very obvious flaws, and there are some people that say that Sky is garbage, though I'm pretty sure that the latter group is a loud minority.

For reference, I started playing Force this year, and I think it's good. Admittedly, I have a high propensity against system bullshit, but I doubt that I'm going to be the only one to think that. Look at the recent scores; they're practically all 7s-9s, with some 6s thrown in there. The score will probably drop a bit, but a mid-high 7 is still a very good score, especially for a game this old; it's certainly not "mediocre" or "pretty bad". And it's even more cut and dry in the case of Sky Dive, where the scores are consistently 7s-10s just for the first half.

Regardless, I don't think that you should discourage people from playing a game because some vague and undefined group of contrarians gave their hot take that two of the most acclaimed eroge of all time were actually complete shit. People like this game, and somebody who might like this game might be turned off because of your completely groundless statements.
#21 by sanahtlig
2018-09-16 at 14:54
I played Baldr Force EXE 2 years ago. I liked it. The graphics and systems have aged pretty well for a game originally made in 2002. That said, the resolution is 640x480 and the game has incompatibility issues with modern OSes that the fan release manages to band-aid but not completely fix. It's not for everyone, but those who will enjoy it probably know who they are.Last modified on 2018-09-16 at 14:55
#22 by sup-chan
2018-09-16 at 16:20
It's pretty damn rough around the edges and it shows it's an old game, that's for sure. I'm of course not that far into it and my opinion could change over time, but not a single character has grasped my attention and the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired so far.

Also weird I didn't saw a single walkthrough or someone mentioning a recommended route order, guess you can just pick your favorite and it wouldn't matter that much or it's a "beat every route for the true route to unlock" like in Duel Savior.Last modified on 2018-09-16 at 16:23
#23 by behappyeveryday
2018-09-16 at 16:46
@13 You are serious? Almost all h-scenes in Baldr Force important to the plot, it is hard to imagine how could they compensate them without changing story A LOT, or just making it sexual innuendo.

@17 IDK to whom you talked, but you could just judge based on vndb rating. I'm currently play Sky (Sora route) after I finished Force Exe and so far I could say BSD is one of the best games (vn or whatever) ever made. And also I couldn't understand how game could become "outdated" if most important part of it is the plot. Graphic or even gameplay could become outdated, but it is hardly the case with solid plot. There wasn't any game close to Baldr Sky within last few years in terms of how good you could integrate action and slice of life with multiple route mystery and I don't know any game or novel or whatever fiction ever made which used "lost memories" trope better than BSD, please mention one if you know. I couldn't really understand how "newer is better" could be related to novels or visual novels. And even in other genres I couldn't understand people who care about graphics above gameplay /atmosphere/ plot and some old games (like 20-30 years old) have better gameplay than 99% of things released in last few years and I rather play in KOTOR or Bloodlines than Andromeda.

@22 There was guide for the game on gamefaqs it is strange you didn't found it. Rather than walkthrough it is a plot summary, but if you ignore summary and spoilers then there is everything you need to know, which heroines are available, which choices to make, etc.Last modified on 2018-09-16 at 16:55
#24 by kominara
2018-09-16 at 16:50
#22 At the beginning, you can go through Minori and Ayane's route. After you complete those two, you unlock Liang and Tsukina's routes. After completing those, you unlock the final two routes one by one.

The game has a...slow start, to say the least. Minori's route is the most commonly recommended "first route", but practically nothing happens. Ayane's is a bit better, but it still hinges on attachment to the character. It was only when I reached around the halfway point of Tsukina's that it really felt like the plot started to pick up, and it was only during Liang's route that I realized "holy shit this VN is amazing". Sure, the characters are flat and the gameplay constantly switches between boring and way too hard (fuck you bachelor you flying prick why the hell am i even fighting you), but the core plot and themes are more than enough to make up for it. It's far from being a masterpiece, but it's pretty good regardless.

#23 Most of them aren't plot important. The all-ages version doesn't remove the plot-important content; it just puts some clothes on the characters. The Tsukina and Liang torture scenes are still there, and Genha still humps/gropes the heroines. I think the only thing that was straight-up removed were the "pure love H-scenes", which were always a bit tonally dissonant to begin with. For reference, the PS2 and Dreamcast version were still rated 18+. It's just a bit toned down compared to the PC version.Last modified on 2018-09-16 at 16:57
#25 by behappyeveryday
2018-09-16 at 17:00
@24 I personally loved Ayane's route the best, this is rather rare (and interesting) trope when protag have romance with someone who is supposed to be his enemy, object of his vengeance and hate, maybe it is me but I love it when people who don't really get along fall in love with each other, maybe this is one of the reasons why I liked Sora from BSD so much..

upd. Romantic h-scenes were there to counter balance sexual abuse, but if they added some other lovey-dovey scenes instead then I assume it was fine. And based on what you said it was rather censorship than removal for plot important scenes.Last modified on 2018-09-16 at 17:04


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