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#101 by sakurakoi
2017-06-21 at 17:11
< report >
Material Girl is on steam for $2 (on sale for 1.20 right now) and seems to be selling well. It's about a tenth of the price it is on DL site amusingly.
More funnily enough, it merely censors the naughty bits with the white beams of light one usually knows from anime, including nipples even though those are indeed allowed on Steam, however, there is a patch which replaces the censored HCG with the original mosaic'd ones.

Sadly, the translation does not seem to be... any good indeed. One might like to have another patch which adds the Japanese text just so one could use whatever software of their choice to machine translate it but welp...

Straight-up Nukige on Steam? Sure, why not? Well... already played it~ (a bit, while the big boobs are quire drawn well, albeit being very big indeed which apparently makes drawing them well/appealing much more of a challenge, at that time I had enough acerola games already i.e very samey gameplay and artstyle)
#102 by cockblockula
2017-06-21 at 17:21
< report >Why can't steam organize these games with something that is in line with DLsite or getchu. Currently, their 'sexual content' category features Nekopara and material girl. Only.
#103 by dk382
2017-06-21 at 18:04
< report >Steam's organization is essentially based on user tagging, and users tag shit even worse there than they do here. :p
#104 by anonymous
2017-06-21 at 20:51
< report >^Yup. See the "psychological horror" tag for more evidence.
#105 by pendelhaven
2017-06-26 at 18:12
< report >Just finished the ending 4 of 6 of Thug Hero Party.

a game from rpgmaker thats... not really a game since a lot of the battles are scripted to lose. I'd say it's over 50% VN style storytelling without narration as weird as that may sound. as for the story , prepare to feel shit for over 90% of the entire ride as you're controlling a really weak character that dies in 1-2 hits most of the time as per the plot demands it. Yup, the plot revolves around most Final Fantasy games but the difference is you're the weak one and everyone else is way stronger than you. But what happens when the strong ones are your typical jerks and badboys?

I'll need a 100% save soon. [That character] is just way too hard to defeat in order to get ending 5 and 6.
#106 by encrypted12345
2017-07-07 at 16:35
< report >Magical Camp is a surprisingly good if unfinished TG RPG maker game. Gameplay is meh, though you only need to grind for money since there isn't a level up system. You can also turn off encounters in the game at a switch back in the camp that is hard to miss. There isn't a lot of art, and what art does exist is either mediocre or trash (like the awful title screen).

The plot is mostly episodic, but the character dialogue is good enough to prevent boredom. The surprisingly well rounded characters are where this game shines the most. Most of the named characters have intriguing backstories, and currently, the character arcs end at a good stopping point (except for Alice and the protagonist).

The transformation moves at a slow and steady pace. While most transformations are triggered by losing to the boss, even if you don't lose to them, your character will undergo the same change by absorbing the core later on in the game (after the 4th boss IIRC). It's more fun to lose to the boss, but it's a good compromise if you don't want to keep losing to get the transformation.

Crossing Brothel isn't fully translated yet, but I can recommend it when it does. There is a lot of fun, light-hearted TF sex and solid (if amateurish) art to accompany it. The female protagonist is an extreme pervert who enjoys otherwise horrifying scenarios. Lord Hades acting as a convenient reset button may annoy some people, but it's not the type of game where permanent consequences are the selling point. It could be a much darker game, but I'm glad that it isn't.Last modified on 2017-07-07 at 16:46
#107 by usagi
2017-08-05 at 13:16
< report >Steam are continued being exploited by nukige makers 0_0 After Dieselmine games now it's turn for rpg maker hentai ntr rpgs with dark elves )
This link. It is fairly easy to find 18+ patch or version, btw.
Judging by DLsite link it has rather hardcore content.. I wonder how it was possible to censor? Not that I doubt there are people who played it in butchered form but still.. I am sure majority just didn't bother with all age version even among buyers on steam. Hm.. maybe entire dark route i.e. all ntr/pregnancy stuff - in other words main fetish and purpose of this game - was cut?

P.S.: walkthrough link
P.P.S.: omg, yorokonde femdom-shotacon fans, Peniban Quest is translated!
linkLast modified on 2017-08-05 at 14:02
#108 by PabloC
2017-08-05 at 18:50
< report >
I wonder how it was possible to censor?
I played it only a little bit (NTR is always interesting, but huge, bouncing boobs were too much of a turn-off in the end), but it seemed to have one good route with mostly avoidable sexual content, and a few bad/NTR routes branching off after certain events. They probably just replaced the latter with token gameovers. The full game offers quite a lot of content, so I'd say it's a decent~ish title for fans of huge boobs and humiliation/corruption themes (with some NTR flavor).

I'd actually like the idea of flooding Steam with eroge if those titles featured anything resembling an actual translation. But from the screenshots, all that stuff seems to be on a level of a slightly edited MT. -.-'
#109 by bishoujoguy
2017-10-18 at 15:00
< report >Is there a 3D Customization Eroge which plays in bathroom or shower room? It shouldn´t be focussed on plot or generally dialogues. In the best nothing any dialogues except of the customization options. For example comparable with Purin to Ohuro or Honey Select Shower. Just in better. And no VR-force like in Waifu Sex Simulator or VR Kanojo! Thanks in advance :)
#110 by sakurakoi
2017-10-18 at 15:28
< report >
Is there a 3D Customization Eroge which plays in bathroom or shower room?
Custom Maid 3D 2 has two different large baths by default (the grand one must be unlocked by raising club evaluation/beauty+cleanliness+customer evaluation), a public toilet in the Visual Pack and while I did not test yet, the Vacation Pack VR (does not require VR) has another bath as well (open air hot spring-esque). While not all (currently with all relevant DLC) 305 H skills can be played in there (around 100+ in the base game), plugins can allow for such easily and one could focus on having night training/yotogi in there. Ya probably can't find anything more focused on baths than that.

Dialogue and Narration, albeit massive, it can be easily skipped and features can be accessed intuitively/by the UI. The original common dialogue is little (with the acts adding what could be called character arcs).
#111 by infernoplex
2017-10-18 at 15:59
< report >Couldn't find this one listed on VNDB so I assume it's not a VN. Can anybody tell me what kind of a game it is. The OP doesn't show any gameplay at all. All I managed to discern from it is that it has mecha girl heroines and it gives me those familiar nukige vibes.
#112 by rusanon
2017-10-18 at 16:57
< report >Its typical browser gachage (you pay real money for slim chance of getting girl you want) and its not released yet, its pre-reg page.
#113 by infernoplex
2017-10-18 at 17:22
< report >Argh! Welp, that's a shame. I thought maybe it was something worth taking a look at. Thanks for the info @rusanon.
#114 by encrypted12345
2017-10-25 at 05:17
< report >Melty's Quest is decent enough by H-game RPG maker standards. Multiple costume equipment that change the look of the main character, amusing dialogue that isn't machine translated, a character sprite that doesn't move like a snail, a sane difficulty curve in hard mode, a simplistic battle system that does its job, and a bro tier old man butler character. I hope he can be your husbando.

Princess mode, which locks you in the dungeon until you beat the boss, isn't too bad if you grind a couple of levels after every boss and try to get a good weapon as soon as you can. Incidentally, it only triggers when you encounter the first monster so you can run into a new area and run out of it with any material you need. You kind of have to do this to get the Fire Shot skill from the Wizard costume which happens to be the weakness of the boss of the area you need to gather material from to make said costume...

Skills are unlocked by gathering SP while wearing costumes. Costumes are wearable based on your slut level. The game has a good selection of costumes that are wearable on a purity run, but that doesn't change the fact that most skills are locked out of such a run. The game foreshadows a costume early on that requires a low slut level (Wedding Dress) that seems to be required for some endings, so there isn't 0 motivation for doing a purity run. Judging from the available costumes after the second boss, a full purity run will let you use basic elemental spells and status healing at the very least, while minimal corruption is still required to do things like healing your HP with magic. What's nice is that you can see what the character looks like in a costume if you try equipping it even if the slut level isn't high enough to permanently equip it, which is a small courtesy to a player.

Overall, it's worth the $12 it is on sale for on Steam. The original price for $20 seems pretty steep though, assuming there are only about 12 bosses and the game as a whole is about 8 hours at most. I mostly just paid for it because the translator seems like a cool guy and because I felt like gyaru.
#115 by beliar
2017-11-02 at 18:36
< report >Anaximanes has very recently released his third interactive novel "The Anax: Call of the Cursed One". I obviously had to play it, considering I loved the developer's previous works. The review is up on my blog.
I also wrote a walkthrough for those who need one.Last modified on 2017-11-02 at 18:37
#116 by beliar
2018-10-25 at 19:12
< report >I'll necro the thread to say that I have played and reviewed "Zoe's Temptations" - a popular ero-adventure game from Daniels K, who is a pretty well known developer on Patreon.

I felt that the game had many problems, especially in the writing department, but I still enjoyed it.
#117 by beliar
2018-10-26 at 20:35
< report >Aaand, just a day later here is a review of "Succubus Tales - Chapter 1: Nicci's Revenge". The game is a western clone of "Village of Nightmare" games, and I would say quite worth to try.
#118 by beliar
2018-12-11 at 23:30
< report >I have previously reviewed both "Village of Nightmare" games, and this time I have posted a review of a very short VON side-game "Church of Nightmare". The review is also very short for obvious reasons.
#119 by ffthewinner
2018-12-11 at 23:36
< report >highly recommend "overwhored". it is one of the best RPG Maker H games,with a pretty good story to boot :)
#120 by beliar
2019-02-18 at 19:44
< report >And once again I have played one of the interactive novels by Anaximanes. Namely, this time I took on the "Cult of Corruption". Review is on my blog, like always.
#121 by vninfohata
2019-02-20 at 17:14
< report >Play all the KaguraGames. Especially the ones reviewed on J-List. They are really good.


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#122 by ramaladni
2019-02-20 at 21:35
< report >
Play all the KaguraGames

I think everyone knows those games already since they're translated. Why don't you say a thing or two about the games yourself, though?

Anyway, surprised that this wasn't mentioned yet but link is downright terrific for its interesting gameplay (as interesting as turn-based battle can be on aN HRPG) and its great use of NTR atmospheres. I'm not exactly a NTR fan but it does an extremely good at drawing you in its atmosphere. I also heard that pabloc is in the process of translating it, so watch out for that.Last modified on 2019-02-20 at 21:35
#123 by beliar
2021-06-02 at 21:24
< report >Welp, this thread has been dormant for some time, until a foul necromancer brought it back from the eternal slumber.

Ehem... So, not sure if people remember the NTRPG games that were quite famous at the time they were translated. I have played the first one in the series and want to share my insight.
#124 by beliar
2021-06-06 at 22:15
< report >Just finished the second part in the series NTRPG2 and the short fandisc MarieXmas.
Not bad, but could have been better. Still, an improvement over the first game.
#125 by encrypted12345
2021-06-08 at 04:36
< report >Since this thread has been recently necro'd, I might as well mention how much I like the Sequel series. They are a facinating post apocalyptic fantasy set of games with good world building, decent gameplay, fun characters (even with the silent self insert protagonist), and substantial postgames. Sequel Colony in particular has one of the best sidequests I've ever seen in an RPG. Sequel Blight is the first game, and it's very comfy; Awake is the second game that is marred by having too many playable characters and the least fleshed out postgame (though it's still good at worst). Colony has the best plot, and the Asylum spinoff game takes place in an open world that's too easy to get lost in (but that's half the fun).


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