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#151 by PabloC
2022-09-30 at 21:38
< report >
Anyway, surprised that this wasn't mentioned yet but link is downright terrific for its interesting gameplay (as interesting as turn-based battle can be on aN HRPG) and its great use of NTR atmospheres. I'm not exactly a NTR fan but it does an extremely good at drawing you in its atmosphere. I also heard that pabloc is in the process of translating it, so watch out for that.
Oops, I should have mentioned it way earlier. It's been a while since I dropped by here and I kinda forgot about this thread. -.-'

I finished translating Wailing Guignol quite a while ago. And it's actually officially available on Steam, of all places (link), which is quite hilarious, considering the content of this game. XD
Well, it's technically censored (with all "problematic" CGs and sprites replaced with blank files) and requires an 18+ patch from the publisher's website, but still.

There's a bit of a long story about how this turned from fan-TL into an official TL.
While I was testing my translation, I ran into a few technical issues I didn't know how to fix myself, so I decided to contact the developer and we talked about releasing the translation officially. But he wanted to finish working on his next game first, and I was quite busy myself, thanks to Corona-chan messing up the World, so we left that topic for later.

Then, after a while, I saw Wailing Guignol released on Steam... which was suspicious, because the dev didn't contact me about it. I also quickly noticed that this wasn't my translation and judging from comments and reviews this release even had gamebreaking bugs. Great. -.-'
So I contacted the Steam publisher to figure out what's up. Turned out that the dev didn't tell them about my translation, so they just did their own... At this point I was sure that game is totally cursed.

But there's no way in Hell I'd leave it in a pretty much unplayable state. So I convinced the publisher to work with me on improving their release (that is - replacing their TL with mine and playtesting everything to get rid of all the bugs). Turns out this game really doesn't like being tampered with and just spontaneously breaks, so it's no wonder I ran into technical issues when I was patching it myself. But with the help of the publisher we managed to fix everything (at least I hope so).

And now, after all of those hurdles and delays, Wailing Guignol is finally available in English (this probably makes me the slowest translator ever, but oh well ^^').
Apparently I also kinda contributed to what I wrote about in t7068.108 XD
#152 by Ileca
2022-09-30 at 21:53
< report >Negative reviews are all about boohoo this is too dark.
With one being "Scenes involving children is a big NO for me" I guess it's only a matter of time before it's being banned...
#153 by PabloC
2022-09-30 at 22:12
< report >^ I thought so too, but it was released in April and it's still there, for some mysterious reason.
Well, Steam rules are applied with no rhyme or reason, so who knows? Maybe this game is safe bacause it doesn't have a school setting? :P
#154 by Ileca
2022-09-30 at 22:42
< report >More like nobody reported it and it's a pretty obscure game (only 10 reviews).
Steam also gives more leeway when it's in a fantasy setting and you don't have explicit signs that it's an underage character i.e. teenagers who wouldn't pass in a high school setting could be ok now that they are fucked by orcs in a cave.Last modified on 2022-09-30 at 23:08
#155 by wayo
2022-10-07 at 10:55
< report >On this game, I played to the first boss before stoping as it didn't catch my interest.
That being said I don't want to miss a potentially excellent game. Is there any reason to give it another try ? Like how long should I be expected to push before knowing if it's for me or not ?

(just as a safety guard, english is not my main language. And I'm not sure i manage to convey that's it's a real question and not a weird roundabout critique of the game. So just to hammer this home, I'm genuinely interested in the answer)

(ho and to ease people on to finding this post with the search function, here are the game in question : Wailing Guignol / 涙声のギニヨル )Last modified on 2022-10-07 at 10:57
#156 by PabloC
2022-10-11 at 21:42
< report >@155
This game takes its time before it gets to the point, so you'd probably have to play 1-2 hours or so. There are two areas to clear in the prologue alone (cave at the beginning and wasteland path later) and the real deal only begins when you reach the first feast (which happens some time after prologue).

The gameplay here is just typical map exploration and turn-based combat, like in most RPGMaker games - it's ok, but it's nothing special. The game only starts to shine when the tension kicks in, created by the looming NTR threat and uncertainty (since you don't know if it's going to be avoidable or not in the end). If you grow to like the pair of main characters (not that hard, since mian girl is super adorable), this game will be more scary to play than actual horrors. ^^

Also, it's best to approach this game as a story-oriented title, not a typical doujin eroge. It also takes its time with the H-scenes. Though once you stray onto a path leading to one of the bad endings, things do escalate into quite a fuckfest eventually.
Personally, I'd give the ero-side a very high score as well, especially since loli characters are so damn rare in the MILF-infested NTR genre. Bonus points for making me like the main girl so much I actually wanted to avoid all of her H-scenes. :P
#157 by usagi
2022-10-12 at 18:17
< report >@151
And now, after all of those hurdles and delays, Wailing Guignol is finally available in English (this probably makes me the slowest translator ever, but oh well ^^')
At what date publisher's translation in steam was replaced by yours? I suppose April's version of Wailing Guignol is still MT-ed?
#158 by PabloC
2022-10-12 at 21:40
< report >@157
My version was implemented in June (June 1 to be exact, followed by a small bug fix on June 2). Version from April still has the initial TL.

However, while I didn't check their original TL too thoroughly so I can't say that for sure, I actually don't think it was MTL-ed. Looked more like human TL, but done by someone who only had experience with formal, business-related translations, not with fiction. Also, they made all lines much shorter than necessary, to make sure they will fit into the textbox, and they cut quite a bit of text in the process. That was definitely done by a human. ;)Last modified on 2022-10-12 at 21:41
#159 by ravena
2022-10-13 at 09:08
< report >I wish there was a site like VNDB, but with non-VN eroges.
#160 by wayo
2022-10-17 at 10:03
< report >@156 many thanks for the detailed answer. I'll definitely give it another shot : D

@159 me too :'(
That being said, I think I read Beliar was ok to let eroge in, but only if a real modeation team steps up. But this means monitoring tags, game pages, images, image quality, wiki modifications, forum posts.... It's seems to me a few hours work a week for a few people that are committed to do it in the long run so it doesn't fall back on the current moderator team.

At the moment, I want it, but not to the point of putting in the hours.
Anyway, this time is better than ever. A lot more of non VN eroge are being translated this days. Maybe the genre will get more visibility and more will me motivated to make erogeDB happen :)
#161 by beliar
2022-10-17 at 16:48
< report >
That being said, I think I read Beliar was ok to let eroge in, but only if a real modeation team steps up.
I don't remember ever saying that, because I'm surely not ok with letting non-VN eroge into the db. Mayhap I have said that a separate db for such games would not be a bad idea, but that is something for other people to create and maintain.
#162 by wayo
2022-10-17 at 21:19
< report >Outch : /
Sorry for distorting your previous saying, and very sorry for having you make intervene. (I know how much work it can be to manage a site like this and wasting your time or anyone's from the moderator team is pretty much cardinal sin to me)

You know how with time, we don't remember how much pixelated a game was, but in your head it gets better and better. Well it's seems this can happen with sayings too. What you said in #161 is most certainly verbatim to what you said before, but my it seems my imagination gets wild with time. I'll keep it more within borders.Last modified on 2022-10-17 at 21:20
#163 by wayo
2022-11-05 at 10:33
< report >well let's get back to the subject at hand with eroge !

Today, Naked story / すごろくネイキッド(direct translation naked sugoroku)
I didn't expect much of anything for this one, so least I can say is that it overdelivered.
After loosing a bet, the heroine is made to play a strip/dare filled game of sugoroku in the city by her loved friend.

The game plays with the characters on a board representing a succession of streets. The player (on the male side) moves the characters by playing numbered cards, but on the card a figure is also displayed, and depending to the card played by the heroine, points are gained or lost. As the heroine is losing points, she is to strip a piece of clothing.

Not much of a story, but all is in the atmosphere of the game, the sense of expectations.
The two characters are friends, but in love with each other. The guy has a thing for public and risky ecchi situation, and the girl tries her best to go along with it as an occasion to get close to him.
So not a story of blackmail or anything, the tone overall stays light and playful, with real risk of becoming dark on a gameover. You try to access scenes by going on certain places with a certain ratio of nakedness, or avoid game over by being too risky.

Since it's like a board game that you do again and again, the developers made many variations of the same scenes to keep them from becoming boring and it works quite well. For example, will the neighbour see us this time, and if so what will be the reaction ? There is really a lot of surprises to be found.

in Japanese :

in english :
#164 by wayo
2022-11-08 at 19:37
< report >Damn, I already reviewed Naked story 6 month earlier on this very thread. #t7068.149
If there was a way to tag ourselves seems airheard would be quite appropriate

Lets make this up with another review, this time with a game I just finished, so no risk of making the same mistake twice.

This one is only in japanese.
スパイ・ミッション ~彼女は貴族(オッサン)のメイド~ (Spy mission, my girlfriend is the maid of old noble guy), by NTR教団 (the church of NTR).

As the name of the game and the company implies, that's an NTR (netorare) themed game.
The hero and his girlfriend have to infiltrate the mansion of a rich Duke to find proof of it's crime. It's a detective game where you try to find hidden object, but searching a particular place causes time to passes.

Each night the duke will call to his room one of the maids, most often the protagonist's girlfriend. It starts slow, as the search endeavour demands many steps, most of those made easier by courting the other maids, making a walk-though not necessary.

What makes it really good is the tension, as is the case with many NTR games, but the pressure of the time mecanism, combined with the detective part makes it really shine.
One can get quite upset as the duke is going further and further and yet you know you're so close to the goal.

It's a little bit dark, but necessary for the tension.

I did it roleplay on the first run, and now I'm calmly exploring the other endings.
It left a lasting impression, so I recommend it for those's whose interest was picked.
#165 by wayo
2023-03-16 at 12:24
< report >無人島サバイバーズ (Desert island survival)
again by NTR教団 (the church of NTR). I really liked the last game of this studio, so I got quite curious of their previous work. Sadly it's really not as good.
The setting is well made. Survivors of a sinked ship, the hero and his almost girlfriend (both in love but not official) are on a island with other men.

The sense of danger is here, as you have to go for resources in teams, and has each characters has bonuses and maluses on fetching different resources, you would maybe think that you would have to do difficult choices. Do I pair the protagonist with this guy to fetch water faster ? Do I pair the heroine with this suspicious guy so we get food faster ?
Well, forget all of this, the game is super easy.

You can just pair the protagonist with the heroine until the end of the game, and nothing bad will happend. No falling ill to force something to happen, no natural, social, or human disasters, no nothing. And as all the ecchi is placed in the ntr route, you won't get any of that either.
To get the ecchi and ntr route, you have to play badly on purpose, and this kinds of ruin the fun and the tension.

That being said, some of these routes are quite interesting, fun or sad, but beware as there is a lot of reused contents. They all share the same pacing on the ecchi, and thus the same CG. So contrary of what I read on the net, don't do them all at the same time. Just do one you liked the beginnings until the end, and maybe just change game.


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