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#26 by gabezhul
2016-02-12 at 18:42
< report >Continuing from the previous post:

So, the second title is Jack-O-Nine-Tails. No link this time, since I am not sure of its freeware status. Anyways, this is a slave-raising sim. Have you seen Slave Maker? Imagine that but with actual depth, an interesting world and being grimdark as fuck, and you have this game. And it's awesome... so long as you can overlook the fact that you can literally sell your girls for meat at the butcher's and then buy them back as Fillet Mignon.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Here is the game in a nutshell:

-Background: You are a trainer in Eternal Rome. It is a tiered city outside of time and space surrounded by the Fog that connects to all sorts of fictional worlds. People who get lost in the Fog and found by the inhabitants of the city are either killed, get sold as slaves or can try to eke a living on its streets. Needless to say, women usually undergo the second option, and since there are so many of them coming into the city each day through the fog, they are treated as throwaway property and if they don't serve well as sex-slaves, they are eaten.

Your goal as a trainer is to buy a girl, train her skills and sell her for a profit so you can start the process over again. You have no time limit, but your funds are not limitless as you have to actually pay rent and expenses, and if you don't make a profit your character can quickly find themselves literally starving.

I don't even try to get into the details, because this game is ridiculously complex and crammed with content, so here's a bulletpoint-description:

-You have 5 stamina points per day for five actions. Your slave and your eventual assistant are the same.

-Your goal is to utilize these daily actions efficiently so you can train the girl before she turns into a loss.

-However you cannot rush the training, as the game has a very in-depth mood system. Slaves can have a plethora of positive and negative moods influenced by their personality, stats, your stats, recent actions and much more. Utilizing the carrot and the stick the right way builds obedience while retaining the girl's personality. Too much punishment can lead to scarring and despair. Spoiling her too much can lead to them becoming, well, spoiled and not understanding their "position". Rape them or force them into sexual acts they are not prepared for and you can actually mind-break them, which is a bad thing since it lowers their value. The entire game is about finding the golden middle road.

-Training consists of two areas: General skills, such as cooking or dancing, and sexual skills. Sexual skills are also subdivided into petting, penetrative, fetish and bestiality categories. As that might suggest, the game runs the gamut from simple kissing and seduction lessons to bondage, self-torture, scatology and horse-fucking. Oh, and a good portion of these can be explicitly forced on the girls as part of punishments.

-The game also has an interactive sex-system where one can change interactions on the fly, picking intensity, action, additional tools and a bunch of other shit. It's fun though kinda pointless and repetitive after a while.

There are so much more though, like befriending the different factions in the city (which includes beastmen, the undead and the bloody Pope of all people) to gain honorary citizenship, different training methods and goals (such as turning a girl into a ponygirl and sending them out to race or into a gladiatrix and entering them into tournaments), tons of customization, spells, alchemy, assistants whom you have to train yourself, random events, and so on and so forth.
Seriously, I played this game for about six hours, and I don't think I even scratched the surface of the content it can offer. That is crazy, and a little daunting, but ultimately awesome.

I would say give it a look if you are interested, it's probably the best "slave trainer" raising sim on the market right now. If only it wasn't so grimdark at times, but then again, it *is* a game about robbing women of their freedom and turning them into fucktoys, so in some ways it should be weird that other examples of the genre are *not* this grimdark... But I digress.

That's all for now. The list on which I found these two also contained a few other titles, but I don't think I will look at those any time soon as my hands are quite full with these two (and no, that was not an innuendo, get your brains out the gutter. :P)
#27 by pendelhaven
2016-02-12 at 18:58
< report >
almighty spaghetti monster

this meme just won't die would it?

also goddammit 4chan, you're eating up a lot of my time! why do I keep going back to /pol/ even though I'm already red-pilled? The church of KeK just keeps pulling me back. Is meme magic real?


some off-topic, but now that I've finished Asakura P I watched a speedrun for this game, and I was like




I mean, the instructions are clear, just get 4 treasures and exit the trial. Please tell me why did I even bother exploring all floors and all those sadistic as fuck unimportant levels? They don't even give you ANYTHING REMOTELY IMPORTANT, SO WHY DID I TORTURED MYSELF WITH ALL THAT SHIT?

On the flipside I would be lying to myself if I didn't enjoyed exploring all those cringe levels. Like I said earlier, the sadism has taste, telling you that you can do it but somewhere along the way you make a stupid mistake. But still, it's unneeded as fuck. I should tell myself that a lot. Some shit isn't worth wasting my time.

...except when shit is fun. Arrgh dammit! Alright already, I enjoyed all levels. there!
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#28 by abyssaleros
2016-02-12 at 19:14
< report >Thanks Gabezhul for pointing out Jack-o-nine-tails.
Guess after I am totally through with all these 42 heroines in that damn flag-ridden doujin game I will take my Fillet Mignon.
#29 by formis
2016-02-13 at 02:14
< report >@25 That thread necromancy was a nice read actually, looking forward to sequel once you get to revive some other thread in the future.
Let me talk about two titles I came across recently
And is it wrong that I read it like "titties" the first time? I mean, the numbers add up.

Anyway, I believe I already stumbled upon Breeding Season somewhere, thought it was from this thread at first, but probably just through some other game here.
Didn't last very long with it, but I'm kinda fickle with raising sim games, might give it another shot, since at least the animations were indeed very nice.

As for Jack-O-Nine-Tails, how much of it consists of numbers/stats and micromanagement and how much of visuals?

almighty spaghetti monster
this meme just won't die would it?
I thought it was legit, if kinda satiric, religion at this point. Didn't they get an actual church registered somewhere or something like that?Last modified on 2016-02-13 at 02:17
#30 by rusanon
2016-02-13 at 05:18
< report >
No link this time, since I am not sure of its freeware status
Its freeware, developed by Russian guy called Old Huntsman. He takes donations from willing, but redistributing it is totally fine and he approves torrents and modified by 3rd parties versions.
He has some pretty good games, although he tends to never complete them and then switch to next project. Jack code got too complicated and not working in the script player he used, so he just hastily tied up loose ends and dropped it long before reaching original design goals.
He's making new slave sim now, using better engine and with much more complicated system.

Jack is very cool for first several slaves, but there are some slave raising ways which are most optimal and much better than others and you just stick to it and game becomes boring once you raised slave with everything maxed out. Still, spent like 40-50 hours on it back when it was actively developed.
#31 by gabezhul
2016-02-13 at 08:21
< report >@Formis: The thing about Breeding Season is that it is already a good raising sim with lots of content, but it is still under constant development. Right now it lacks in events, has some balance issues and there is little to no late-game content, but the guys developing it are doing it full-time thanks to Patreon and updating it twice a week. In other words, right now this game is good. In a year, it has the potential to be legendary.

As for Jack-O-Nine-Tails, how much of it consists of numbers/stats and micromanagement and how much of visuals?
It is mostly micromanagement and descriptions. The visuals, like in the case of Slave Maker, are from all over the place and don't necessarily represent the girl you are training, though they are at least more consistent in quality. There are also optional image packs you can find on the net, but I cannot vouch for their quality.

Ultimately though the game relies on descriptions rather than imagery and it is driven by the mechanics, though as I have said before, the setting and the theme are interesting enough in my opinion to carry it.

@Rusanon: The version I got was from Hongfire, and if the readme is to be believed then it was last updated this January. In other words, the development was apparently taken over by the fanbase, and I distinctly remember the changelong mentioning that they actually re-wrote the code-base of the game as well.

Also, what it the title of this guy's new game you mentioned?
#32 by rusanon
2016-02-13 at 08:29
< report >
Also, what it the title of this guy's new game you mentioned?
I think he didn't disclose title, there are no public builds either aside from small sex combat demo. He promised to release another game (which would be full game but act as test ground for his bigger Eternal Rome game slave interaction mechanics) in February. His blog link
#33 by gabezhul
2016-02-14 at 13:53
< report >I was on a roll, so I decided to give a look to another non-VN eroge that I have heard a lot about: Violated Heroine.

It is an PRGMaker game that has been in constant development for the longest time (and as far as I know, it's still under development) and it is allegedly translated (I say "allegedly", because the translators decided to crowd-source it through a giant online database, so no one actually knows just how much of the game is translated).

It's an RPG Maker game, so set your standards low. However, once you do that, the game is actually pretty dang great in this department. The sprite sets, while low-res, are greatly customized and the game actually features lots of tachies with different poses and expressions. The game even has some animated H-scenes (though a lot of the animations are re-used for different events) and slightly over-complicated to use but useful UI additions (stat-screens and the like).

This is more of an over-world brawler rather than a traditional JRPG, but you are probably not gonna play it for the gameplay anyways.

For the ero-part, the game tracks a lot of things, like Purity/Dirtiness, Desire, Charm, body development from certain acts, mental health, pregnancy chance (with a menstruation- and ovulation-cycle to boot!) and lots of other stuff. Furthermore, the game actually uses almost all of those stats, resulting in variation in scenes unlocking new scenes/activities altogether.

If we are at mechanics, however, I have to warn you that the game is a wee bit counter-intuitive at times, and because there are so many possible events are out there, it can feel both overwhelming and confusing at times. Here, let me give you an example:

-After an amusing little character creation scene your character wakes up on the "horse train", which is actually just a giant-ass multi-vagon carriage. On your first playthrough you will probably just talk to everyone, then talk to the soldier they are pointing you at, and finally go back to your bunk and start the game proper.
-HOWEVER, if you, say, climb up to the roof you can witness a random missionary raping a little girl in the ass while a nun watches and masturbates.
-Or you can try to sneak to the front vagon through the roof and get thrown off by a bump on the road, resulting in your character losing all their gear and money by the time they get to the starting town on foot.
-Or you can try and hide inside a cargo crate so that the train would take you to your final destination, get discovered, watch a scene where a bunch of slavers randomly discuss the nature of human greed and the behind-closed-doors slave economy of the word, after which your character is sold as a slave and you get a game-over.
-Or you can pick to keep playing nevertheless, so your character escapes and you can start playing the game as a super-perverted exhibitionist "meat toilet".
-Or, if all of that wasn't enough, you can go up to the front car, notice that the guards room has a bunch of chests, either beat them up or sneak inside, get a collectible, which then you can hand over to a random jeweler on board, who will in return give you a magical gem that lets you remember your past so that when you return to the bunk you dream about the character's hometown where you can set up her background, personal history and interact with various objects to get additional stats.

And at this point the game technically didn't even begin! Also, how was one supposed to figure all this out on their own again?!

The game features a number of fetishes, though the most prominent ones I notice were exhibitionism (helped by the obligatory clothing-damage system), shotacon (there are a LOT of opportunities to "educate" young boys in this game), forced impregnation (either by humans or monsters) and monster rape. If you count it, there is also a lot of moral corruption and/or joyful slutting in this game, depending on how you play it.

I actually like this game, but damn, is it newbie-unfriendly! Thankfully there are multiple wikis available for the game, but they are not always completely accurate due to the WIP nature of the game. It also doesn't help that the game is pretty buggy, which I suppose comes with trying to force a bog-symple JRPG engine do waaaaaaay more than it was ever designed for.

In the end I would still recommend it if the aforementioned fetishes are up your alley. It is a fun, if somewhat random and convoluted eroge.
#34 by rusanon
2016-02-14 at 14:09
< report >Too bad VH development almost died at this point (only one person did any meaningful work on it during last two months), and many storylines are left dangling forever because people who added them left project.
Doesn't help that there's fork (勝手版) with tons of different art and h-scenes which were never ported back into main branch because of petty war between devs, and which was declared kinda dead this feburary leaving some of its new plot lines unfinished too. Still, I advice anyone interested in VH to try out 勝手版, because there are some awesome Serena scenes.
#35 by PabloC
2016-02-14 at 17:50
< report >Oh yeah, VH. Nice game, too bad it got utterly stuck in development hell. It had a lot of potential, considering the abundance of options, statistics and events. Gameplay is a nice change of pace from all those generic turn based jRPGs, though it's a bit under-developed. Same with ero - while it theoretically offers quite a lot of variety, it gets kinda repetitive (at least visually), due to recycled animations. But still, even in it's unfinished state it's a very solid title. And Serena is super-cute. ^^

I guess I will dig through my "random ero-games" folder and drop some short reviews as well, one at a time. Mostly untranslated stuff, to motivate everyone to learn Japanese. (Nah - it's just because I'm evil). :P

First, the most recent title in my collection - The Puppeteer of Prizna (DLSite and their title "translations"...).
It's an oldschool, FPP RPG, but with typical jRPG~ish random encounters out of nowhere and turn-based combat. It caught my attention because it displays a map that resembles grid-based levels in old dungeon crawlers like Dungeon Master. Yeah, my reasons for playing porn games aren't always sensible. :P
It has a rather simple RPG gameplay, but it can be fun on its own. There are two interesting things about the mechanics. Characters don't have any skills - those are linked to equipped items (even the "defend" action is only available when you equip a shield, and to cast spells you need to have a grimoire as a weapon). The second aspect is experience - you don't gain too much XP from combat, while you receive solid XP rewards when you find artifacts hidden in dungeons, so the game encourages exploration not grinding (and you don't need a lot of levels anyway).
The story and characters are simple, but occasionally funny.

The protagonist is customizable to some extent (mostly colors - skin, eyes, clothes, plus a few different outfits).
Ero is pretty much completely avoidable. It comes in 3 types of scenes - events you can fined on the map, events with protagonist's friend (you help him while exploring dungeons and once you get back to the city you can have fun with him), and finally combat-rape - when character's HP reaches 0, she becomes vulnerable to ero-attacks that drain MP (and rise lewdness) - when MP reaches 0 the character is defeated. But defeats don't have any meaningful consequences (H increases ero-experience and lewdness, that beyond certain level alter further scenes a little, but it doesn't have any impact on the gameplay). Characters are automatically healed after each defeat, too. This makes the ero feel kinda detached from the game (even though it's integrated into combat mechanics), which is a minor flaw in my book.
The events are typical CG+short description stuff, and combat scenes for side characters are limited to simple cut-in CGs as well. The protagonist has more elaborate combat H-scenes with animations. While the visuals are so-so, the scenes as a whole look quite good (better than on static screenshots).
It covers some light femdom (with protagonist's friend), but otherwise it's mostly rape (noting traumatic, characters seem only mildly annoyed by it).

The game should be playable without JP knowledge (since it's just about exploring and picking up everything), and I think someone was working on an interface patch.
In short, it's a simple, but fun dungeon crawler.
#36 by formis
2016-02-14 at 19:21
< report >@Gabezhul:
I actually like this game, but damn, is it newbie-unfriendly!
I wouldn't say it's newbie-unfriendly per se. There's a lot of stuff you need to explore for and the combat takes a while to get used to, but with a bit of experimentation you can figure out a lot of the general stuff on your own. After that it's just about how nosy your are, but I'm a lazy bastard so I did use the wiki for a lot of stuff.

Also, how was one supposed to figure all this out on their own again?!
You don't. :P For example, I went to the guards house up front right away, though I didn't use the VH heart found there to get to my childhood for bonus stats.
Different peeps found different pieces and then compiled it into the invaluable wiki. That's how it works afterall, it's rarely a one-man effort.

Lastly, while the game technically is on hiatus right now (though I do believe they released a minor update at the start of February), some of the guys over at Hongfire do have plans for it once they can be sure it's been put to ice for good so it's not just another fork like Katteban version. Whether the plans become reality is another story, but I'm still optimistic.

Also, tried Jack-O-Nine-Tails (the tutorial at least). it takes some getting used to since I don't play complex raising sims very often, but I think I might enjoy it.Last modified on 2016-02-14 at 19:29
#37 by beliar
2016-05-25 at 17:17
< report >I'll resurrect this thread with my review of a very recent ero adventure game "Ouroboros". It's created by Sierra Lee, who is a superb writer and this game deserves a shout-out. I also wrote a spoiler free walkthrough.
Now if only Sierra would hurry to finish "The Last Sovereign"...
#38 by gabezhul
2016-05-26 at 10:50
< report >Huh, sounds neat. I think I will try it out, thanks for the tip.

Your praise also makes me want to try The Last Sovereign, but I think I will sleep on that one.
#39 by pendelhaven
2016-07-08 at 18:15
< report >summoning thread necro powers!

because I just finished playing both (okay, not really both) "Kanade rouge" and "recover the restarts". still an incomplete game yet it managed to make me sit down for hours.

the games are completely free btw. link

I really, really need more platformer based games. preferably hard but not jackass hard like Kaizo levels.Last modified on 2016-07-08 at 18:18
#40 by gabezhul
2016-07-30 at 09:12
< report >So I was just made aware of this, but apparently there was some serious drama around Breeding Season including horribly-written contracts, gross mismanagement, a ton of money and the main artist deciding to up and leave with half the budget and all of his artwork in tow. So yeah, the game has been cancelled. It is a bloody shame, but what can you do?
#41 by rusanon
2016-07-30 at 10:17
< report >Its funny how Patreon/Kickstarter projects tend to be ruined by over-excessive funding. You'd think having more money is good thing.
There was lack of substantive updates forever, they still failed to reach same functionality as first "complete" version, feels like Bomb just decided that its a good opportunity to shut down project while pinning all blame on Purple.
#42 by gabezhul
2016-07-30 at 10:39
< report >I only skimmed the hubbub, and thus I tried to be impartial in my previous post, but it is hard to do when it saddens me so much. This was one of those games I was actually following on-and-off for a while and was really excited to see come to fruition. It doesn't matter if it was the artist or the project-lead to blame, in the end we, the players, have lost either way.
#43 by beliar
2016-09-26 at 18:18
< report >So, I have played and reviewed a very recent adventure H-game "Girls x Lust".
Overall it's a, pretty much, average game marred by mediocre writing and atrocious grammar. It also differs from many other such free indie efforts with a high H-scene count (there are 46 scenes in total, with 34 of them having animations).
#44 by usagi
2016-10-28 at 22:11
< report >I would like to recommend Shadowverse to people here: link.
It's not eroge at all but it can be considered galge/waifu game since there are tons of really cute anime girls in ecchi clothes you can collect. Also it is similar somewhat to Angelic Saga from Nutaku/DMM but is much better. Actually it is more close to definition of "anime clone of Hearthstone" - but without many irritating faults of the latter. If you like good, clever card games with deep mechanics, unexpectedly balanced online competitive gameplay and beatifully animated anime girls cards - give it a try. Also the fact that in the first days of launch developers are giving 40+ packs for free with rather generous high rarity drop chances - helps a lot ^^

tl;dr: the game is much better than it seems at the first glance - I have tons of fun with it now - despite being really sickeningly bored with hearthstone and all other dull cardgames from DMM, Wizards etc. I wouldn't recommend it otherwise.

P.S.: there is a way to change eng dub to jap voices by manipulating game's files - read steam threads.Last modified on 2016-10-28 at 22:29
#45 by verdun
2016-10-28 at 23:39
< report >I just signed up today and I got my 40 free packs.

Art is nice, the mechanics are pretty interesting.

I'm on my third campaign playthrough and runecrafting is hilarious.

Also, Urias best waifu.
#46 by anonymous
2016-10-29 at 00:27
< report >ill 3rd Shadowverse, its extremely enjoyable atm.
#47 by dk382
2016-10-29 at 04:09
< report >I still honestly prefer Hearthstone to Shadowverse but Shadowverse is pretty interesting to play once in a while.
#48 by usagi
2016-10-30 at 19:56
< report >link

omg, some high-grade trolling there 0_0
#49 by pendelhaven
2016-10-31 at 08:13
< report >we're losing safe space guys.
#50 by beliar
2016-11-03 at 09:41
< report >I'll chime in with the (pleasantly) shocking news I found out yesterday. Sierra Lee has finished an updated Version 2.0 edition of Ouroboros, which she'll be selling on Nutaku, MangaGamer, and DLsite. I have previously played and reviewed the first free edition of this game (post #37 of this thread), and the new edition promises twice the content and illustrated H-scenes.
IMHO, everyone should go and buy Ouroboros - it's an awesome game and it's already out on Nutaku and can be pre-ordered on MG.