Black Cyclet No-Nos official gourmet thread

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#1 by eiesoldar
2015-11-02 at 03:21
< report >That topic was initially about time warp... oh, I mean timelines. So this one is about darker Cyc works some users are so fond of ^^

Eacil, don't offtop in that topic anymore, post here instead >_>

P.S. I suppose I'll add original Cyc as well, since someday I'll post some thoughts about first (two or three) Cyc games, just to compare and guess what made them go nuts so quickly^^ -> Hana Goyomi, a garden flowers' simulation game, someday I'll try to taste it.Last modified on 2015-11-02 at 03:31
#2 by jazz957
2015-11-02 at 03:24
< report >This thread has got me cyced up if you know what I mean. ;)

Yes it's pronounced like "psych" not "sick".
#3 by eacil
2015-11-02 at 03:41
< report >What's going on? Usually, E-chan asks others to create the thread he wants during one month before he actually open it but he did it for one on a subject he has no interest whatsoever. And he put No-nos in the title. And we got a Black Cyclet. Run, people, run.

I wanted to open a whole new thread on Black Cyc with a substantial news by Izumi Ban'ya so much. I can't anymore. You dorobouneko. 。゚ヽ(゚´Д`)ノ゚。Last modified on 2015-11-02 at 03:41
#4 by eiesoldar
2015-11-02 at 03:44
< report >Tyr's right, you don't have the right to have anything against No-nos unless you played every game they made >_>

Well, you won't be so slow next time, enjoy this thread instead ^^
#5 by jazz957
2015-11-02 at 03:53
< report >
Tyr's right, you don't have the right to have anything against No-nos unless you played every game they made >_>
I guess you could say it's a big No-Nos. :D I'll see myself out.
#6 by tyr
2015-11-02 at 12:46
< report >
Edit: haha, I checked the votes and I saw yours. You are really playing with my nerves, dude. One time you will be stabbed by someone, be careful.
I never said Cyc No-Nos is good. I said there is more to it than the first game.

Cyc No-Nos games are all very fetishized. No game is like the other. I don't like any one of them, but that's mostly because they didn't cover any fetish I like.
But that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate that they deliver something no other label does, even if it's not for me.

It was to take back a silly (pending) argument of Tyr but I think he only made it on touiteur so it was a bit of a private joke.
Why are you false quoting me? The only thing I said which remotely sounds like this is that I think Cyclet is the best low budget non-doujin nukige studio and I still believe that. Still need to find something else as awesome as Aisha or Dasaku on this budget level.
#7 by shinnew
2015-11-05 at 08:46
< report >link

Surprised none of you posted about it but the Black Cyc staff blog was updated yesterday with an image.

Probably Extravaganza-related unless the Shikabane Maid sequel announced years ago is getting made at Black Cyc now.
#8 by eacil
2015-11-05 at 09:23
< report >Maybe because I checked everyday the wrong url and I don't care enough about touiteur?
#9 by tyr
2015-11-05 at 12:50
< report >Haha, that's exactly the one thing I didn't want. Not into tentacles. Shikabane Maid sucked. :3
#10 by eacil
2015-11-05 at 23:50
< report >Shikabane Maid-chan without Ueda, is that even possible? Seems like Izumi had more thing to say about Extravaganza like he kept going with Nexton.
Still, Ueda is not dead like he just worked on some otoge on ios (didn't like how he drew the men -well, BL/otoge style I dislike- but he didn't lose his touch for the women), I think, but that seems suspicious to not have introduced him yet. That would be a major twist if he came back.
#11 by tyr
2015-11-11 at 03:43
#12 by eacil
2015-11-11 at 04:29
< report >Without surprise, related to Extravaganza. I bet... with Ueda. You don't mention a guy just to tell us he won't be in the crew.
#13 by eacil
2015-11-18 at 09:31
< report >Ueda confirmed. I didn't notice that the first post was dated according to r790.

Now, I want a title.

PS: if in next posts they reveal some points of the story (synopsis/characters/etc), please put that under spoiler tags, please. I already put the blog on text-only.
#14 by tyr
2015-11-18 at 09:37
< report >Ueda is not more explicitly confirmed than he already was in the last post.
I think we all know which character is shown on the picture this time.
I wonder which end will be the canon one.
#15 by eacil
2015-11-18 at 10:06
< report >Oh yeah, it's still some kind of Ueda but I read 原画 and 上田 in the same line just after the scenarist... at first, I even thought he listed the staff.
Welp, if they took someone else, he did a great job at mimicking Ueda (which I don't think they did). I already love the charm of the Anzu picture. That light.
#16 by eacil
2016-01-23 at 18:28
< report >Next Ranba.
Yuri between twin sisters.

Edit: ok, already announced and added to the db then deleted because it appeared to be dead but it's alive again.
It seems I am doomed to bring 1/wrong info 2/kind of expired info 3/shitty info. Everything because of E-chan.
Moreover, I thought today Izumi finally allowed Ueda to walk in the light like it was supposed to be but it was just another one man show...Last modified on 2016-01-23 at 18:43
#17 by tyr
2016-02-12 at 05:27
< report >I just noticed that those mushis on Banya's screenshots are just obvious spoiler trollings lol. Was always wondering what's up with them.

Well, it really seems to be a sequel of the true end. I just hope they don't ruin characters or storylines with this. I liked how it ended.
#18 by eacil
2016-03-18 at 04:26
< report >Extravaganza ~Mushigurui Hen~
(ugly) Website: link
Teaser: link

Ueda is confirmed... FOR REAL. What is called an open secret.

Edit: I didn't know how to add the staff because Ban'ya and Ueda are both credited on the same page, without clear separation, as Planning/Original Plan/Scenario/Direction/Script/Enshutsu/Character-design/Art Direction/Graphic but I assumed Ban'ya did the Planning/Original Plan/Scenario/Direction/Script and Ueda the Enshutsu/Character-design/Art Direction/Graphic part.Last modified on 2016-03-18 at 04:40
#19 by eacil
2016-04-01 at 05:49
< report >Content of the website is up. It's one of the ugliest website I ever saw. Look at those buttons and those transparent div...
I am glad Black Cyc was never really good at designing websites like it says nothing about the product it is promoting.
That said, I am always amazed by how Japanese VN makers can design really complicated and fucking heavy websites that are not working if you don't have the latest browser... when they don't create VN for... what's the norm now? 1366x768.
#20 by tyr
2016-04-01 at 06:59
< report >I'm happy for every website I can visit with NoScript activated.
#21 by eacil
2016-04-01 at 07:04
< report >But you can't visit it with your IE8 because of the incompatible transparency. Ha! I got you!
#22 by eacil
2016-07-03 at 09:31
< report >I think I remember posts on the old forum of Jast USA about how licensing Black Cyc wasn't feasible because of a problem of rights or I don't know what. It seems this is not a problem anymore. Of course, they went for the growing interest of westerners towards monmusu but it's still a progress. If they stole Flowers, maybe they will want to mimic Euphoria/Maggot Baits and take the Black Cyc path. Not that I really care, I don't need them.

This is the game that started the monster girl craze by a company called Poisonberry, a brand of (Psi?)
#23 by sanahtlig
2016-07-05 at 21:05
< report >As I recall, the issue (pre-2009) was with Cyc's game engine. Probably compatibility issues with English text.
#24 by nargrakhan
2016-07-06 at 00:15
< report >@sanahtlig: You've got it right. The issue at the time was BCyc couldn't figure a way to replace Japanese for English text into the game engine.

However Cyc later suffered the infamous "whatever happened" incident that caused it to lose touch with the team of writers, artists, musicians, and programmers that made great Cyc games.

Thus BCyc and all it's sister brands died... leaving us with years of craptastic garbage that tarnished the Cyc legacy. It actually makes sense in hindsight now... the game engine programmer probably left already during the negotiation phase. Cyc's owners at the time, realizing they were on a sinking ship, might have been looking for a new source of cash and entering the English market might have been an idea. The lack of being able to make their games work in English, obviously killed that plan.

Fast forward years later. The brand is now in more competent hands, who've reforged contact with the original Cyc crew. They've also found programmers (maybe the old team?) who upgrade the old Cyc game engines to run on recent versions of Windows.

Looks like they're still looking for a new source of cash (the new owners have been rehashing the old library for the last few years with newer Windows support) -- and now that the updated game engine can run with English, that opportunity is available.

I'm guessing JAST is taking the safer route, releasing a monster girl ero, since monster girls a big item right down. Euphoria looks like it was a success. Now Maggot Baits will prove if the interest in dark eroge wasn't just a one-time fluke. If MB proves successful, and Princess X earns a bit of cash, then there isn't really any reason for JAST to overlook BCyc.

However for all we know, JAST might already have negotiated for a BCyc title, but waiting later to announce it. Princess X would have a lot less text and non-complex plot, requiring less time to translate than something like Gore Screaming Show or MinDeaD BlooD, thus getting a faster release date.Last modified on 2016-07-06 at 00:27
#25 by sanahtlig
2016-07-06 at 04:32
< report >Yes, JAST did say they're only announcing games they've made progress on in order to avoid 5+ year gaps between announcement and release. Maybe that's why they reannounced Sweet Home?Last modified on 2016-07-06 at 04:32