Who do you like better?

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#26 by failures
2019-10-27 at 04:47
< report >Ewww, what's with the tie? Someone stop it!
#27 by marcop
2019-12-13 at 08:10
< report >here i am, reading it again... noticing things that passed over me the last time, what a great writing of a story, does anybody know what other vn wrote the author?
#28 by altria0
2019-12-13 at 08:24
< report >if you check his vndb profile you can see his other vn's, but most of them dont seem interesting, an interesting work of his is Saekano which is a LN and anime if i remember correctly
#29 by zakashi
2019-12-13 at 11:57
< report >Are you talking about Saenai Heroine? Yeah, the story is great, but i didn't like the end of that.
#30 by marcop
2019-12-13 at 16:38
< report >#28 yeah i read Saekano, it's good but only an 8 at most, while WA2 is a 10 or more
#31 by subsinexus
2019-12-19 at 08:33
< report >152/152, perfect.
#32 by yorhel
2019-12-19 at 08:39
< report >Looks like someone's been using fake accounts to bump the votes for Setsuna Ogiso. It's not exactly... perfect. -.-

Kazusa Touma is a clear winner if you ignore those.Last modified on 2019-12-19 at 08:54
#33 by cockblockula
2019-12-19 at 20:47
< report >hornybois would do anything for their waifus..
even risk getting IP banned
#34 by bunny1ov3r
2019-12-20 at 00:58
< report >What? There are people who would make fake accounts to vote on this obscure poll that I made 4 years ago? I am impressed.
#35 by eacil
2019-12-20 at 01:05
< report >I understand that multiple accounts are allowed, nothing wrong with that, but if those fake accounts were made for the explicit purpose of tampering with votes, why aren't they banned?
#36 by yorhel
2019-12-20 at 08:15
< report >There, uh, isn't a way to ban people from voting on polls yet. >_>
I think I'll link the polls to the VN vote ignore list (t10302)
#37 by eacil
2019-12-20 at 08:44
< report >Why do you not delete them? You can find lame excuses for voting on unreleased VN or even voting twice on a VN, at least until the new list feature is implemented, but you have none for voting twice on a poll. Plus when you say fake accounts I think empty accounts made only for this purpose.
Is that because you think systematic shadow banning is a better solution?
#38 by yorhel
2019-12-20 at 09:03
< report >It's because account deletion should only ever be a user-initiated action. I don't want people afraid they would lose their accounts after doing something silly while drunk. Going for deletion is unnecessary anyway when accounts can be just as easily restricted.
#39 by subsinexus
2019-12-21 at 21:06
< report >Wow, there must have been a dup account purge. Setsuna lost 29 votes...
#40 by eacil
2019-12-22 at 03:51
< report >That explains why the vote was perfect almost all the time.
#41 by i7-8700k
2020-01-15 at 15:20
< report >Mari as a person, but Kazusa as a route.
#42 by shizukasensei
2021-03-12 at 09:57
< report >Chiaki best grill
#43 by ayakashinight
2021-08-29 at 16:01
< report >i'm sorry setsuna,
i choose kazusa
#44 by haihai555
2021-09-20 at 13:12
< report >Setsuna all the way, fight me
#45 by zakashi
2021-09-21 at 00:42
< report >I just watched the anime and I found both of them good, Setsuna cares a lot about Haruki and she's really cute, I think she's more beautiful than Kazusa, but I don't like much her hard-on for "the three of us should be together forever", Kazusa is more mysterious and have a more interesting personality, but I didn't like much her denial of her feelings for the MC.

I'm eager for the translation.Last modified on 2021-09-21 at 00:42


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