Actually good, for steam achievement I mean.

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#1 by moyang
2015-11-12 at 13:35
This game is free, and does not have any choices, and can be skipped to the end very fast.

The 2 achievements will be unlocked upon completion, now you have 100% game.
#2 by pendelhaven
2015-11-12 at 17:06
for steam achievement I mean.

What does this even mean?
#3 by mercyzombie
2015-11-12 at 19:17
I guess he means it is easy to unlock achievements. Yay? Does anyone actually play games just for the achievements?Last modified on 2015-11-12 at 19:19
#4 by pendelhaven
2015-11-12 at 19:26
So people are now playing for some virtual "achievement" instead of having fun/experience huh? Some era we live in now.
#5 by jazz957
2015-11-12 at 19:48
@3: Sadly, yes.
#6 by venomg3
2015-11-12 at 19:49
dont forget all games must have steam cards
#7 by encrypted12345
2015-11-13 at 00:17
@5 I remember back in the day when people played games to enjoy them rather than achievements that don't mean anything.

@6 To be fair, you can actually sell them.
#8 by space-ranger
2015-11-13 at 01:12
Does anyone actually play games just for the achievements?
To be fair, after feeling done with a VN, quite a number of people will not let it go until the gallery is filled, meaning every single H scene is located. I think that justifies a comparison. However intentionally skipping story the first time you encounter it to get achievements seems kind of weird to me.
#9 by mercyzombie
2015-11-14 at 10:43
@8 It's like you said, it's the skipping part that confuses me. I get trying to get all the achievements on a game you like but then you already, as redundant as it might sound, like the game. The achievements serve to complement the game, it's not really the main draw. Playing a game for just the achievements themselves is something I find bewildering. But more power to them if they do find that fun I guess. Who am I to tell people what they can or can not find entertaining?
#10 by pabloc
2015-11-14 at 17:45
I understand achievements that are actually meaningful - those that require serious skill to get, and are designed to be an extra challenge. Something like "no-bomb" or "pacifist" runs on Touhou games. That's a perfectly natural evolution of beating other player's high scores in old games (and many player-invented self challenges) - you just get something on top of satisfaction for pulling some incredible stunts.

But token "achievements" for doing completely obvious stuff? For playing for 10 minutes, reading a VN, or even just for starting the game? No, that's just retarded. I understand them like that: "You are so dumb, that the fact you were actually able to install and run this game is a huge achievement. Here, have a cookie.". :PLast modified on 2015-11-14 at 17:46
#11 by warfoki
2015-11-14 at 18:19
Those are often used by the devs for auto-feedback. Giving an achievement for beating each mission in a game for example gives a good indication which mission drives away people or how many people a hooked to get past the the first few ones.
#12 by triority
2018-06-18 at 07:16
I liked the story and was quite touching - don't remember getting any achievements for it though.


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