About side routes/heroines routes

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#1 by phantasm
2015-11-30 at 15:02
Are the side routes about the romance between the 2 characters ?

I am now at episode 3 and it feels like the story is developing into a " ojou-sama wants butler to care for her while Michiru is watching them from the sidelines" plot.
#2 by kassadin
2015-11-30 at 15:31
What are you talking about?

Both the "ojou-sama" and "butler" are girls. You want some yuri action?
#3 by phantasm
2015-11-30 at 15:40
.... lol, didn't know butler is a she. Seem like I haven't read far enough yet. Now I am at the scene where ojou-sama is helping Aoi (the girl who created a homunculus)

Ok, Now I know ojou x Butler is not happening. But my question is still unanswered. Are the side routes about the romance between Michiru x heroine ? I went straight to the true end in prequel so don't know what to expect from side routes.Last modified on 2015-11-30 at 15:41
#4 by kassadin
2015-11-30 at 15:52
I've only went through the side routes because I am a completionist. And despite being really short routes at around 2 hours for each, I'd say they're really not worth playing at all. It just feels really out of place, and contributes nothing to the story at all, and 0 character development. Compare them to shounen anime fillers. Fuhito's side route is especially bad, it turns her into a complete different character lol.


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