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#26 by rizor
2016-01-24 at 16:02
@elpwny Thanks for that, it really added more to the game. Even though I don't like Chisato, the scene was good.
#27 by usagi
2016-01-24 at 19:40
How many h-scenes are there per heroine? I heard that the game has much more h-scenes than Aokana and some people didn't like it..Last modified on 2016-01-24 at 19:40
#28 by pramit
2016-04-07 at 21:45
the h scenes in mifuyu have the worst placements. The way they are put into the story feels absurd and completely out of context...
So far i think this is a amazing VN, i especially like the voice actors. Chisato is such a great character, in mifuyu's route she is just downright amazing. Can't wait to play the other routes.Last modified on 2016-04-07 at 21:45
#29 by shakarr
2016-07-27 at 16:24
Tfw devs force you on Chisato route because they know shes a piece of shit and no one likes her.
Also what kind of school has 150 classes (~5000 students)has school grounds that are equivalent of a small neighbourhood and sends scholarship students to work in a factory (sounds like nazis). And seeing the elitist attitudes of some students makes me wonder how the hell do they manage to actually have 5000 students if you (seemingly) have a tough requirements to join that school. Iif thats not the case then why do scholarship students have to work in the factory, both options make no sense to me but maybe im missing something since I didnt really play a lot of this game yet.
Either way this school really seems needlessly overblown and bizzare to me so farLast modified on 2016-07-27 at 16:48
#30 by absurdist
2016-11-05 at 15:30
Just finished Chisato's route, it was pretty good. Shorter than I expected. I liked Chisato's personal development and her transformation from tsun to dere. I kinda felt obligated to play her first anyway, since she's the childhood friend and it makes the most sense for her and Yuuki to be together. Already NOT looking forward to the drama concerning Chisato in the other routes, because it's going to break my heart. Guess I'm a softie in those regards.

But yeah, shorter than I expected. I wish it focused more on the election and less on this melodramatic Takos filler. Then maybe another lovey-dovey h-scene at the end? At least give the main girl some much deserved attention.

Think I'm going for Michiru next.
#31 by adormus
2016-12-11 at 04:15
I don't get the Chisato hate. She's not even a real tsundere. More like a deredere with mental issues. In the other routes she also doesn't transform into a yandere but stays civil and just wants Yuuki to be happy.

And even though I like Satsuki the most, it was quite painful to see Chisato get shafted in her route. I get why Chisato's route had to be the first from a drama writers PoV. But that knowledge doesn't change a thing about how sad it is to watch her give up on him. Well, it was intended this way. So whatever.
#32 by pendelhaven
2016-12-11 at 05:23
with mental issues

and you just answered your own question.
#33 by adormus
2016-12-11 at 05:30
Every single heroine in this VN has issues. So there's nothing off with Chisato here.

Also, I have to agree with shakarr and everyone who critizises the "school". Slave labor, overblown porpotions, a security council that raises shinobi and a school shop that kidnaps students...what the hell?

It's as if they tried to place a yakuza story inside a high school. Sadly, they failed badly with it.
#34 by exaccuss
2016-12-11 at 05:37
@33: dont be such a cry baby. What would you change differently and why?
#35 by pendelhaven
2016-12-11 at 05:58
Slave labor, overblown porpotions, a security council that raises shinobi and a school shop that kidnaps students...what the hell?

socialism in the works.
#36 by adormus
2016-12-11 at 06:15
socialism in the works.

Mhh, sounds actually more like post-maoism, since there's also quite a bit of capitalism involved. Not to mention the caste system that is still prevalent in China.
#37 by sebastian
2017-02-23 at 04:44

I noticed something important. In Isara route Chisato, Mi-chan, Monkeys were in good terms with MC because they expected something from him, not because they like him and were his friends. Everyone liked him when everything was good or when all had the same bother. When MC was in troubles they all abandon him and return when he faced his issues. They all failed when he need them the most. I started to hate Chisato from this route. She don't love him, she love herself and think of him like about a tool for satisfy her needs(its more clearly when he is talking about how Chisato treat girls around him and how she treat him in whole VN). Mi-chan is more screwed but i hated her character from the start(not her body, LOL). I was surprised by Non-chan actions. She abandon MC for nothing literally(i was thing high about her till this) and didn't care for nothing other except his rolls.
So in conclusion from all his friends and heroines only Sensei, Satsuki and Isara are honest and care about MC, other are for other purposes(Chisato for toy to have fun and heal her mental issues, Mi-chan is Chisato agent and have conscience's twinge, Non-chan for rolls, Yume for his body, Spy girl is for mission, Monkeys haven't friends so stick with group, Garage for Chisato and profit, Ariake for profit ).

I wander if he was a pimp did every girl except Satsuki and Isara, I'm not sure about Sensei bc of her character, agree to be his ekm.. girl?

And about whole school. They all were only after money(his "friends" Ariake and Garage from support group too). I was so surprised when he was hated because of his idea about K students and loved after he told whole school how they can earn more money, LOL what a screwed bunch of fuckers.
Last modified on 2017-02-23 at 04:46
#38 by i7-8700k
2019-08-13 at 08:17
I'm more surprised nobody hated him in Satsuki's route for getting lovey-dovey with the enemy. Perhaps because they couldn't see it happen slowly?


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