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#1 by garvin-chives
2015-12-05 at 04:50
For those who want to read this after SnU or just as a yaoi in general don't be discouraged by the partial translation, there are only about 14 lines untranslated ( and the config ) in the game, nothing major seems to happen in them anyway.
Somethings to note are that high velocity skip does work up to a certain choice, at least for me it did, try turning it on and off for a few seconds until it works as this is important for getting all 6 endings. Another thing to note is that is very crucial is that after a certain scene in the bathroom with a certain person named Zenya your game will crash on load, feel free to save just a little after the scene before the setting transition because this may as well be your only save.

Anyway enjoy Sweet Pool, it's pretty damn good and has my favorite ost, just wish it was a bit longer.


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