Weakest of the series by far

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#1 by kobashisensei
2015-12-20 at 14:16
Feels to me like they rushed it out for a quick Christmas release or just lost their way somewhere along developement.

Compared to the other releases in the series, Kyonyuu 3 just falls on its face.
The dialogues and comedy are nowehere near the former games.
There are some comic dialogues here and there but they feel very forced just like everything feels so forced together in this game.
The dialogue the heroines even the main protagonist feels so... off.

The heroines aren't very interesting and they don't have much interaction between them which is to say quite bad for a game that's supposed to be harem themed.

For the H-scenes the usual "Kyonyuu series vanilla" nothing to see here moving on.
Except for maybe the pacing, which all the "Kyonyuu series"games are guilty of but here they some times went off the chart whit some heroines having 3-4 if not more (I didn't count) H-scenes without a break.
That gets really boring after a while especially if it is only vanilla sex.

The game feels like they wanted to try something new but didn't really put in enough effort or to be more precise they put in too much effort where it didn't counts.

They built a Roman empire themed world explained all the latin words over and over again.
Detailed what sort of wine and food they drank and eat, but guess what I'm not very interested in all that fluff that's just booooring.

Of course the biggest mistake was to make the protagonist a real god
That really hampers story telling, at least if they stick to the "rags to riches" story which all others in the series where.
it would have been better to see the protag getting shafted by the other gods and slowly crawling up to the top of the pantheon of gods. Fighting and eluding plots againts him.
That would have been in the spirit of the former games.
Instead we get the boring daily life of a god in search for a way home. Not much tension not much comedy just big breasts.

The progaonist is like a Lute Hende when he comes down from the awesome drug he takes all the time.

The artstyle is fantastic as usual, tough here and there, are a few anatomically strange drawings (no not the breasts).

All in all it is not a bad game especially compared to all the trash that companies keep throwing out nowadays.
Just that it doesn't really measure up to the others in the series... at least for me that is.
To me it seems like they should have went the "why fix something that's not broken" route.Last modified on 2015-12-20 at 14:23
#2 by then00bavenger
2015-12-21 at 05:18
I knew I was in for disappointment as soon as Paia was shaping up to be the main heroine. Compare her to Shamshiel or Zebia, the drop in quality is amazing. Boring as shit. No charisma at all.

The second heroine they introduce is boring too and what do you know, her and Paia are the ones that stick around from beginning to end.

The Gladis knock-off was by far my favorite, but she still wasn't that great and despite being introduced early on, she's probably tied with Constancia as the one with the least amount of screentime since they had that lame plotline where she didn't want to leave the city.

The route divergences are literally just 5 minute long after-thoughts and are completely pointless and skippable.

Everything after chapter 2 seemed to meander along until it got to the final climax which was interesting for the few minutes it lasted. Then you have the final confrontation and it's like... okay it's over I give up now. Compared to how satisfying the conclusions usually feel in this game, it was awful. It's like they needed to just hurry up and end the story.

The skeleton guy at the beginning was more likeable than most of the heroines. I'd replace Paia with him any day. The male characters in general were just more interesting than the heroines, which is a bad sign in a game like this. I actually found myself skipping most of the conversations with the heroines and just focusing on the main story. I don't think I've ever done that in a KF game.

To its credit, I really liked chapter 2 and it keeps this game afloat. Even for a shitty Kyonyuu Fantasy game, it still kept me mostly interested. But after that, everyone in town starts to recognize him as a god and you don't really feel like an underdog at all. They never throw anything at him that actually seems like a challenge. I was personally expecting some sort of plot device that could be used against a god or another god to show up but it just never happened.Last modified on 2015-12-21 at 05:23
#3 by bookwormotaku
2015-12-21 at 06:59
Well still waiting for my copy, so I'll find out for myself if this is the first legitimately bad game in the series. At the moment I consider Majo to be the weakest of the series (even if its place in canon is up in the air) so should be interesting to compare the two...
#4 by kobashisensei
2015-12-22 at 00:30
I considered Majo the weakest so far but that was an enjoyable game only not as good as the others but this is really poor quality.

Of course I started having my doubt's about Waffle ever since they partly reused Kyonyuu 2 as the IF version for a full game
and of course all the digital novel version crap and now Kyonyuu 3 being half assed.

Pretty much confirmed they went downhill, just like Minato soft went downhill after Majikoi S with all the Append stories.
Not to mention the sister brand Minato Carneval (I coinsider the two brands as one since there is not much difference).
Their latest game was also pure dissapointment (link) seemed like rushed together, as someone said it felt like they made the fandisk before the real game.
Not to mention I think they had some real genius idea to fill that" fandisk like abomination" of a game out with episodic content or what ever.
Not sure what came of it or will come of it.
Lets hope nothing otherwise VN quality will drop by miles if every developer and their mother starts drip feeding content from the get go ala Majiko A+.

I do hope Baseson don't go that route they are my other favourite developer.
I loved link to bits even though that was also a half complete game released to early.
I hope the x version will complete the story.
I'm not that interested in the H scenes.
Then again after hearing they want to sell the new remastered Koihime game in three seperate versions, I'm not holding my breath.
That one will be wait and see on how much effort they put into it.

All in all I think the whole VN industry just like western gaming industry is going downhill in overall quality.
fewer games each year to be excited about, hope it will get better in the future.
#5 by shokatsu
2016-01-18 at 01:52
I had voiced my worries about the protagonist being a genuine God even before the release, wasn't wrong. You can feel that they wanted to make him look "not all that powerful" with the limits of his power being tied to his worshipers' numbers (and good ol' sex) but it really didn't work.

The most enjoyable Arcs/Chapters were the first one with the Gladiators and the one against the Minotaurs, it starts to fall down after the arrival to Romania imo, and as the OP said, the male characters in general are better than the female, oddly enough.

I mean, Excellion was a pretty interesting one despite his low screentime, genuinely wanted to be Emperor because he knew that he was talented, but didn't realize he was acting like a tyrant until the very end. His brother's inferiority complex was also well thought-out and explored, his redemption or however you want to call it when he finally gets some sense beaten in his head was also pretty enjoyable. Even the lesser characters like the Senators were all interesting. The first iconic male figure also turns out to be more than a regular dumb villain and that was great to see.

Another thing was that the World was very well established, I was actually disappointed that we couldn't see more of it ! Seeing different locations, if only for a brief amount of time, would've been awesome.

I still enjoyed it greatly, but I agree that it doesn't live up to the other installments of the series.Last modified on 2016-01-18 at 01:54


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