How to play Tokyo Shota Street guide

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#1 by emporio
2015-12-23 at 14:20
The game is hard to figure out but language is simple and you need only hiragana and katakana to read almost everything. Many words are wasei-eigo.

First you pick up a place where kids walk. Different places are different kids. Then there are options to invite spotted kids:
1. Cafe
2. Game room
3. Park
4. Family restaurant
5. Beach by sea
6. Flatter
7. Stop him
8. Stop and change place
9. Stop and return home
Just pick one place and click it every time untill kid agrees or goes away. Doesn't matter how kid reacts because eventually one will agree. Sometimes beard guy appears but he does not do anything.

Tehn you go to that place with kid and talk with him. There are again options:
1. Hanashi suru (to talk)
2. Kare wo homeru (prise him)
3. Body touch
4. Kiss
5. Exhibitionism
6. Basho kaeru (change place)
7. Sasou (invite for sex)
8. Kare ha yameru (give up and look for another kid)

Every option has suboptions but I'm not going to explain every one because there are really a lot and mostly it doesn't matter. This is how to play:
Firts you start with option 1 (you introduce yourself, ask for his name, hobbies, things he like, tell about yourself and other things).
After picking an option you see his reaction and hear ringing sound. Sound will be faster and higher if kid is more excited. DOn't pick again options that he doesn't like.
Second you try other options but CAREFULLY. If you try to touch him or kiss to early he may get angry and go away. If the ringing sound goes slower and down you need to pick less agressive options. Usually it goes like this:

Talk a lot about things he likes (10 times or more. you can guess what kid likes by his look for example nerdy kid will like games and anime, sporty kid will like sports etc),
prise him a couple of times (option 2 but some kids dont like it),
try easy body touch (3 then 1, 2, 3 or 4), if reaction is positive try
exhibitionism (option 5 then 1, 2 etc), if reaction is positive try
more advanced body touch (3 then 5, 6 etc) and kiss. Some options of body touch, kiss and exhibitionism are locked in public locations (cafe, family restaurant, game room).
There will be moment that kid need to go to the toilet - it's good. The bearded guy will come and tell you a hint what kid likes. Then he goes away and kid gets back. You need to be very carefull now. Talk a couple more times about things he likes and try to touch, kiss and exhibitionism. If you see hearts from his head and hear very high and fast ringing sound, then it's good. You can now use final option: 7 Invite. If kid agrees you will see story and sex scene.
If anytime reaction is not positive with body touch, kiss or exhibitionism it means you go too fast and you need to slow down, talk more.

The scenes are really good and creative. Usually role play and exhibitionism.
You can talk with 2-3 kids a day, then she goes home and everything starts again. There is no limit for days.
#2 by takata
2015-12-27 at 06:25
After Itsuki comes back from the toilet, every option I've tried causes him to go away. >.<

I tried putting some of the text from the guy with the beard into google translate... I conclude that he likes soccer, track and field (?) and comedy (owarai?), but the options relating to those still cause him to go away... I couldn't get the IME pad to recognise a few kanji. >.<Last modified on 2015-12-27 at 06:25
#3 by emporio
2015-12-27 at 22:00
Yes, sometimes it happens. There are 2 reasons for going to toilet: kid is either very excited or very angry. If he goes to toilet angry it means that you made bad conversation. He will leave anyway and you can't do anything now. You need to make him very excited (heart symbols) before he goes to toilet or it its very likely that you will fail.

If you saved game before toilet you can try aggressive options (body touch or kiss), if it doesn't work i think you can't do anything, try another kid.Last modified on 2015-12-27 at 22:01
#4 by takata
2016-01-02 at 14:08
I got through to an h-scene this time... there seem to be certain options in the talk tree that cause the sound effect to increase in pitch... ...or maybe it's not just about the individual options. Other options seem to decrease the pitch. After the pitch increases enough, that seems to trigger him going to the toilet while excited. Also, only after returning from the toilet does he seem to respond positively (hearts appear beside his head) to touching or anything more aggressive.Last modified on 2016-01-03 at 00:21
#5 by siliana8t
2019-07-03 at 18:32
Is there some way to translate this game, or some sort of translation guide? It seems very interesting.


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