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[Heavy Spoilers] Clearing some things up

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#1 by quantic
2016-01-03 at 18:38
< report >I just finished the game but since my Japanese is terrible, I have a few things I want to get cleared up.

Regarding the past with 八重 (Kou's mother):
> How did she become sick (電脳症)?
Was it whilst Neunzehn was trying creating the Connector technology/setting up Yae to be the Connector?

> How did she die? What did she die for?
She was captured by the first Gregory who wanted to link her up to the Baldr System. She voluntarily did, except she did it with the intent to freeze Baldr and I suppose in the process, her brain was fried? Did she even do anything to the system or did she die in vain?

> Why did the first Gregory want to link Yae up to Baldr System?
Was Tranquiliser already complete back then? Without it, linking Yae to Baldr seems kind of pointless.

> Who was the first Gregory? How did they "become" Gregory?
Kurihara needed Aki's program to access Baldr System without getting killed/brain-fried in the process so what about the first Gregory?


> Regarding the singularities/特異点:
I made a list of when they appear in each route. It appears twice in each route towards the end.

The first time it appears is during Gray Christmas in all parallel worlds which results in the concept of 'Neunzehn being an enemy' being trasmitted (from World 0?) to all the other worlds, which results in each world's AI deciding to prevent the outbreak of Assember by retaking control of Gungnir away from Gregory/Kurihara and firing it to destroy Assembler + having Mother destroy itself in order to prevent further contamination by Neunzehn.

But then when does the first 特異点 appear in Sora's route/World 0? Gray Christmas? It must have since otherwise, Gungnir wouldn't have fired and Assembler would have spread across the world. But then, it seems paradoxical - where did World 0's AI receive the concept of 'enemy' from?

Also, at the beginning of Makoto's route, you see time freeze indicating the appearance of the 特異点. But then that would mean it appears more than 3 times in Makoto's route wouldn't it (and the other parallel world routes too)

Escaping from Dominion's base after stealing data on Assembler
At the nuclear reactor control core

At the nuclear reactor control core
Reprogramming Assembler's Commander

At the nuclear reactor control core
While Tranquilizer is invading ARC

At the nuclear reactor control core
While Tranquilizer is invading ARC/Reprogramming Assember's Commander

At the nuclear reactor control core/Dominion's hideout - partially overwrite Commander which temporarily stops Assembler's multiplication
Appears to finish rewriting Commander completely

After Neunzehn wakes up, kills Kou and destroys the virtual world. Eve uses it to revive Kou and Kuu.
Right before final battle

Other random questions:

> Wasn't Assembler always going to be dangerous due to some of the nanomachines mutating into something bad and spreading like cancer? I don't see why Kurihara would try to fix it after Gray Christmas since he was completely overtaken by Gregory. That being the case, how would Kurihara's Commander restoration program help? Does it just restore each nanomachine each time it mutates? Seems convenient that the restoration program itself is immune to mutation.

> How was Kou "awoken" up in World Zero? And how did Kuu fit into this awakening process? Why was her set of memories from the alternate world Agents?

> How did World 7 come about? i.e. how did the AI manage to influence Nanoha into persuading Kurihara to let the Assembler research be completed by others?
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#2 by bunny1ov3r
2016-01-04 at 20:06
< report >Wow, I was reading this in my native language, and I don't recall ever asking these questions before. You must be a really meticulous reader.

While I can't answer any of these questions, my advice is that don't nit-pick details on a fictional piece of work, especially one that is as complicated as this one. Even scientists today do not know that much about parallel worlds. I am sure some of these questions can be answered by a careful reader, but if you go further this story will inevitably fall apart.

*Insert Kyon's (from Haruhi Suzumiya) view on fictional work here.

As for the first two questions, my sense is that the VN never made what happened around that period crystal clear, so it's really up to you to decide.
#3 by quantic
2016-01-05 at 20:08
< report >This wiki contains a fair amount of theories which was quite interesting to read.


Regarding Yae and Gregory:
A friend, Bolverk, told me the sickness is an is a inborn aptitude to connect with the organic AI network - which I think is consistent. So Yae was just born with it.

As for what Yae managed to do, she temporarily prevented Baldr from interfering with the AI network (according to wiki).

As for the first Gregory and his motives, I don't know, use your imagination.

Regarding the singularities:

I think the singularity appearing 3 times was first mentioned here.

It wasn't described very clearly, so I guess you can interpret the limit of 3 appearances to apply only to the time frame from Agent activating for the first time to the final battle in Suzushiro City. So these 3 singularities that appear in Worlds 1-5 are:

1) Right before beginning of game. With it, Sora 0 and the AI:
- reactivated Agent/Kuu and linked her to Sora 0
- Create a link between Kou and ? (all the Kou in the parallel worlds? Kou's simulacra in World 0?). This causes his brain chip to change and constantly emit/receive a faint signal as pointed out by Noi in his checkups.
- Freezes time to help Kou escape from the explosion
2 and 3) : Listed in first post. Usually during the nuclear reactor and the overwriting of Assembler.

This would be in line with Seira saying that the 特異点 were seen a few times before the game started.

As for World 0, the phrasing in the scene linked below made it seem like the first one appeared during Gray Christmas and the second one appeared during that scene itself but whatever.


And the theory goes further saying that after creating a 特異点 3 times in such a short time frame, they overload their quantum communication network -> simulacra Kou 0 loses link to parallel world Kous-> simulacra Kou 0 disappears.

Regarding this line:
There was also some discussion about where World 0 received the concept of 'enemy' from. I suppose at the end of day, trying to resolve a time paradox when the AI was described as a being that can perceive more dimensions and doesn't perceive time as humans do is fruitless.

Regarding Kou's awakening in World 0:
The theory is that as Sora 0 observed more worlds, simulacra Kou 0 gained more links to all the other parallel world Kous and eventually a threshold was reached that allowed simulacra Kou 0 to activate. As for Kuu, do some hand-waving and say that somehow Kuu 0 had her memories overwritten/fused with those of Agent's. Err, sure, why not.

There's also some discussion about World 7 in the wiki but it's not that important anyway.

Of course, I might have read that wiki incorrectly since it's Japanese so if any past or future Baldr Sky readers interpreted the theories differently or came up with their own, I'd be glad to read them.
#4 by eurova
2016-01-06 at 07:40
< report >First Gregory - He was a psychologist and a believer of Gnosticism, who worked for the Global Union was supposed to educate Neunzehn about human personality. Later, he became fascinated with Neunzehn and his idea of Cyber-Gnosticism and became a devout follower.

"Enemy Concept" - A.I Eve said in Sora's route (Chapter 11, talking to revived Kou and Kuu) that A.I learned about Neunzehn being the enemy after observing humans, and especially Sora. But this still doesn't explain who fired the Gungnir in World 0.

Kurihara - He "thought" he was still in control of his body and mind, so he tried to fix the Assembler while being on the run after Grey Christmas. But of course, he was under complete influence of Greygory / Neunzehn, so the Assembler ended up being the killer nano-machine no matter what.

Restoration Program - The Assembler in proper condition doesn't have much issue with mutation (it self eliminates them), but it was changed into killer nano-machine that is overtaken by mutation in 14 minutes and 49 seconds, because Kurihara fell to Neunzehn's influence and changed it. Restoration program simply returns the Assembler to the original state (which doesn't have any problem).

World 7 - Makoto, who also suffers from 電脳症 received information from World 0 and other parallel worlds after Neunzehn was suppressed (before Singularity closed off for good). Makoto then manages to persuade Kurihara, which results in creation of new branch world - the one without Grey Christmas.

That's all I remember.
#5 by 5pm
2016-11-02 at 17:44
< report >I finished baldr sky just e few days ago.

regarding tranguilizer - its always been "completed" since neunzhen build it. What Isao-taisha and seira-san means about it being "incomplete" is it doesnt have connector since yae died. Tranguilizer and connector is a one set, without connector, tranguilizer is "incomplete".

regarding yae - plugin "neunzehn secret" add more text in sora route. After hearing what neunzhen think about yae, Kou said "is that why he made yae a connector and link her to baldr" liking an act of offering sacrifice for his god (neunzhen). My inpretation, case about yae was not because there's any logic/reason behind it but because neunzhen have some kodawari about yae. Kono kyoshinsha me! some things doesnt need any reason behind it, sometimes it's just an act of madness.

regarding who firing gungnir at world 0 (and all other wolrd) - its A.I. or more appropriately the Chou A.I. an "aggregate" of A.I. between multiple world. Since if its only A.I. from world 0, they dont need tokuiten happened at the day. Mind it that when tokuiten happen, it happened at the same time space for A.I. but not at the same time space for human (at world 0, the third tokuiten happened after human race wiped out from earth).

from human point of view: chou A.I. firing gungnir at all world using tokuiten, some time passed, A.I. world 0 learn the concept of enemy after observing sora.

from A.I. point of view : A.I. world 0 learn the concept of enemy after observing sora thus Chou A.I firing gungnir to prevent assembler outbreak in all world at the day.

Its clear that A.I. and human have different perception regarding time. In human case, time is from past to future. In A.I. case, i dont know since i am a human not an A.I.Last modified on 2016-11-02 at 19:11


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