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#1 by eacil
2016-01-04 at 16:14
Let's share news on Orcsoft here.

The work I was talking about in t6905 is supposed to be released this spring. I just added the entry. Dat delicious dark skin big girl. :3
Mario is the illustrator in case you didn't get it, Tatsumi Hirowo is in charge of the planning, script and scenario.

Second work is planned for this summer.
Scenario by Fukaoi Korehito/深生是人 (recently did Kyonyuu Daimaou no Dosukebe Quest ~Kanzen Haiboku Shita Shounen Yuusha-kun UC~) and illustrations by... by... Hamashima Shigeo!
It will be a sexfest between a do-sukebe kuro gyaruuuyyYYEEESSSHHHH! hrmm... sorry... and his boyfriend. No NTR but a "cute cute AVG".
I didn't understand the second part of the news:
Like the "testers" didn't love the heroine, Okomeman is planning between 1-20.000 sales? And kind of a sequel will be released later for free? Why did I get that feeling like I was reading an apology for fail before the game even started to be fully in development?

Third work is planned for the end of the year.
It features a natural airhead mom and a despotic do-sukebe nee-chan (to be original, for once, hahaha).
It will be a game with... hypnosis. FUCK! I fucking hate hypnosis. I did Saimin Nikki but it wasn't memorable at all.

PS: omg, I didn't see the new Andou Hiroyuki coming! O_o
I think it was you, skorpiondeath, who asked me for mangaka closed to Mizuryuu style? I totally forgot to answer you. Andou Hiroyuki is what you want but better read his mangas because the VN he illustrated are really cheap.Last modified on 2016-01-04 at 16:20
#2 by quof
2016-01-11 at 06:51

Gonna expose my shitty Japanese, but anyway, I'm pretty sure this is him saying that because he fell in love with the heroine (and therefore imagines other people will too), so if it sells more than 10,000 or 20,000 (will be established later) they will add more actual sex scenes (right now it seems to be focused on blowjobs with some paizuri and intercrural thrown in) free of charge in a sequel-esque online only release. No apology to fail, as far as I can tell.

Uhh, in short, since he expects the heroine to be a hit and people to want more he is saying he plans to add more sex scenes with her assuming it sells well.Last modified on 2016-01-11 at 07:02
#3 by eacil
2016-05-13 at 21:47
Now that Kousoku Seiki Palace Athena and its shitty sentai is gone, it's time for news about the suupaa lovey dovey gyaru story. Nice change of pace after all that enkou.

Oh and sorry quof, I forgot to thank you for your precisions. What I said made obviously no sense. As if someone couldn't stand the artworks of Hamashima...
I thought 大好きになるんじゃないか was a weird negation but it isn't.

right now it seems to be focused on blowjobs with some paizuri and intercrural thrown in
Looking at the four final samples, three of them are oral. I truly hope they won't fall in mono-fetishism. Autobahn already did that more than once with their fellatio focused works and how ultra hot it was, it was more than so fucking frustrating.
#4 by eacil
2016-07-01 at 21:55
Now try to resist: Baka Dakedo Chinchin Shaburu no Dake wa Jouzu na Chiichan ♥.
#5 by eiesoldar
2016-07-01 at 23:08
It's always easy to resist ganguro. We usually call it "stupid cunts".
#6 by eacil
2016-07-01 at 23:21
-It's in the title...
-It's not a ganguro...
#7 by eacil
2016-10-25 at 22:30
As you saw it (or not, like me), the entry of the new Dwarsoft was created along with the website's opening.
Saimin Eye Drops

At least, when Orcsoft says they will release 3 games this year, they do it, not like you know who, who were planning 5 games and people are still waiting at two months of the end of the year to see _one_.
#8 by eacil
2016-12-29 at 04:50
The news for 2017 are here! \o/

2017 spring
Wife degeneration.
Artist: Suruga Kreutz
Scenarist: Hayasaka Utane

2017 summer
Do Sukebe Juicies
Juicies seems to refer to a comic trio.
Artist: A-10 (I really love this guy.)
Scenarist: Hayasaka Utane

2017 winter
I am way too lazy to OCR all that stuff. If someone can provide us a quick summary, it would be great.

Well, what a lack of variety. If the second one could be something really full of dirty humor, I wouldn't be against that. I think that's what Hayasaka Utane do? This guy is not really an appealing choice and we have him for two works...Last modified on 2016-12-29 at 05:01
#9 by eacil
2017-05-19 at 09:32
First pic of their next work's casting.
There are some changes compared to the rough. Someone got a significant breastpansion and they dared changing my dark skin shaggy girl with a... gyaru. Ok, I forgive them.
It has also been a long time since they went the loli way. Eck, Saimin Nikki doesn't even count. Here, it is a genuine loli because she has one of those alarms for kids around her neck (and her t-shirt says 13). Yeah, Orcsoft turned pedo, the only renewal they were able to afford.Last modified on 2017-05-19 at 12:17
#10 by eiesoldar
2017-05-20 at 00:43
Here, it is a genuine loli because she has one of those alarms for kids around her neck (and her t-shirt says 13)
At least your favorite company's production now has fappable heroine instead of Dwarfsoft's unfappable old hags ^^
#11 by eacil
2017-06-08 at 09:36
Be happy, E-chan, the website is up and this little cutie is called Yuina.
I hate websites with picture base text...
#12 by eacil
2017-08-15 at 06:55
Presentation of the characters for the new Dwarfsoft: link


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