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The heroine that you liked better?

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#1 by bunny1ov3r
2016-01-05 at 21:47
Hi everyone this is another general discussion coming from bunny1ov3r. At this point, I am not even sure why I am making so many GD's. If not for the purpose of actually discussing the work, I am probably making this just to make more GD's on vndb lol.

I played the remake of White Album, the initial source of inspiration for Maruto's well-acclaimed WA2. WA1 is very similar in that it is also a story about a love triangle (polygon), but clear differences exist in that while WA2 focus more on the characters, WA1 centers on the atmosphere.

I'll just state the conclusion first. I gave this game a 6.5/10, neither a very good nor a bad score. Don't get me wrong. I liked the story. It is not as fleshed out as its spiritual sequel but still manages to give a good story. The characters are interesting. Nevertheless, a major deduction in point is on the game system, rather than its contents. A majority of time playing this game is inevitably spent on deciding where to go, whom to converse with, and what to say, for each and every day. Granted, I am not a big fan of conversation-styled galgame. It's not just my preference though. It's more about the fact that this conversational gameplay doesn't blend with the whole story, as the "break" in gameplay inevitably kills all suspense from the intense drama, because one has to spend a pointless 5-minute even between super dramatic scenes that should logically follow each other. That, and the wide degrees of freedom in the gameplay leaves players with no idea how to pick. In the end, the easiest thing to do is continually focusing on one heroine, which defeats the purpose of map movement anyways.

You know that in WA2 the two main heroines are so charming in their own unique ways that a war broke out around who is the best girl? The same won't happen here, as one of the two is overwhelmingly more ideal in every way, as portrayed in the game Ogata Rina. Just for the sake of proving that, I'll just start a poll. I am really expecting an at least 80-20 split in the long run.

Oh yeah, speaking of which, I remember the protagonist of this story is hailed as one of the four "most trashy male in ACG (as in being a bad boyfriend)", along with the protag from School Days, Shuffle, and Kimi ga Nozumu Eien. Yes, the anime does give off that kind of feeling, sort of. It's hard to condemn the guy as such after playing the game, though. He is just a normal college student with great luck at attracting chicks, and leans on the indecisive side when picking girls.

PS: someone update the character section, thanks.Last modified on 2016-01-07 at 20:15
#2 by communist17
2016-01-20 at 19:27
i kind of liked the fact that you get to decide who to talk to, there are lot of visual novels where you dont get to make a lot of choices, in this game you do which can affect the end game, but my copy was machine translated so that could be clouding my judgement. How did you play, did you machine translate or has a english patch come out?
#3 by bunny1ov3r
2016-01-20 at 21:22
Chinese patch.... came out 2 years agoLast modified on 2016-01-20 at 21:22
#4 by xx1tach1xx
2016-02-09 at 22:59
The system to access the different routes was what detracted me from playing the other routes (so much hassle), so just read Yuki and Rina, in which Rina's was a route, and Yuki a joke, with a really bad end.

So anyone played the other routes, how where them
#5 by soyelmati
2016-02-10 at 15:56
I just want to say sayoko best girl.
And in serious talk the game have one of the worst gameplay I've played, srly it's a pain to play those conversation parts, where there in the most time isn't something interesting or worth the time.

And don't try too much to compare it to wa2, the developer team is practically completely different, so it's MUCH more lighthearted than WA2 and the protagonist wasn't really bad in the VN comparing him to others.


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