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#26 by harleyquin
2016-01-31 at 20:07
Optional Dungeon + Tutor passives equals multiple levels with a single run. Accessible after Panibana has been beaten, enemies are hard enough and give so much XP only the mob enemies in the final dungeon can compare. If you're complaining about 300-500 XP per battle when you've finished the game, you're grinding in the wrong place.

As to the name of the franchise, I recall reading somewhere that it's because "Bunny" in Japanese also refers to the girls commonly seen in Playboy dressed in the rabbit suits. The "Black" comes from the common theme of rape and possession in the franchise.
#27 by jazz957
2016-01-31 at 20:13
But I don't recall any characters wearing a bunny suit.
#28 by harleyquin
2016-01-31 at 20:14
What I mean is the "Bunny" being another way of referring to women in general. Unfortunately I can't remember where I read this, it was in Japanese and possibly on the wiki but the info either got removed or changed because it was just speculation.

What I do recall is that the name has NOTHING to do with horns or the like.Last modified on 2016-01-31 at 20:20
#29 by gabezhul
2016-01-31 at 20:19
300-500 XP is actually the amount one gets from most encounters in the very final dungeon. Even the repeated mini-boss battles against multiple Parshys only give out about 800.

As for the optional dungeon, yes, one can grind there, but the secret is in the name: *Optional* dungeon. I really shouldn't be forced to specifically grind there (especially since it is another of those pain-in-the-ass maze layout dungeons) just to be able to keep a level-advantage (which, by the way, need to grow as the game progresses since the bosses grow in power exponentially while your characters only progress linearly).

However, just to make this clear; you might be under the impression that I disliked this game or its gameplay. I really didn't. It was somewhat tedious at times and I *was using a speed-hack, but it was not because I didn't enjoy the game but because I just don't have the time to grind normally (12 hour workdays tend to trim down one's tolerance towards timesinks).
#30 by harleyquin
2016-01-31 at 20:24
There's one scene that's only available in the optional dungeon if one is being a completionist, plus the gear from the final room where the scene is viewed is the best in the game.

If you're complaining about how the game forces players to go past level 50 in order to finish it, then you're wrong. It IS possible to reduce boss damage to single-digits with the right set-up, although one could argue that it is predicated upon getting the best gear from multiple runs in the optional dungeon.

Someone on Hongfire was complaining about the final boss, once he revealed that he was messing around with the party build and relying on magic spam I wasn't surprised.
#31 by ncf
2016-02-03 at 16:04

I'm also stuck at the final boss xD so what build would you recommend to kill the final boss?
#32 by harleyquin
2016-02-03 at 17:08
Darx, Mary Alice, Firiane, Mix (manticore), Chamy and the Dark Magician. For inventory, 3 items reducing blunt damage and the other 2 reducing magic damage if you're going for the attritional route. Alternatively equip all 5 slots with slash damage boosters and get the strongest member in the party (usually Darx) to use the ultimate sword skill on the boss to beat him before the party is annihilated.

The above is copied from the Japanese wiki and I've personally verified the strategy. One of the members (usually Chamy) needs to be in charge of mass-healing everyone when the boss's big magic attack comes into play, other than that it's very straightforward.Last modified on 2016-02-03 at 17:10
#33 by gabezhul
2016-02-03 at 17:21
I personally just used a party decked out for non-elemental magic and had five magic boosters and then murdered the final boss in two turns before he could kill me. It worked, though only barely. One more turn and he would have wiped the floor with me, but hey, let's not talk about hypothetical game overs. :P
#34 by ncf
2016-02-03 at 17:59

Thanks for the info xD I think I'll need some time to train a new team then xD my team was Darx, Mary Alice,Firiane,Ekate, 2 two Male Overseers
#35 by harleyquin
2016-02-03 at 18:06
The adventurers who are made available for the final dungeon have been billed by the Japanese wiki as "get out of jail cards" because some of them like Dorothy have useful passive skills against the enemies there. Some players have beaten the final boss just using the old BB1 cast for the final boss but they've also needed to level-up a bit to get the right skills and to collect the right equipment either to boost damage or to counter the last boss's final attacks.
#36 by whitetragedy
2016-02-04 at 07:34
Anyone know what junk heaps bones do?
#37 by jikorde
2016-02-04 at 08:02
Equipping the bones makes a random encounter with 5-6 Junkheaps possible, all with their proper boss fight stats. Don't know if there is a reward for winning.
#38 by whitetragedy
2016-02-04 at 08:57
Thanks for the info. BTW do you stick with the 2x3 square for the rest of the game or does it go up to 3x3?
#39 by harleyquin
2016-02-04 at 09:30
2x3 party for the whole game, so slightly harder than the first game in that respect.
#40 by darkraiders
2016-02-04 at 18:49
Once you got spell that attack all enemies, 2x3 is more than enough.
#41 by whitetragedy
2016-02-05 at 01:44
Any reason to play NG+?

Anyone have 100% save data?Last modified on 2016-02-05 at 01:52
#42 by harleyquin
2016-02-05 at 02:13
If you unlocked all of the scenes in the first run, no reason for NG+ bar new units unlocked in subsequent runs.

Get the save data from Sagaoz.net.
#43 by septo2
2016-02-06 at 06:46
Eh the last boss wasn't that hard and the highest memeber in my party was Darx at lvl38. I just buffed up with gunguskar,equipped 1 magic resist item since I already had 25% from the chimera and that was it.The other equipement were all magic damage 30%-20% so that I could burst him down quickly while having a decent survival chance.But you do need a healer,it was a Chimera in my case.

Although I guess I was lucky he didn't use much striking attacks,took me 3 tries.But if I had some items that would protect me from striking dmg I'd definitely put them on.

The team was: Succubus,Triclops ,Chimera,O knight,Firiane,Darx.Magic spam ftw.Last modified on 2016-02-06 at 06:46
#44 by cena91
2016-03-05 at 23:36
Hey, is the castle upgrades level-based?? As in u have to be at a speific level to donate for the next thing available, or can u do it whenever??
#45 by harleyquin
2016-03-06 at 00:54
Castle upgrades dependent on cash in hand. You can be level 1 and get to the maximum castle upgrade level if you have the requisite funds to pay for it.
#46 by cena91
2016-03-06 at 22:01

Btw, is it just me or is there a lot of dungeons where it seems like u cant move over the entire floor? Ive been to several dungeons, for example Effervescent Sea, and i cant seem to go to upper part of the map because there is no door to get there, any suggestions??
#47 by harleyquin
2016-03-06 at 22:57
Explore, explore and explore some more.

That or the plot requires players to move to a different dungeon to do something else before going back.
#48 by cena91
2016-03-15 at 01:37
Hey, any idea how to get to Ultinia?

Ive pretty much gotten to the stairs that leads to Celestia, but I get killed if I go, and im kinda stuck figuring out where to go..
#49 by harleyquin
2016-03-15 at 02:24
Part of the journey to Ultinia's room involves a hidden door involving a puzzle. Obviously players need to have finished the part involving the cannon before they can proceed to solve the riddle.


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