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#1 by shindoable
2010-07-16 at 14:20
is the novel longer than the anime or the same length?
#2 by kardonius
2010-10-11 at 08:46
The novel is much longer I would say.
#3 by unkind
2010-10-11 at 09:01
took me something like 17 hours to finish the game
#4 by vdz
2010-10-11 at 09:12
Much longer. The anime is 12 episodes * ~20 minutes = 240 minutes = 4 hours. Even short doujin VNs such as Narcissu and True Remembrance are longer.

Of course, it depends on your reading speed. I'm a slow reader, it took me 32 hours to complete it. I think a really fast reader can complete it in as little as 14 hours. Either way, it's much longer than the anime. And better in every way.
#5 by hikigane
2010-10-11 at 15:42
An anime hardly would have a longer lenght than it's orginal content. (That being a novel, a VN or even a manga.)

So far the only anime that contained more stuff than its orginal content was Shuffle, which still was less longer than the VN.Last modified on 2010-10-11 at 15:42
#6 by adhinferno
2010-11-15 at 07:03
Of course the novel is longer and its story has more branches and various endings too.
@ ahazkun: Making anime is not easy. Naturally, it can only take 1 story. If more, the story must be cutted and combined for making it "get along well" with another stories.Last modified on 2010-11-15 at 07:06
#7 by hikigane
2010-11-15 at 15:38
#8 by adhinferno
2010-11-16 at 03:42
What is "olry" ?
#9 by hikigane
2010-11-16 at 03:46
Orly, France
Lovely city.

What i really meant. (Check definition 3)
#10 by adhinferno
2010-11-16 at 04:26
Ho-oh... Yes, it really not easy !!!!
#11 by gabezhul
2010-11-16 at 08:12
Let me see...
@Ahaz: You originally wrote O-l-r-y, but whatever. :P Oh, and thumbs up for informative trolling. :D
@adhinferno: Yeah, master of the obvious, aren't you ? :P
#12 by adhinferno
2010-11-16 at 08:32
@gabezhul: Hmm? Master of the obvious ???
I will take it as compliment.... Thanks ^_^....
#13 by hiya4321
2011-11-26 at 16:47
I can't believe they were even aloud to release the anime of this. They changed it so much that i can bearly recognise it in the first 2 episodes alone. And they completely ruined the 'horror' feel that the game held.
#14 by saberger
2011-11-26 at 16:50
there's no "horror" feel in the game......
just "lulz" and "nonsense" feel...
but addicted read anyway....
#15 by hiya4321
2011-11-26 at 18:52
how could you say that there is no horror? have you even read it?!Last modified on 2011-11-26 at 18:53
#16 by onemanarmy
2011-11-26 at 19:16
And why the hell did you rate it with 9/10?
I mean it's just lulz and nonsense.
#17 by gabezhul
2011-11-26 at 20:24
I mean, sure, right, lulz, okay, if you say so... Then I guess I was the only one who found stuff like a guy's brain scooped out with a teaspoon kind of disturbing... Yeah, right, silly me...
#18 by saberger
2011-11-26 at 20:38
@15: how could you say there is horror? Do you have cross-phobia?
@16: and why the hell that i could not rate it 9/10? did people invented any rule against "lulz, nonsense but addicted and good" read?
@17: dunno what you babbling about....
#19 by onemanarmy
2011-11-26 at 20:54
and why the hell that i could not rate it 9/10? did people invented any rule against "lulz, nonsense but addicted and good" read?
Nope but normally lulz and nonsense aren't things which leads to a high score. How can nonsense and lulz be awesome? I mean sure it's sometimes nice to read but...meh, it's your score.
#20 by hiya4321
2011-11-27 at 05:47

@18: if you don't know what 17 is talking about then it makes it seem a fair bit like you haven't read it. And i do believe there was other horror elements in the game besides the staking, one point in perticular where a mother goes crazy and eats her dead baby's corpse. I think you could safely say that is horror.Last modified on 2011-11-27 at 09:10


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