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#651 by ninius
2020-11-19 at 12:14
< report >Is this a visual novel? link

To me it seems like one but I'm asking just to be sure.
#652 by beliar
2020-11-19 at 16:33
< report >Seems to qualify as one. Not sure if I'm that bad at rhythm games, but I got stuck pretty early and couldn't pass a minigame :-(
Feel free to add it.
#653 by ryssen
2021-01-09 at 17:08
< report >I believe Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator belongs here as it has a 5 hour long uninterrupted kinetic visual novel story mode.
#654 by redvan104
2021-01-14 at 04:13
< report >ReinPhazer : probably deleted thanks to being made at the same time as a wave of meme submissions but this is fundamentally identical to several titles currently on the db; namely Mamatoto ~A Record of War~, Estolia Saga, and Heartium; i don't see any good reason why it should be rejected.
#655 by eacil
2021-01-14 at 10:25
< report >Yeah, you were a victim of the shitstorm but I didn't delete it based on nothing. I quickly checked link and after skimming through four videos, I saw no VN segments. The dev classifying it as SRPG on Freem helped me with the decision.
They were probably only gameplay sequences but then link (showcasing the first two hours) tells me it has no narration and the ratio gameplay:dialogues is way way in favor of the gameplay.

Comparing the game you want to add to existing entries is not the way to do it as it will only get those games deleted too.
Check d2#1.
#656 by swordfish96
2021-01-16 at 20:10
< report >Any thoughts on If Found...? Considered by pretty much all sources to be a VN and pretty much all narrative but the way the text is presented might be bit off.
#657 by trickzzter
2021-01-17 at 05:19
< report >JasminsSummer Project is a dupe of JasmineSummer Project
The name has been mistyped on Steam.
#658 by eacil
2021-01-17 at 06:23
< report >I read half of If Found... and I see no major problem with its inclusion. As always, the presentation rule is confusing. Shouldn't it be replaced with a simple "The story should consists of text alongside illustrations, the main known presentations being ADV and NVL." This rule is mainly here to stop text adventures from being added, right?
I guess you could say that If Found is a mix of ADV and ""NVL"" with a very unusual way of moving the story forward.
PS: I don't consider this game to be an hybrid, the eraser thingy (set it to max) being a cumbersome way of clicking to go to the next panel (i.e. instead of clicking you do "drag and drop" gestures). Even if it was, it doesn't interrupt you enough.Last modified on 2021-01-17 at 10:52
#659 by beliar
2021-01-17 at 13:42
< report >I have played until the sixth chapter of "If Found..." and I also don't have any major objections to its inclusion. Seems like an epistolary VN to me.

As always, the presentation rule is confusing.
Yes, it's a bit janky. Will probably need to tinker with it, as I have been dissatisfied with the wording for a long time.


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