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#276 by alexlung
2016-07-08 at 08:38

Yep and let me know any other sites where its shows all database of visual novels with some rpg elements / dating sims/ sims/ some gameplay

theres is none.

if i do a google search what should i search? Strategy game? that will show stuff like Red Alert, Battle of Middle Earth, Total War etc it will never show the things i want.

if i wanted the things i like i would have to type RPG Visual Novels, and guess what, first result will end with you guys, the rest doesn't include all VNs.

I mean look at Seinarukana already. on the commercial site it classified itself as a
"The sequel to the visual novel RPG, Aselia the Eternal"

what makes a visual novel anyway?

Backlog, Skip, Auto, Save, Load, option button, standard visual novel text style with boxes, CGs and character sprites and none or minimal ADV dialogue are well enough.Last modified on 2016-07-08 at 09:11
#277 by beliar
2016-07-08 at 09:13
Alexlung provides THE worst argument for what constitutes a VN I have ever heard, and I heard some bad ones.
none or minimal ADV dialogue are well enough
Yeah, it's not a VN if it contains no or minimal amount of dialogue, however you look at that.
And "Backlog, Skip, Auto, Save, Load, option button, standard visual novel text style with boxes, CGs and character sprites" are all features common to RPGs, not VNs. Basically, if we go by his description, we would have to include every JRPG ever created.
No sell.Last modified on 2016-07-08 at 09:13
#278 by alexlung
2016-07-08 at 09:22
@ beliar,

well obviously we are not talking about JRPG here. anyone smart enough can find out the difference between a visual novel and a JRPG already. What if people are looking for eroge VNs with RPG elements?

well if you think the same as gabezhul that everyone here is looking for purely 100% text based visual novel by all means delete everything that doesn't fit a VN in your or mods rules and see what happensLast modified on 2016-07-08 at 09:25
#279 by beliar
2016-07-08 at 09:27
anyone smart enough can find out the difference between a visual novel and a JRPG already
Oh, wait, you were serious? We already had The Witcher added to the DB - obviously people are not smart enough to recognise a difference between an RPG and a VN. That's why we have proper clearly expressed rules what is and isn't a visual novel.
And that's why for hybrid VNs narration and ratio of reading vs gameplay are important - that's how stupid people differentiate what can and cannot be added.
#280 by PabloC
2016-07-08 at 10:21
Yeah, it's not a VN if it contains no or minimal amount of dialogue, however you look at that.
Actually, it's not a VN even if it contains massive amounts of dialogues, because dialogues without narration are a typical element of RPGs and games in general, not of VNs.

anyone smart enough can find out the difference between a visual novel and a JRPG already
The problem is that there are plenty of not-so-smart people around. Just look at post #275 for example:
I dont get how alot of games like neptune arent part of vndb either.
See? This guy clearly isn't smart enough to differentiate between pure jRPGs like Neptunia and actual VNs. Oh, wait... XDLast modified on 2016-07-08 at 10:28
#281 by lmtuan98
2016-07-08 at 10:23
Sorites paradox
#282 by jikorde
2016-07-08 at 10:41
@276 I actually have a list of just about every game in English that contains sexual material. So there are more places then just vndb for that kind of stuff, you just have to actually look. Chances are though you aren't going to find a database that matches what you want perfectly.
#283 by rusanon
2016-07-08 at 12:25
Yeah, it's not a VN if it contains no or minimal amount of dialogue, however you look at that.
I'm sure I saw doujin VN that was all-narration with zero dialogue.
#284 by dk382
2016-07-08 at 20:05
Lots of dialogue alone doesn't make a game a VN. You're gonna need more than that to convince me on Neptunia.

While we're on this subject, anyone have any comment on this? t8011Last modified on 2016-07-08 at 20:05
#285 by derakino999
2016-07-08 at 21:31
To gahbezul who answered me:
That exactly was my point all along: That people do not come here for "pure VNs".
Me included. Heck, starting with me.
(Of course, i mean: not ALL people, but i believe that's obvious)
And what we; you and me said identifies the difference between a "game with textboxes" and a "hybrid", being the later one the only one deserving to be here.
Btw, there are no such databases for those kind of games, just like alex says.

Take for example what Beliar here says: people who add the witcher (srsly?) to here are pretty dumb. That game doesn't belong in this world. For all the reasons i explained earlier exactly AND the reasons YOU yourself explain.

The more far it strains the less VN it becomes, and The Witcher and those kinda games are pretty far, i'd agree, but gadget and queen i wouldn't be so sureLast modified on 2016-07-08 at 21:56
#286 by alexlung
2016-07-09 at 11:03
That people do not come here for "pure VNs".

+1 i am also one of those. I am sure there are plenty of other people as well.

Having both won't hurts, its not like its going to kill VNDB or anything. yes my bad for Neptunia but comeon
#287 by lmtuan98
2016-07-09 at 11:08
I also dont really care about the pure VNs thing
but this is a VN database (the name is pretty straight forward) so ... I'm not sure that is a legit argument.
#288 by alexlung
2016-07-09 at 11:45
@jikorde, what i was referring to is Visual Novel style eroge kind of games. like Kamidori / Megumi/ Venus Blood/ Bunny Black/ Haruka/ Seinarukana/ Monster Girl Quest/ Rance series/ Utawarerumono

Not JRPG Hentai games like Arms Devicer,Ariadne, Magica, Dungeon of Retina, and other games you found on Hongfire.

VNDB is the only one where you can find release dates, languages etc and more info as well as the things i want.Last modified on 2016-07-09 at 11:47
#289 by derakino999
2016-07-13 at 00:53
It wouldn't be a valid argument if the rules didn't state that hybrids are welcome here as well
#290 by sakurakoi
2016-07-16 at 16:51
So, what exactly is the difference between Custom Reido V and Custom Maid 3D 2 (not in the db so the official page here, both by KISS, that excludes the latter indeed from the db.

I can tell that the prequel certainly does not belong here because the amount of text is close to non-existent, however Custom Maid 3D 2 has so much text that it certainly belongs into the 10-30 hour category at least. For the 3 plus 2 add-on characters are at least 5000 units/textboxes each on the dialogue during the day as well as another 5000 for the VIP Events, 5000+ is voiced only during training (but the text can by the by be extracted from the script and turned into subtitles).

There may be much more text since it has been over half a year, where within the usual + Expansion has been released, with ++ being scheduled for the infamous 29th of this month.

The "problem" with that simulation game is probably the amount of releases/DLC and Expansions, for some time DLC has been released each week and now after a year it is still each 2nd week so maybe only physical releases should be counted or certain types of DLC should be summed up.

I am quite certain that Custom Maid 3D 2 would be included if its art was simply in 2D however there is a 3D Realtime tag and like other (Raising) Simulation game with Customization in the db without other gameplay that interrupts the VN mode.

Humbly I ask for opinions, reasons and a go ahead to create the page myself because it'd be really a shame to not have it in the db.
#291 by [deleted]
2016-07-16 at 17:17
The game consistently uses the novel narrative for telling its story. Examples include describing visuals, events, character actions or thoughts.
This point is ESSENTIAL - dialogues, no matter how extensive, are a characteristic of such game genres as RPGs, adventure games, dating simulations, etc., NOT of visual novels.
#292 by derakino999
2016-08-01 at 04:29
The only thing i do wish would exist is a tag for all those bunch of fan-made visual novels with crap-like art and crap-like story. Like "FanGame" or "Game not made by an official company".
Some of them are good, i know, but i wish i could remove them from my searches.
You surely know what i'm talking about but if not Cassiopeia would be an example.
Most ren'ai things, really.

Let me say it again, tho, i've liked some of them, i'm just sayin' there are a lot who get in the way of my searches sometimes. And i mean, A LOT.

>Semi off-topic
With all tools nowadays tech provides, this phenomenon is happening frequently. Music making is easier so it's quality has declined. Game making brings a bunch of rpgmaker made games which rly, i don't know if someone likes them. They're flooding endlessly. Visual novels are the same shit. I could set more examples but this is not the place nor the time for that. Now, i know that's really a subjective opinion, what i consider a good game may be a bad game for others, so maybe that's just me.
Still, while i would respect someone defending the things i'm talking about (and am even willing to let him convince me, have the right arguments), i have yet to met that someoneLast modified on 2016-08-01 at 04:40
#293 by rider
2016-09-03 at 14:19
I searched and found nothing about it so I'm sorry if this work has been brought up before but... Is Village of Nightmare eletible for being added to the DB?

It is a RPG Maker h-game, but besides map movement to find characters to talk, and a few minigames there are no RPG elements to it, or any gameplay elements for that matter. Everything is advanced through dialogues and scenes, which do have narration. Unless you're wandering the map aimlessly, the majority of the game is spent on dialogue and h-scenes.

I think it qualifies given other RPG Maker games with similar gameplay and scene ratio are here, but I figured I should ask around first before creating the page.Last modified on 2016-09-03 at 16:44
#294 by beliar
2016-09-03 at 15:33
Funny thing: I have played "Village of Nightmare" before, but I cannot remember a thing about it. Now I have re-downloaded VoN and will check it later.
#295 by barfboy
2016-09-08 at 03:04
DMM games are starting to get really visual novel-y.
#296 by beliar
2016-09-14 at 10:49
Following the train of thought that was engendered by t2108.1624 / t2108.1625, I have checked if YouTube by chance has a playthrough video of Xenoage: Knight of the Rihas. Surprise of surprises - I found one.
After skipping through the playthrough I drew a conclusion that the video conclusively shows that "Xenoage" is not a VN in any shape or form. You are wellcome to discuss this, but unless someone provides a very strong argument for keeping it, I will delete the game in 24 hours. Let the hate flow!

P.S. I totally forgot to check "Village of Nightmare" - I'll do that once I'll return from work.Last modified on 2016-09-14 at 10:49
#297 by jazz957
2016-09-14 at 16:46
Did you check for videos of Kaze to Daichi no Pageant? Just to make sure the Japanese version isn't any different in that respect.
#298 by beliar
2016-09-15 at 07:55
Interesting. I decided to check the Japanese version of Xenoage: Knight of the Rihas, and it is a remake, rather than just a port of the Korean version (seems obvious in hindsight due to the addition of the 18+ content). Sadly, I couldn't find a full playthrough. The only video I could find is a short 12 minute clip, which is not indicative of the final product and not enough to make an informed decision.
There is still no narration in the aforementioned clip (short of a NVL intro scene) and all character interactions are purely dialogue based. Story sequences appear to be the same short length as those in the Korean version, but I have no idea how the game treats H-scenes and if there is any narration there.
In other words, if anyone has any experience with the Japanese version of Xenoage: Knight of the Rihas, could you share info about the game. Right now it still doesn't appear to be a VN, short of the added character sprites (KR version only has side portraits) and choices (KR version was completely linear).Last modified on 2016-09-15 at 07:56
#299 by kilicool64
2016-09-15 at 10:14
If it's a remake of a non-VN, then at the very least, the Korean original should be removed. Just like how the original Corpse Party has neither an entry of its own, nor is it listed as a release of the same entry as the first part of its remake.
#300 by beliar
2016-09-15 at 10:22
Actually, the point I was trying to make is that I have no idea if the Japanese version is a VN or not. The only info about it I could find is a 12 minute clip on Youtube, which is not a conclusive evidence either way, though there doesn't appear to be any narration either, short of some background stuff presented in NVL. It actually doesn't appear that the script was changed in any significant way in those 12 minutes of the very beginning of the game, but I don't know how it goes later.

P.S. I have checked "Village of Nightmare" and I don't see how it could be called a visual novel. It's an adventure game with the story told through an ADV interface. There is some narration, but the ratio of story versus gameplay doesn't allow to call it a VN. No story sequence (short of the intro) lasts longer than 30 seconds, while everything else is pure gameplay.Last modified on 2016-09-15 at 17:23