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#376 by beliar
2017-06-10 at 15:32
After checking Youtube gameplay videos I have also removed Sengoku Night Blood and That's Little World. Thanks to Savage and Scorpion for bringing those to attention.

@armony: Played a bit more of that game, though not to the end, and I think it does ultimately qualify as a VN. Feel free to add it here.Last modified on 2017-06-10 at 16:00
#377 by armony
2017-06-10 at 19:03
Thanks, it's added now.
#378 by any13th
2017-06-15 at 18:37
I'd like to ask once again about this game link . I didn't get an answer before because it wasn't released yet. It could be a VN just presented uniquely, but it may be a borderline case.
#379 by palas
2017-06-15 at 18:52
Now that's a very weird title. I mean, it doesn't help that nothing seems to be in English.
#380 by harleyquin
2017-06-15 at 19:16
It's a riddle game for Chinese audiences. There is one screenshot on the store page that indicates some sort of narration, but it looks like the majority of the gameplay is on the actual wordplay riddles.
#381 by any13th
2017-06-15 at 21:15
Wow, that's quite contrary to what I thought it was, thanks for the clarification harley.
#382 by lunaterra
2017-06-17 at 23:41
I hate to be that person who keeps bringing up random Western indie games in the game inclusion thread, but thoughts about these?

Alone With You link link - reminds me a bit (structure-wise) of Read Only Memories, but with free-roaming segments instead of a command wheel. No narration, but loads of text.

You Must Be 18 or Older to Enter link - this one's just kinda weirdLast modified on 2017-06-18 at 01:26
#383 by palas
2017-06-18 at 01:12
Alone With You, I don't think it could qualify as a visual novel. The reason - but that's my reason, it's not the guidelines - is that text doesn't seem to be the main driving force of the game. A story-focused game, that's for sure, but not a visual novel imo.

YMB18OO2E, this one I think it's pretty much a visual novel, even if it's weird (and kinda boring despite the nice use of sound and quirky visuals). It's narrated, text drives the game with a story... well, yeah, pretty much a VN.
#384 by beliar
2017-06-19 at 14:08
My feelings are similar to those of Palas.
Alone with You definitely doesn't look like it could qualify as a visual novel, while we might be able to squeeze YMB18OO2E in. It sort of fits, even if the presentation is a weird one.
#385 by animedubamerica
2017-06-19 at 17:37
Sorry beliar, I shouldn't have added that trait. She just seems like a reverse trap to me, but I keep forgetting that other people don't agree. I should have learned from my lessons on how the site works, cause I don't want to tarnish it.Last modified on 2017-06-19 at 17:40
#386 by trickzzter
2017-06-20 at 10:13
What do you think about Dieselmine's "Material Girl"?
Steam version: link
Original version (NSFW): link
Looks like a combination of visual novel and RPG.Last modified on 2017-06-20 at 10:17
#387 by harleyquin
2017-06-20 at 11:34
What do you think about Dieselmine's "Material Girl"?
Steam version: link
Original version (NSFW): link
Looks like a combination of visual novel and RPG.

I've played and finished it before the Steam release was announced. It definitely doesn't qualify as a VN, most of the game is running around trying to earn cash to pay off the bills. VN-like segments arise only with regards to sex scenes.
#388 by eacil
2017-06-20 at 11:59
D-Dieselmine is in english on Steam!? I am shocked.
#389 by dk382
2017-06-20 at 16:42
Incidentally, the steam version is basically the 18+ version with all the h-scenes, just with the naughty bits whited out. Several companies have found that they can get away with this on Steam, with some even posting the uncensor patch in the reviews section as a loophole for Steam's policies. It's an... interesting approach. Expect more nukige companies to take notice of this.

Also, the English translation is barely-edited machine translation. It's extremely bad.

NSFW example: linkLast modified on 2017-06-20 at 16:43
#390 by any13th
2017-07-27 at 14:33
This looks like a nice meme and an awful game link# . Got a tag as a visual novel, and the pictures seem to prove that and the producer Bch Waves has made VN's before, each with questionable quality/ low popularity, so I can understand why it wasn't added. I don't feel like doing the page this time around though, but I'd still like to know.
#391 by dk382
2017-07-27 at 15:59
Those are plain and simple VN that company is making, yeah. Illegal scam VNs with lots of stolen assets, but still VNs that should be added.
#392 by trickzzter
2017-07-27 at 23:30
I prefer to add VNs by BCH only after the actual release.
Even though the original language of these games is clearly Russian (so you'd think that the games were released somewhere before), these novels weren't never released outside of Steam. And there is a high chance that BCH will be banned from Steam some day for stealing assets (hopefully sooner than later), and all these unreleased titles will fall into oblivion, unreleased forever.Last modified on 2017-07-27 at 23:41
#393 by 707
2017-08-02 at 09:10
Otome Yusha is this a vn?

it looks like another gbf/fgo but otome linkLast modified on 2017-08-02 at 09:11
#394 by [deleted]
2017-08-03 at 01:56
Mizuki Island
Pretty sure this isn't a VN, but can someone else confirm?
#395 by savagetiger
2017-08-03 at 04:18
@393, there's a good chance it wont be, but we have no idea how much story or narration it might have until it releases. Might as well wait, like what happened with Sengoku Night Blade.
#396 by trickzzter
2017-08-11 at 05:07
I was right that we shouldn't add BCH's VN prior to its release. "Dreaming about you" has been removed from Steam. Probably because of stolen image from anime "5 Centimeters Per Second". linkLast modified on 2017-08-11 at 05:14
#397 by shinnew
2017-08-15 at 07:15
Artificial Academy 2

Only seems to have very short dialogue sequences. I also doubt that it has been fully translated for two years but no one bothered adding it until now if it belonged here.
#398 by harleyquin
2017-08-15 at 08:44
Artificial Academy (both games) are sandbox sex simulators. Players create the class and the personalities and the game adds the rest with regards to interpersonal interactions.

Classifying it as a VN would almost certainly be inappropriate since there's no narrative nor story to tell.
#399 by sakurakoi
2017-08-15 at 09:43
Only seems to have very short dialogue sequences. I also doubt that it has been fully translated for two years but no one bothered adding it until now if it belonged here.

Well, to be precisely, AA2 has apparently 250 lines per character/personality which times the (stock) number of 25 personalities is ~6250 lines.

Source: link

(Mind you, that "lines" rather means number of separate text boxes which vary in size for each game, in context of the other random porn game at least the text stretch over several lines, of which actually only the initial day time dialogue&narration is referred to having ~5000 lines of for each of personality. Those rose from 3 to 7, not just 4 and expansions added even more and separate character&events.

On top of that is about the same number of lines consisting of dirty talk+moaning and another 5k each for Events... which also drastically increased. The current state of development, of the game and tools/scripts allowed one to separate about 32MB of pure text that one would read in usual ADV manner or just hear (1/3rd) from the file references for animations and sound those have been bound to but that's just some trivia and it''s just lines titled [HF] and [SF], namely what the master and custom maid says, narrations, thoughts and other characters are not included)

In any event, it has been discussed before, kinda, a tiny bit (more than that other random porn game at least), not quite sure if it has been added before but I bet it will be removed soon since it is very far from the usually accepted hybrids, otherwise, welp...~

by the by, just on a little funny side note: Them weasely words~
would almost certainly be
#400 by harleyquin
2017-08-15 at 10:41
Not a post goes by without Sakurakoi trolling others for their perceived inadequacies in the English language.

Trolling aside, more ammunition to remove artificial academy from the database. I won't second guess the stance of the administrators nor will I argue wholeheartedly for the removal since I am unsure if the games qualify under the database list of exceptions.


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