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#426 by rusanon
2017-11-21 at 05:46
I've played VH, its usual H-RPG, nothing to do with VNs at all.

involve dialogue cutscenes like a visual novel
"Dialogue cutscenes" are feature of classic RPGs, its not VN trait.
#427 by leery
2017-12-29 at 11:12
Dragon Half (PC-98/FM Towns) is a totally fun game, but I don't think it is a visual novel. Just a plain RPG. This video link is not half bad for showcasing the game I guess.

But then again, I see Dragon Knight III (Knights of Xentar) listed, which is about as much a visual novel as Dragon Half is...Last modified on 2017-12-29 at 11:13
#428 by armony
2018-01-13 at 18:03
I don't think Horobi no Yurikago should be here, it's a dialogue heavy RPG Maker game. It has some narration, especially in the true route, but IMO it's not enough to call it a visual novel.
#429 by any13th
2018-02-04 at 22:43
Could Exit/Corners be added?
From what little I know it's an OEVLN accessed online based on Zero Escape, but I'd just like to confirm to be sure.
Exit/Corners Website
30 episodes does sound like a pain though...(Assuming they're added in one by one)
#430 by lunaterra
2018-02-05 at 01:33
Choices That Matter - text based game is pure IF, not a VN. link

The Red Strings Club is a point-and-click adventure, not a VN. link
#431 by beliar
2018-02-05 at 20:15
@429: Yes, Exit/Corners is clearly a VN. There is no need to add 30 chapters to the releases. Rather we shall treat it like any other VN in progress and update the same release entry. After all, those chapters are not separate, but added to the same build.

@430: Frankly, I'm rather stumped by these games. TRSC is a really chatty adventure game, and, while it obviously focuses on plot, rather than adventure elements, i'm not sure it belongs here.

"Choices that matter" does not appear to have enough graphical elements to be called a VN, but neither of the two games is a cut and dry case. I would love to have some additional input regarding those two games.

@427: Yeah, after watching a bit of that video, I'm convinced that Dragon Half is not a VN and I also agree that Dragon Knight series are not visual novels. Something needs to be done about that...
#432 by savagetiger
2018-02-06 at 02:55
The Red Strings Club is definitely a point and click, it has a lot of text, but none of it is in vn style with portraits and you advance the plot solely by gameplay choices not dialog choices.
Choices That Matter - text based game is a digital choose your own adventure book. There isn't even any backgrounds.
These really aren't borderline cases, so if you allow them you'd have to allow many other games that aren't really vn's.
#433 by beliar
2018-02-06 at 16:51
The Red Strings Club, Choices That Matter - text based game and Horobi no Yurikago have been removed.
You were right, Armony. After watching link, it's quite obvious that Horobi no Yurikago does not belong here. It's a story-focused adventure game and not a visual novel.
#434 by [deleted]
2018-02-15 at 20:08
I would recommend delisting Koikatsu! until it’s released; we know nearly nothing about the game, and most of Illusion’s past projects have been pure H-games (non-hybrids). We can discuss whether or not the game should be included after it’s released.
#435 by [deleted]
2018-02-15 at 20:09
L.Last modified on 2018-02-15 at 20:12
#436 by [deleted]
2018-02-15 at 20:11
.Last modified on 2018-02-15 at 20:12
#437 by leery
2018-02-25 at 21:59
I don't think NOëL NOT DiGITAL is a visual novel. I'd at least expect it to have some text to qualify as one.


On my current understanding, it's some sort of operating system simulation where you call girls on video phones. You don't actually interact with them then (their call is a monologue), but there are some sort of balls that come along and if the ball matches the call's content, you are supposed to click on it...

I don't know if there are any other segments. The game looks seriously confusing...

It's a novel idea at least. And the game is visual. So is it a visual novel?Last modified on 2018-02-25 at 22:01
#438 by leery
2018-03-23 at 18:14
How much of VN content do you need to have a game here?

I stumbled upon the 美少女恋愛麻雀シリーズ 華蘭虎龍学園 (bishoujo mahjong renai series) which is a series of five mahjong games for the PlayStation.

The first one, at least, has a story mode. I counted about 45 lines of dialogue, something about how the senpai put you to stay late at school to do paperwork, and then got greeted by a sudden mahjong match with the girl who had come to help you.

After a few drawn rounds, I got a chiitoitsu dora dora riichi tsumo -> haneman (12k points).

Then got more dialogue of similar volume, and then again unannounced mahjong...

Not terribly thrilled about this game. I've come to hate two-player mahjong games. Way too many draws.

So, is 45 lines times x (where x is still unknown but I'd assume at least 10) enough?Last modified on 2018-03-23 at 18:14
#439 by kiru
2018-03-23 at 19:21
The question is: Is it a visual novel? In other words: Do you play it to read a story?

From the sounds of it, it couldn't be further away from a VN. It's a Mahjong game with a little text, not a VN with a little Mahjong. There's technically also the "no narration = no go" rule for anything with more than a real minor amount of gameplay.
#440 by leery
2018-03-24 at 12:26
Well, here is a quick playthrough of one of the three routes for someone to evaluate. Unfortunately I could not get sound capture to work.

link and link

The protagonist's thoughts are narrated (in cyan text) so I would think that qualifies? Only a single line on this route though.

The free-to-play mode is locked until you finish at least one route.

FWIW, I think the game qualifies...
#441 by [deleted]
2018-04-11 at 22:52
Mirror isn't a visual novel - it's a HuniePop style Match-3 game.

#442 by leery
2018-05-18 at 15:36
I'm not so sure about Tanjou ~Debut~ which is a raising sim and Hatsukoi Monogatari which is a dating sim.

Maybe someone with more patience can play them further than I did. I did not really find much text in them.

(Or maybe the non-PC98 versions are different.)
#443 by beliar
2018-06-10 at 12:34
Deleted Escalation Extension, NOëL NOT DiGITAL and Mirror.

Now Tanjou ~Debut~ is almost definitely not a VN. link has a complete playthrough of the Saturn version and I don't see anything that would qualify the game to be in the DB. Unless someone provides compelling argument why it should be here, I will delete it eventually. Which is a shame, as the game's page is very extensive with lots of work having gone into it.

I seem unable to find any videos of Hatsukoi Monogatari. Anyone played it and can share their opinion?
#444 by leery
2018-06-15 at 07:57
@beliar, these videos look kind of promising? link

Niconico doesn't for some reason work for me though, so it's only a stab in the dark.

EDIT: I got it somewhat working; It looks to me that the videos by けんいち are cut so as to only show the events, not the simulation part.
(Actually, I think they try to show every possible event (and variations); as a result, the video doesn't make much sense.)Last modified on 2018-06-18 at 09:46
#445 by eiesoldar
2018-06-20 at 15:42
What should we do with so called "hint disks" for Rance 2, 3? link link I'm asking because there is at least one bonus VN on Rance 3 Hint Disk - link (I got it on separate floppy though)

There is link as well - some kind of parody of original game.
#446 by armony
2018-07-21 at 22:01
PRICE is a point and click game.
#447 by fabsu93
2018-07-26 at 09:10
I was wondering should be Nitroplus Blasterz be added here? It is a fighting game that have "Another story mode" which is told in adv format and all the fights can be skipped. I just don't remember if it had enough narration to qualify as a visual novel. Opinions?Last modified on 2018-07-26 at 09:10
#448 by [deleted]
2018-07-26 at 10:20
#447 We’ve had the discussion before and we decided not to.
#449 by fabsu93
2018-07-26 at 13:48
^ ok
Before I asked, I did tried to find if there were a discussion thread about that game but I didn't found any so I assumed there weren't any discussion about it. I guess I just didn't looked hard enough.
#450 by [deleted]
2018-07-26 at 14:14
There's some justification for it here: Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

If you want to argue for its inclusion due to Another Story (fair enough, considering Ar Tonelico was also let in on fairly short VN segments,) you can take it up with the moderator that removed it, especially since I'm not sure if he actually played it. Otherwise, it's probably a bad idea to add it again.


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