Rance 02改

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#1 by vario
2016-02-11 at 20:57
What do you think about creating a different page for this release?

It's a completely rewritten script for Rance 2 that included with the Alice 2010 remake of the game (you can read more about it here: t2745).

I think that 02改 deserves a new entry alongside 01 and 03 since only a few people actually know about it. There are new art, rewritten scenario and minor improvements over the game balance. This should be enough.
#2 by abyssaleros
2016-02-11 at 21:01
I thought that was already the case...
#3 by eacil
2016-02-11 at 21:23
When I asked for that, dk382 answered me:
The thing about 02 is that it is purely a graphical upgrade, I don't believe the gameplay or script has changed at all. That's why it was never made into a new VN entry.
If you are right about the rewritten script then it must have its own page.
#4 by abyssaleros
2016-02-11 at 21:34
Can't say much as I do not remember well, but as far as I could bring up my mind, at least the buttons for 'The Surrondings search", "Finding Monster" and "Camping" were absent in the original.
And it is indeed a completely rewritten script gameplay-wise, so maybe it deserves its own entry.Last modified on 2016-02-11 at 21:34
#5 by vario
2016-02-11 at 23:22
Well, I added the game. Feel free to edit.
#6 by eacil
2016-02-11 at 23:27
Loul, one minute later and I would have put mine...
All that time finding a decent cover of Rance 02, not the one of the compilation.

#7 by alexlung
2016-09-18 at 20:33
they are almost entirely different game. yes the graphics is a massive turnover but they added new features on the new version as well since it is more of a remake. similar to how they did R1 and R3.
#8 by surferdude
2017-02-21 at 23:11
By the way, the latest version of Rance 02改 is 1.20, also known as Rance 02改改 (Kaikai). It can be downloaded from link (requires proxy)
And just like the script for Kai is considerably bigger than the original one, the script for Kaikai is bigger than the one for Kai.
Just a heads up for hardcore Rance fans, or in case someone decides to translate this someday.


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