100% Game Save

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#1 by soulgundam
2016-02-15 at 07:10
Hi everyone...

A long long time ago I've completed this game on my old PC...

Now I feel like wanting to replay the game once more for feels...

But there is one problem... My old HDD died... So technically I have to replay the whole damn thing...

Could someone pass me a 100% game file so I can replay the game without having to totally replay it? At the very least I have access to the side characters.

I know Yandere used to upload the 100% save, but they're gone now. And as far as I've searched, the net has not been kind to me.

Plz and thank you..
#2 by mashibana
2016-02-15 at 09:16
Try this (taken from here)Last modified on 2016-02-15 at 09:16


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