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#1 by vnerogereview
2016-02-29 at 00:49
< report >My preview for this game

Though to be fair, Lump of Sugar has been really fucking up their games including Kodomo no Asobi, which a lot of people liked but was still a failure in my eyes.
#2 by shiki7th
2016-02-29 at 01:13
< report >its hard to hope for LoS this day, can only pray its not a disaster
#3 by kidbuu25
2016-06-04 at 13:19
< report >How come Mashiro appears as heroine? Is there should be a NTR tag?
#4 by vnerogereview
2016-07-14 at 00:03
< report >@kidbuu25

I'll be perfectly honest with you, I'm not sure what LoS planned with this. I originally thought that they displayed Mashiro to "lure in" the people who are well aware of her character and to bring back Tayutama 1 players, but now that she's listed as a "heroine", I'm not sure if this is just a troll or just an effort to display her more. I want to think that Mashiro herself isn't really a heroine. If she has a route of her own, I would probably think it's more related to "teaching" Sora about the past or previous "conflicts" that we've seen in Tayutama 1... and that's just my wild guess.

We'll see what happens in September
#5 by kidbuu25
2016-09-02 at 15:13
< report >@vnerogereview

Thank for you comment. Tbh I will drop this VN if Mashiro has a route in this game with new MC. My heart won't be able to take that.
#6 by thewayfarer
2016-09-03 at 23:26
< report >I'm not sure if NTR has anything to do in Mashiro's route in this game. Seeing how LoS's games are always light and charming eroge, there's probably not anything harsh at all. If there is any "drama" in this game, then there could be a "relationship problem drama" for Mashiro and Yuuri or something.

It's just my guess here. Never played the first game because I don't know where to buy and download that game so I pretty much don't know all about Mashrio's character.

After all, I am *really* interested in LoS's works. Their art style is beautifully drawn and best of all, they're all light eroge. I've nearly put all their products on high priority.Last modified on 2016-09-03 at 23:30
#7 by kuromath
2016-09-07 at 16:46
< report >It just means Yuuri is a protagonist too.
#8 by thewayfarer
2016-09-08 at 14:49
< report >But what about Sora then? Isn't he supposed to be the protagonist in this game?

I guess, he might probably play the role as a 'meditator' in the "Mashiro+Yuuri" route then?Last modified on 2016-09-08 at 16:16
#9 by kidbuu25
2016-09-16 at 03:01
< report >Maybe they decided to do double protagonists like 3rdEye games lol.
#10 by clephas
2016-10-02 at 11:54
< report >Thoughts after having finished the game: It's fine as a treat for people who loved the original. However, character development for Sora is weak (despite a really good personality setup), and the heroine paths feel rushed. The main reason for the latter downside seems to be the excessive focus on the 'serious' Yuuri/Mashiro path, which has a ridiculous level of 'serious story' in comparison to the heroine paths. Sadly, this basically showed off how far LoS has fallen since the original, while providing just enough of a treat that I couldn't bring myself to feel my time was wasted outright.
#11 by magictofu
2016-12-25 at 19:12
< report >Finished the Novel. It is entertaining. I just feel a lot of things is done at an accelerated pace. The Side Another parts is literally extension of the original story with Mashiro as the protagonist.


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