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#1 by whitetragedy
2016-03-19 at 03:16
Anyone know how the anime compares to the game?
#2 by asaki
2016-03-19 at 03:32
I'm watches those 3 episode, and let's just said I'll nitpick the anime right now.

To be exact, the anime was wrong on many detail. The most ridiculuous one to me would be when they cure brainwashed Subaru by having our MC havingg sex with Haruka. Okay, I'd knew that the anime want to make MC here more useful compared to the game, but remember in game Subaru was cured by cutting her regrown right hand, which revealed that it was Kikyou-dayou. Then again, the anime was only 3 episodes so guess the story was rushed. It only cover the story up to freeing Subaru, and even then they adapt it quite wrong.

For me, the conclusion was it's usual anime adaptation weakness. If someone didn't play the game, it was fine H-OVA. But if someone play the game and watch the OVA, it was miss on many point, and the gamer surely will know which point that the anime adapt wrong.


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