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no first choice?

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#1 by heaventim
2016-04-12 at 21:56
< report >i played through a little bit of the game once to get to nao's route, but decided it wasn't really my cup of tea then decided i'd try to enter sora's route instead on another file. problem is, the first choice where you according to the walkthrough are supposed to "knock on the door" isn't there. i'm pretty sure it was there during my first playthrough. I watched a playthrough and what it says instead of giving me the choice to knock or not is "The hand I had reached out to knock on the door... just stopped in midair."Last modified on 2016-04-12 at 22:07
#2 by loli
2016-04-13 at 07:47
< report >To access Sora's route, you need to have cleared at least one other route. I recommend downloading a save online if you want to skip to her route.
#3 by heaventim
2016-05-03 at 14:01
< report >thanks.


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