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#1 by kiru
2016-04-14 at 14:28
This got licensed a while ago and I just finished this, so might as well start this GD and share some thoughts of this "upcoming" VN. I won't spoil, don't worry.

Story: There doesn't seem to be a clear structure. It somewhat progresses and while it's quite alright for the first few chapters, it falls apart a bit. The wrap-up is also hella strange and let's not talk about the final segment that you can get (aka what's considered the "true ending"). I can't really say more without spoiling, but this story is technically speaking not very well told.
Still, while the story has a plethora of technical issues, it manages to be enjoyable for the most part thanks to an interesting setting and a good amount of great imagination of the author. (i.e. the feeling you get when you read something like "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland") Not for everyone, but I got hooked pretty fast by this VN. The world and setting this VN crafts feels genuinely interesting. Certain parts are definitely boring and drag as you get further into it, but at its best, you'll probably have a lot of fun. The comedy can also be rather nice and is an integral part to the whole thing. Not necessarily in the "let's crack jokes" way, but rather how absurd some scenes simply are. In a good way.

Mystery: There's a bit of mystery in this, but I don't think it's THAT important for the enjoyment. It's also not done too well, unfortunately. The "questions" you gotta "answer" are usually relatively easy, but some of the main-mystery feels like it's kinda pulled straight out of the anus. Luckily it doesn't kill too much. Just one particular thing that gets revealed really late is in my opinion a HUGE gaping plot-hole that makes no sense whatsoever... the other stuff feels at worst just random. Well, it's just the first VN in a trilogy though, so I can't say too much here anyway.

Characters: Most are pretty nice. Only exception are probably the four random classmate friends, but they aren't important anyway. One heroine got a bit shafted in comparison, but I didn't think it was too bad... she's not my favorite girl though, so your mileage may vary. Character routes aren't very good though, in my opinion.

Art+Sound: Art's great, including chibi style artworks. Not so great in ero-cg, but you won't get those on Steam anyway. There's a good amount of cg, although a decent amount is used for hcg (about 1/3 of non chibi cg).
Music is there and voice acting isn't particularly outstanding nor bad either. Though there's one thing I really would've liked to have in this: A voiced MC. He's got a face already, and very much a personality.

ero: Eh. I feel like the ero hurt this VN more than anything else. The "true route" chapter or whatever you wanna call it is the biggest offender here. I'm almost sure the ero-scene there will be ignored in the sequel.. which is just bad.

What will be censored/removed: Now while the ero wasn't exactly something good in this VN, you also can't just remove it without any problem. For one thing, the character routes end with them. Removing them would be.. pretty bad, as you'd literally remove the ending. The final CG is not 18+, but it's a very definite "after-sex" nsfw CG. So even jumping to that would feel awkward at best. The true route is an exception to this, but...
Aside of that there are 3 bonus unlocks which are essentially h-scenes. The last one has the most amount of "normal" stuff before and after it, but that heavily references the "story" h-scene with the character in question, meaning all these 3 extra scenes will probably be missing.
As such at least 16/59 unique main CG will be missing. This does not include the aforementioned "final cgs", which may also end up being cut or altered. Also 2 out of 23 unique chibi-cg will be most likely missing as they'll probably, as mentioned, cut the extra stories.
That said, it could be worse. Still the biggest challenge will be making the final parts of the routes work. Also it's a bit sad about the final bonus scene. In short, this is unfortunately not one of those VNs where you can just remove the h without losing anything.

It's certainly not a bad VN, as long as you don't hype yourself up too much. You also don't really have to worry about it ending on a super huge cliffhanger. It doesn't. At all. For all the wrong reasons, but whatsoever. It mostly feels like a collection of loosely connected short-stories, so yeah. (keyword: lack of structure in the story) At its best, this VN is pretty damn good though, if you ask me. And I hope that the "technical issues" of the storytelling are sorted out in the later entries of this trilogy. A bit less convenience and more structure would help tremendously already.Last modified on 2016-04-14 at 14:29
#2 by bunny1ov3r
2017-05-02 at 15:49
Agree with most of the points made by OP. This title on its own is certainly only so-so, but it is probably only an introduction to subsequent titles.

The lack of structure, as OP said, is certainly one interpretation of why this work is not so strong. I would pinpoint the major problem as "using a comedic approach to narrate a mystery story that is supposed to be more serious". Though, as an introduction to part 2 and 3, I just have to wait and see.

Best girl so far: RitoLast modified on 2017-05-02 at 15:51
#3 by yutaro
2017-12-18 at 05:26
This is one of the few VN's that I actually finished in less than 3 days (the whole trilogy).. The first part is indeed weak as it is clearly just an introduction.. IIRC there was not even a clue of what the "night world" is on part 1.. as for the comedic part, well it gets more serious on parts 2 and 3..
#4 by darkraiders
2017-12-23 at 15:12
Really loved this VN except the ending...
I know there's sequel, but that's not a reason to make such an open ending. Would have gave this VN 9/10 if the ending would have been better, but because of the ending it dropped to 6/10.
#5 by harag
2017-12-23 at 22:14
I have to say I really liked this.

I'm not the type to write a wall of text so just my short opinion about it:

Skip the side-routes if you can. Please mind that it's surprisingly easy to accidentally trigger the Tsubaki route just by virtue of being a decent human being.

The main route is really good except for the ending where they just had to shoehorn in a h-scene just in case this first game flops. Get that all-ages version if you can.(In my opinion)

That said I'm really looking forward to the next to games. It has been a while where I just couldn't stop reading a VN until I finished it.
#6 by whitetragedy
2017-12-25 at 05:39
I just wish they made everything into a 50 hour + game instead of breaking into 3 separate parts.
#7 by oooossonito
2017-12-26 at 04:49
I have to agree with some of "mystery" and plot devices felt rather contrived. Of course, in a setting with magic, I guess all one can really do is shrug it off.

That being said though, this was VERY enjoyable - to the point that I'm feeling a bit of post-read depression. Although the story arcs were disjointed (by virtue of this genre or by the fact this is merely an introduction to the series), the writing (translation?!?) and characters made each episode a very nice read on its own.

I can't blame some people for not liking the "ending", although I would argue that it didn't really end anything yet. On the other hand, I too am rather frustrated that there is not more to read at the moment.

Overall, I would recommend others to just read each episode on its own, savoring the development (introduction?) of the characters, and enjoy the little setting/world-building. Too often do series in fantasy/magical settings go too much into detail, but I felt that this was a perfect amount and executed just right.

In any case, really looking forward to the next two and I have no idea what I'm going to do but have my thoughts filled with this one.
#8 by bestkatalyn
2018-01-02 at 20:29
One of the few novels where I really liked a side heroine (Tsubaki) instead of the main heroine. It's such a shame that in the next 2 parts it seems she won't have a major role at all...
#9 by alexlung
2018-04-19 at 14:48
Personally i hated the game, the story gets boring real fast. idk, i heard its amazing in sequel and whatnot so will probably give it a try again. only finished tsubaki's route

some of the scenes has too much talking in my opinion which ruined it, and so much loli on p 1, which is different on p 2 / 3Last modified on 2018-04-19 at 14:48
#10 by kiru
2018-04-19 at 15:43
^If you don't like the first one, don't bother with the second one. It's not getting less loli or drastically different. The chapters are individually a little better, but the final part is worse in the second game. Though perhaps if you really don't like the way this game is, then maybe you'd like that. Not worth it though, if you ask me. Why read something you don't enjoy for the most part?

.. that said. How the heck did you "only finish tsubaki's route"? This is a linear game with some optional side-routes. It's not some "choose your route" kinda thing. Even more of a reason to not touch the second game. You haven't even finished the first one.
#11 by alexlung
2018-04-19 at 15:49
well i read VNs and play game pretty much every single day so i have plenty of time, im also interested in the new heroine in 2nd/3rd which 1st lacked. so i guess its worth it since you recommend it so well and your review

oh and damn i didnt even know that, i thought that was one of the main routes. oh well time to play 1 again ;(

will see how it goes
#12 by [deleted]
2018-04-20 at 01:55
if you have time then you should finish this in only a few sittings since it's so damn short. Actually the whole trilogy is short, it could have been one full VN and it would be better.
#13 by alexlung
2018-04-20 at 08:51
ye im doing that right now its better. last time i played was few years ago so experience could vary since im 23 now

i can't believe choices pops up pre common that can decides which route you'll end up with

no wonder i got trapped in Tsubaki route earlier

edit: kinda sad steam doesnt have 18+ patch yet, but i still have the CH version so its all good. the game is definitely better on Ushio route, took me 15 hours to finish the whole thing but its worth it

sometimes u get that feeling or you end up dropping something like an anime, but reading the reviews and rating you got to think that has to be good right? so the choice of picking it up again was right thanks guysLast modified on 2018-04-21 at 12:15
#14 by pstevo123
2019-07-15 at 14:37
I finaly got around to playing this and while I enjoyed it (Currently on final route) My only issue is Kotaro I have no issues with him in general but he is always there. Every scene MC will be like "I will go and find out" then Kotaro be like I am coming too. He gets in the way of story progress between the two members and it starts to get annoying after a while.


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