How much sexual content is there?

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#1 by zerolancer
2016-04-19 at 17:42
Is it your standard 1-2 h-scenes per heroine or is there h-scenes left and right like in some other visual novels? I haven't played it yet but I don't like VN's that are over-saturated.
#2 by katzy07
2016-04-19 at 17:48
I only finished one route, but it was more or less as you said 1-2 scenes. Might have actually been 3 for the route I was on (it's been a while since I played), but they spaced them out enough that it didn't get old.

It's not a Nukige if that's what you're worried about.
#3 by cfreak
2016-04-19 at 20:35
The main heroines have 3 H-scenes each, while the sub-heroines have 1. There's also a 3P H-scene with 2 of the main heroines in the unlockable route.Last modified on 2016-04-19 at 20:35


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