Tomohiko veracity

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#1 by haddock
2016-04-21 at 09:16
< report >Added that in good faith as cousin name but beginning to doubt.

Whatever the kanji the hiragana for that would be ともひこ and that is absent for link in the hiragana for first or last. She looks like a researcher and is girl on cover...

Name is more like Yuko which I guess could be the infertile wife but that would mean Tomohiko has no profile or speaking role? Why would wife look like scientist if it is the cousin who is?
#2 by PabloC
2016-04-21 at 10:22
< report >That DLsite English description totally made my day. XD

According to the JP DLsite (link), Nanasawa Tomohiko (七沢智彦) seems to be the protagonist (doctor/researcher), and I'm pretty sure he is >male<. Nanasawa Nao is described as 兄嫁 - older brother's wife (she certainly isn't a "male cousin"), while Nanasawa Yuuko is 弟嫁 - younger brother's wife (apparently, she's also a doctor/researcher). DLsite English translations at their best. :PLast modified on 2016-04-21 at 10:42
#3 by haddock
2016-04-22 at 02:55
< report >Damn... Beginning to wonder if we should even use those descriptions if stuff like this slips through. Two gender swaps and incest instead of in laws...


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