missing voices?

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#1 by alexlung
2016-04-24 at 21:05
< report >anyone know if its normal to have partial voices. like some dialogues were missing. never had such issue in the prequel
#2 by sanahtlig
2016-04-24 at 21:48
< report >Both VNDB and Getchu say the game is fully voiced (except for Nozomu), and I myself don't remember any segments that weren't voiced in the JP version (granted, I played the game 7 years ago).Last modified on 2016-04-24 at 21:51
#3 by alexlung
2016-04-24 at 22:00
< report >thanks for the answer. ill take a look into whats wrong sanahtlig

edit. i fixed it in settings. thanks for the help ur rightLast modified on 2016-04-24 at 22:16


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