Is it necesery to start with aselia ?

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#1 by mistrus
2016-04-26 at 10:53
< report >First time going into the series and was wondering if it's necesery to start with eien first , since it seems like this is a different story not a continuation.Last modified on 2016-04-26 at 10:55
#2 by matty123
2016-04-26 at 12:14
< report >I'm still only at the start of Seinarukana and while as I understand it it's not a direct continuation characters from the first game do appear {or so I hear}. Also I would assume the second game will assume the player understands some of what is happening in the stories universe like stuff about Eternals. Through as I said i'm still at the start so can't confirm that this doesn't link back to Eien no Aselia in a more direct way. Through they were saying in the GD thread that Eien no Aselia has the better story and Seinarukana the better battle system so probably better to start with Eien no Aselia anyway {and cheaper}
#3 by sanahtlig
2016-04-26 at 19:33
< report >You can jump right into Seinarukana as there's only a loose connection to Aselia the Eternal. One of the characters that joins later on will be familiar if you cleared Aselia's route. The settings between the two games are only loosely connected.

You should play Aselia the Eternal not because of its connection to Seinarukana, but because it's as good as or better than Seinarukana. And if you're going to play Aselia the Eternal, you might as well play it first.

Then again, an adult version of Aselia might "appear" one day, so maybe there's a reason to hold off...Last modified on 2016-04-26 at 19:36
#4 by toranth
2016-04-27 at 22:49
< report >It is a direct sequel to Aselia, but follows a different cast.
Two characters from Aselia appear in Seinarukana as major characters plus a few cameos, and there is a significant amount of background information about the Eternal Swords, Mana, the Law/Chaos factions, and other world-building stuff that you'll miss if you haven't played Aselia.

However, none of that is important to the direct plot of Seinarukana - You'll have a BETTER experience if you've played at least the Aselia route of Eien no Aselia before Seinarukana, but it is in no way required.
#5 by liquidacid
2016-04-28 at 06:00
< report >I don't think I could actually call this a "direct" sequel since it doesn't just continue the same story or follow the same cast and really doesn't require you having experienced anything or any knowledge from the first VN. More of a stand-alone sequel since it is set in the same world and does have references and some cameos. Kind of like Utawarerumono and it's sequel. The better experience is obviously to play both but it's in no way needed to understand or enjoy them.
#6 by mistrus
2016-04-29 at 07:05
< report >I decided to play to first rather than regret it later but damn... the rpg part of the game it's so annoying and hard ... Wish it was somewhat similar to bunny black but ohh well .Last modified on 2016-04-29 at 07:05
#7 by liquidacid
2016-04-29 at 08:06
< report >If you want there are trainers for the first game that freeze character HP and such which make the RPG part basically story mode
#8 by mistrus
2016-04-29 at 09:48
< report >But games like this when you beat them there's a kinda pride to it like "fck that sht was hard but finally beat it " plus i can pretty much predict the story so...

Watching hundreds of anime and playing dozen of eroge predicting what's next gets annoyingly precise...
#9 by gabezhul
2016-04-29 at 10:00
< report >^ How can you predict the story if you haven't actually read it yet? Seriously, Aselia is one of the more realistic and refreshing takes on the "boy falls into magical world and is forced to fight" trope; if anything it's biggest problem is that the final stretch of the game subverts so much it kind of disconnects from the rest of the story.

You are pretty much just gimping your own enjoyment of it if you go into it with a deconstructive mindset.
#10 by sanahtlig
2016-04-29 at 12:00
< report >I'm always puzzled when people say Aselia and Seinarukana are hard. It's very simple strategy gameplay with basically no RNG at all. I got SS on most missions without consulting a guide (except for the target time to beat so I know how much time I have to level units and such). And I was playing with machine translation back then too. The games must be a complete cakewalk if you mass your forces and don't go for fast clears. Do note however that you'll be missing out on mana / skills if you don't kill every enemy and capture every town (especially the latter).Last modified on 2016-04-29 at 12:06


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