Does Falsita love Chris?

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Does she love Chris?

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#1 by emir7
2016-04-27 at 19:07
Just to be clear, she has to love him, not the talent he has.
Lots of spoilers ahead...

If we look at the end of her route, she clearly tells him she loves him and I guess it should be so since she is supposed to speak the truth to him ever since she revealed her true self.
However, in the bad ending (the one where he fails to make a good performance) she discards him since he is of no use to her anymore (and they never met again... says the visual novel).

Also, the fact that she gave him the feather doesn't mean much if we take a look at the side stories Symphonic rain has (outside of this game).
One of them focuses on Lise's bad end: Basically, Lise is plan B for Fal (in case she doesn't get Chris). She partners with Lise and gives her a feather as well (It's actually very funny since the side story tells us she's thinking something like this: I wanted to strangle her, but I suppressed my emotions and gave her the feather. Her father would also be of use to me.)
So cute, isn't she? XD

So, what do you think guys?
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#2 by emir7
2016-04-27 at 20:06
Someone voted but didn't say why. Please, if you can, state your reasons =PLast modified on 2016-04-27 at 22:24
#3 by loctar87
2016-04-28 at 06:30
Just my opinion, but I'd say that she loves him because he's talented. That's a subtle difference from saying she loves his talent, but a real one. She's emotionally invested in Chris, even if the source of that emotion is an attraction to his talent.

The proof that she's fond of him personally isn't the feather, it's that she revealed her real self to him. She wanted him to accept her for who she really was, and she was willing to destroy one of her social contacts for that purpose. It's all very unlike her, and an unnecessary gamble if all she wanted was a fortell partner. She wants a true bond with Chris.

So, yeah, if Chris suddenly stopped being able to play music, she'd ditch him. But that's because her feelings for him would dry up, and are less important to her than her ambition, not because the feelings weren't real.
#4 by pendelhaven
2016-04-28 at 06:30
No I don't believe so.

If, just say if, Chris for some reason became disabled because the tendons in his hand broke, she'd leave him right that second and file for a divorce + rape + alimoney. Women are always like that.

Remember the marriage oath: to love and to hold. for richer or poorer. in sickness and in health. only death will do them part. Fal's "love" is only in the infatuation level, nothing more.
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#5 by emir7
2016-04-28 at 08:31

" That's a horrible way to say it" : Her words in the bad end where she ditches him for the exact same reason you just mentioned XD

My thoughts: I guess she loves him (everybody loves someone at some point and there are so many hints that point out she likes him), she's just not willing to invest a cent in love no matter who she loves (Actually if we look at what she's done she did invest a lot of time/resources, it's just she has to gain something meaningful in return). The person she loves and wants to spend her life with can't be a burden to her goals (There are actually MANY people in real life that think likewise. The "I'll die for you if necessary" philosophy almost every visual novel has is actually quite uncommon if you think about it just a little bit.
After reading the visual novel everybody knows Chris is a dreamless guy and to top it off, he doesn't stay loyal to the one he knows is his true love(he just goes with the flow with every girl he crosses paths with, betraying her previous love in the process. Do you really think he's that much better?)

Anyone has a different opinion/ wants to add something up?
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#6 by pendelhaven
2016-04-28 at 14:36
^ well...

my parents are sleeping in a separate room. you know shit doesn't last when this thing happens. I would bet that it won't take 10 years before Fal/Chris does the same.
#7 by emir7
2016-04-28 at 19:30
I don't think you need to use a spoiler tag for that XD

On another note, I've read several forums about Fal and there is a VERY BIG MISCONCEPTION about her:
Spoilers ahead

People often say she is the only character in symphonic rain that doesn't suffer/ undergo any hardships in any of the routes (Comments like everybody gets fucked up except for that manipulative bitch...)

Well, in my opinion that isn't the case. As I said before, in one of her route's bad endings she discards Chris at the end because of his poor performance.
If you have read her route you'll understand that final performance was her biggest goal for the forseeable future, one that would mark her future.
Bluntly put, not only does she lose the jewel she believed Chris to be, but also the chance of a very good start in her musical career and most important of all (in my opinion) her plan B.
Lise and her father were always her backup in case things don't work well with Chris. As it is shown in the side stories this novel has if she doesn't get Chris she will partner with Lise (Lise's father makes sure to give them good places where they can perform together and get famous).
Do you remember what she said to Chris when she towels his head? : "What Will I do if you get a cold now?"
And also when they slept together: "Everybody uses others. The person that allowed me to study here (Lise's father) will improve his reputation if I perform well in the final exam". Lise's father spent a lot of money during those 3 years so that she could make a marvelous performance and therefore improve his reputation (as a teacher of the academy).

Well, taking into account that lise's father is evil, I very much doubt he will prepare any concert for Fal after that horrible performance (I don't remember his exact words, but he pretty much says that before she performs during the final exam). Something like: "I hope you meet my expectations" and "Do not disappoint me".

So, to sum it up: good bye Chris; good bye 3 years of super hard work at this academy; good bye Lise and the guy that has been giving her the money to allow her to study and get famous (cause saying she's broke is an understatement).
Her words to Chris afterwards are actually very sweet ("I think it might actually be better for you). I'm pretty sure if it had been Lise she would have strangled her, since now she has to start from scratch (literally, as she never had anything to begin with).
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#8 by emir7
2016-04-28 at 22:57
That last post was very long =P
Now, if we link it to the theme of this thread:

After all this reasoning, I turn to my original point of view: She's very cruel/selfish, but she really loved him (quite a lot actually given her personality).

Just think about it this way: She always makes sure to improve slowly but surely. She avoids getting anyone angry and wants everybody to be on her side. She isn't impulsive at all, and what she did at the end was beyond crazy: She staked her whole life revealing him who she really is (therefore losing everything she had worked so hard for in one of her endings as I explained before).

Now, was it to get Chris? Hell no!
Before she told him his balls basically belonged to her ("I want to help you achieve your goals).
If there was any doubt, she told him something like this: "I can't bear it any longer. I also want to link with you in an emotinal level. I am cruel and I want you to love me for who I really am".

To sum it up: She made a crazy bet. She would risk all her hard work up till now so that she can be in a truthful relationship with him ("I want you to love the real me; "I want to be happy").
She already had everything she needed to achieve her goals (Chris would have remained a puppet in her hands) but she also wanted to be happy (which taking into account the means she used it proves she's both cruel and selfish) and she knew Chris was THE ONE.
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#9 by pendelhaven
2016-04-29 at 03:37
, but she really loved him

for the very selfish reasons.
#10 by konb
2016-10-09 at 06:17
I don't know.
From Al Fine we know that Torta will tell everything to the girl that Chris partners with, Arietta and all that stuff.
So at the end when Fal tells him that she wants to go meet Ari (We also konw that Ari dies some time after the graduation) that Chris will become even more broken a person and basically has to rely on Fal as his only support and Fal will do that for him... Its kinda fucked up, but I think she loves him?
#11 by aspple2
2017-03-09 at 23:28
She likes him but clearly has far higher priorities. She doesn't really care about emotional attachments and sees things in terms of loses and gains.

To say that Chris is "no better" than her is absolute bullshit. His mind literally broke due to what happened to Ari and he does not seriously consider a relationship with any other girl until Torta (as Ari) breaks up with him. Maybe deep down he already knew she was gone, which made it easier for him to move on. Even then he constantly feels guilt cuz he feels he's betraying her.

Not to say that Chris is a saint, cuz he is not, but Fal is someone who does not hesitate to use and manipulate ANYONE and then toss them aside when they are no longer of any use to her. Whether or not you think her backgrounds justifies it, that is the kind of person she is. Not to say she is an absolutely monster who would destroy your life for her own gain (though she may very be) but to say Chris is the same is such ludicrous.Last modified on 2017-03-09 at 23:28
#12 by encrypted12345
2017-06-18 at 03:26
To be honest... I think she does. True route spoilers ahead.

I think the plan with Asino was too elaborate just to mess with Chris and her virginity is too good of a political asset to give up on him for a gamble. Asino, being a noble, could have easily tarnished her name. Perhaps she was betting on his friendship on Chris and calling him a terrible person in front of Chris to manipulate his guilt, but it's a very convoluted plan.

Even if part of her plan was getting him to absolute despair, so he'll play excellently during the graduation recital, there was a much easier way of doing so that wouldn't have broken her connection with Asino: telling Chris that the Arietta was stuck in a coma, thus giving him guilt over betraying Arietta while she arguably needed him the most or even just messing with his head by saying that the rain was never real. Neither of these things were said to him for plot reasons of course, but both options were available to Falsita since it was implied Torta told her after Fal became Chris's partner. Torta would have no reason to hesitate to tell Falsita the truth since she seemed like a paragon.

Later on, near the end of the route, her lack of confidence on his answer of will he still go along with her does mean that she genuinely wanted to risk a lot to form a loving relationship with him, albeit a really fucked up one. Note that if you get the bad ending, it's implied that she outright cries.

The last piece of evidence is her songs. While Rain Musique is obviously written with the purpose of having Chris as her partner and perhaps subconsciously manipulating him to become so because it talks about the rain, Melody, being her ending theme, does not have any such implication of being such. It doesn't state it outright, but it's obvious from there that she does love Chris.

True, Fal did initially fall in love because of Chris's skill with the Fortelle, but it grew beyond that even though she still wants to abuse said skill. It's not that much different than thinking a person is hot initially then forming a lifelong relationship from that. Well, said lifelong relationship doesn't normally imply that one of the partners is manipulated into being in eternal despair and hallucinations, but it is a relationship that is form out of a strange sense of love.
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#13 by reihikari
2017-07-03 at 10:18
At the end of her route, she said I love you, you and the tone of your Fortelle. Which indicate that she values both her career and the love from the mc.

But she will always priority her career first which we can tell from her ending song Melody. In truth, I find Fal charateristic is very close to a real world girl, a girl who experienced hardship and strive for the hapiness not by relying on others but by her ability.

Her hapiness is to make a living by singing and the person who can take Fal to the high stage just happened to be our mc, her love for our mc is real but it was develop after she confirmed that our mc is the right person and he accept the real Fal. If Asino happen to have the same Fortelle tone as Chris, who know what end may get.Last modified on 2017-07-03 at 10:30
#14 by himitsukou
2017-07-03 at 13:43
Bullshit. A woman who'll use anybody that suits her to piggyback on their back to glory and discards them like tools the moment she has no use for them doesn't love anyone, she just uses them. Standing on her own two legs doesn't mean she has to treat people like that.

I find Fal charateristic is very close to a real world girl, a girl who experienced hardship and strive for the hapiness not by relying on others but by her ability.

the person who can take Fal to the high stage just happened to be our mc, her love for our mc is real but it was develop after she confirmed that our mc is the right person and he accept the real Fal
That's being a twisted, calculating and manipulative bitch who cares for no one but herself. Which many have pointed out might I add. No, that acceptance came from her knowingly pulling at his strings then slowly driving him into a situation where Chris either accepted her invitation or gave up on everything. If that's the concept people have for it then it's no wonder half if not more of all marriages end up in divorce.Last modified on 2017-07-03 at 13:49
#15 by loctar87
2017-07-04 at 00:34
@12 Game doesn't actually say she's a virgin. And given what we know of her, maybe it's not very likely that she is.

@14 Part of what makes Fal interesting is how different she is from the standard template of a nice girl who falls for the protagonist for no real reason. Compared to them, at least, she can come off as more realistic. And I don't really see how Chris could be said to have been forced or manipulated to accept her. The whole point was that she laid bare the truth in the harshest way possible and she wanted him to choose for himself.
#16 by sakurakoi
2017-07-04 at 07:42
If that's the concept people have for it then it's no wonder half if not more of all marriages end up in divorce.
"Fun" Fact: While about 40-50% of marriages end in divorce, only about 13% remain passionate while the rest is, well... varies ofc and includes such scenarios like a "cheaper to keep her"

Note: Number may or may not vary from region/country and it's not like the US of A is the norm for everything. However looking at how in e.g Germany it was reported for 2015 that there were 400.000 marriages and 163.335 divorces and this being the lowest rate of divorce since 1994 (but still 40%), that is fair average. Other numbers to consider: 51% of the divorces are filled by women, 41% by men and 8% were filled together. On average marriages last about 15 years.

In any event, in this case of Fal... yeah, it's "realistic" love but far from any actual love, there is a significant difference between admiration for someone becoming "more" (aka what we call love) and deliberately using someone for their dream (a rather greedy one to top it off), were failure is then not permitted. For the record: I for sure would not love such a heroine (bitch) and neither should anyone actually, at best a business partner or friend with benefits but no one I could trust. It should be fairly obvious that not only those tired of/fleeing from reality dream to be that 13% but anyone else should want that.
#17 by pendelhaven
2017-07-04 at 09:59
At the end of her route, she said I love you, you and the tone of your Fortelle.

Never take a woman's word at face value. She can love you *now* but expect after 2 years that she'll falsely accuse you of domestic violence leading to divorce AND take half your assets + demand you child support and alimony.
#18 by eacil
2017-07-04 at 12:31
At least we know how your wife will end up. Nah, I am kidding, we all know she will most likely falsely accuse you of child abuse leading to jail.
#19 by sakurakoi
2017-07-04 at 13:03
At least we know how your wife will end up. Nah, I am kidding, we all know she will most likely falsely accuse you of child abuse leading to jail.
You forgot to mention that he actually reported her for domestic violence first and was instead thrown out of the house he solely owns (while the money she earns is solely for luxury goods, if she works at all and doesn't have a housekeeper) out onto the street because non-homeless shelters are only for those with a certain set of genitalia (ofc those shelters have a far higher budget).

Ofc not all of these are present in all cases but usually some and it's not impossible for all of them to be the case in a case.

Never take a woman's word at face value. She can love you *now*
and be simply lying about it, also a possibility.
#20 by shazbut
2017-07-06 at 16:28
You can't love someone and also have a desire to manipulate them.

It doesn't matter what words she saysLast modified on 2017-07-07 at 18:41
#21 by encrypted12345
2017-07-06 at 17:17
You can't love some and also have a desire to manipulate them.
That's every tsundere ever though
#22 by mirrored
2017-08-17 at 23:22
She makes it clear that she does when she takes a very unnecessary risk and puts all of her self, physically and mentally into Chris's hands. If she simply wanted his talent, all she needed to do was play pretend for a few years until her own position was secured, and then move on. That his talent is a necessary condition for her love is beside the point. This is because in order for love or a relationship to work out, you do need to be able to live with each other and your lives need to have a shared direction. Given her own life goals, she would not be able to have a relationship with someone who could not live her life with her (going on tours, being immersed in music, etc).

Fal also takes him home to face the Ariette situation head on and decides not to leave him in the dark about the whole thing. They could have instead headed immediately to advance her career.
#23 by stormwolf
2017-11-14 at 23:03
She does not. Otherwise there wouldn't be a bad thing about her ending, and the first heroine endings were supposed to be sad with the final route being the contrast.

Didn't find Torta's ending sad though. Thinking how silly and avoidable the death in her route was, i couldn't really feel it, as it felt forced.
#24 by kugimaru
2018-03-02 at 05:26
Sorry for being a necromancer and calling this discussion again, but i just finished playing her route and i can say she dont love him, and with the thing about "telling you my true self" she only did it to give him sadness again to enchance his music, all I can say is the protag is going to live a miserable life filled with sadness just as she wanted as is emotional state is his music
#25 by bunny1ov3r
2018-03-02 at 05:29
*calling -> calling on
*i -> I
*she don't -> she doesn't

and please use proper punctuation


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