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#1 by prodyzer
2016-05-01 at 07:35
Protag is too kimoi.
Imoutos are very lovely though.
#2 by hatesu
2017-01-29 at 08:20
Not sure what you mean by kimoi but, this protagonist didn't didn't bother me. However the protagonist from Shoujo Ramune was a complete F'n retard. I haven't been able to get past Chie's route. He completely ruined it for me.
#3 by dungzo
2017-03-31 at 17:46
kimoi means somewhere along the lines of disgusting, gross, creepy or appalling.
#4 by fumakisou
2017-07-17 at 21:23
Because he's a siscon?
#5 by davremedy
2019-09-27 at 18:54
yeah . bit disgusting . his personality was equal to fat smelly lolicon oji san....

halfway normal route . somehow i have weird desire to call local police , when he's kissing mahiru and yayoi on the streetLast modified on 2019-09-28 at 14:46


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