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#1 by whitetragedy
2016-05-07 at 00:05
So I've finished the True route, but I also have some questions left and hope someone could answer them for me.

1. In the end, who ripped up Ena's note and took the stash of AD?

2. In Ena Root A, Ena, Watase, and Keiji finds a paragraph about Sirius and if he was able to escape the cage. I though the children left this for one another, but it never gets brought up again.

3. In Jun Root A, someone drops a concrete block on her in the stairwell. It was never brought up again, but was it Louise?

4. Who was the one that set up that bomb that did not explode and lured Watase and Ena with the fake blood trail?

5. We know who Watase ends up with, but what about Natsuhiko? He kinda just brushes Louise off when she confessed to him.

6. So Natsuhiko's mother is still researching a way to extend the life of Communicators by the end of the story?

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#2 by kilicool64
2016-05-07 at 00:09
Did you forget to read the Xtend episode? Some of your questions are answered there. I can explain the rest to you once you're done with it.
#3 by whitetragedy
2016-05-07 at 00:21
I didn't know that existed, I'll go back and check
#4 by kilicool64
2016-05-07 at 10:43
Also, one of your questions is answered in Ena's branch in Root C.
#5 by whitetragedy
2016-05-08 at 05:21
Ok so I've finished both Xtend and Ena branch in Root C.

The answers I came up with are

1. Louise
2. Louise's message to Mashiro and Natsuhiko
3. Was not on purpose, most likely Yuuri running away caused the ceiling to break off.
4. Most likely Keiji as he controls all the bombs (I don't know why he would pretend to detonate the bomb)
5. Still don't know who Natsuhiko ends up with.
6. Probably
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#6 by kilicool64
2016-05-08 at 09:33

2. Correct.

3. It was most likely Salyu. It's made clear that she's behind the murders that occur in two of Root A's bad endings, so this was probably another attempt to decimate Watase's group.

4. Again, most likely Salyu. My guess is that after Ena continued to trust Watase, she decided that she can no longer afford to spare her. At this point, she had managed to reverse-engineer the bombs and have Alice extract the sound effects used for triggering their detonation. Her plan was to detonate the bomb in one of the staircase rooms after luring Watase and Ena there with blood from a transfusion pack and locking them inside it. However, she didn't have enough time to make sure the bomb actually works. After sealing the door, she decided to briefly listen to Watase and Ena's conversation, hoping that Ena would expose herself as Watase's accomplice, therefore justifying her murder. But when Watase discovered the bomb, she assumed he had some plan to dismantle it, so she decided to activate it right away. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't use the instant detonation signal for this because the explosion could have hit her as well unless she was at a distance too great for the signal to reach the bomb through the door. So she used the one minute detonation signal, then retreated.

5. It's deliberately kept completely ambiguous. All three heroines are in love with Natsuhiko and he has feelings for all three of them.

6. Definitely.
#7 by pendelhaven
2016-05-08 at 10:37
The telepathy was kind of bullshit. Yes I know this is sci-fi in the first place but please at least make an effort. Mentioning the telephone, radio and internet are fine and all, so why is telepathy suddenly not gonna use any device and just kind of concentrate on using it?
#8 by dk382
2016-05-08 at 12:02
"make an effort"? They actually went through very painstaking efforts to explain the telepathy in-world through their pseudo-scientific explanations about elementary particles and all that.
#9 by pendelhaven
2016-05-08 at 12:41
but they seem to forget a very obvious fact that even the telephone was a DEVICE. Really, I was expecting something like a helmet for telepathy.

the plot also failed to explore more about the "privacy policy" with regards to both telepathy and empathy. perfect example would be google street view as explained in link (skip to 3:30).
#10 by whitetragedy
2016-05-09 at 06:00
4. I see, that makes sense. We saw how she could hack bombs in Root D. Does that means the random explosions (Before they entered the oxygen deficient area) in Root A were also her work?
#11 by dk382
2016-05-09 at 06:53
They didn't forget, they just didn't care. It's partially fantasy, too. I think they did a great job in explaining most of the elements of ESP within the game, justifying its existence. Obviously it's still fiction and thus there are some impossible aspects to it, and that's fine. I don't think introducing random bits of technology would have helped that. Just suspend your disbelief a little.

Having to wear helmets or other such devices would have actually detracted from some of the storytelling aspects as well as the issues of privacy (you'd be able to see them doing using their powers).Last modified on 2016-05-09 at 07:20
#12 by kilicool64
2016-05-09 at 09:51
@10 Probably not. Remember the bomb that injured Kazami a while earlier? That one was detonated with a fuse, so Salyu probably hadn't quite finished reverse-engineering the bombs at that point.
#13 by pendelhaven
2016-05-28 at 15:48
Finished this through the grand end. It was a huge disappointment imo.

As I'm sure that most vndb regulars here, especially who's into translation scene a lot, we know (sadly) the importance of context when translating something out of one's ass. The scene was great and all, pressuring Natsuhiko to either give Yuuri or erase Watase, and the scene only made it more sad (great) that they've been through thick and thin, but ultimately have to make a decision. And then the big letdown of suddenly pulling out-of-context scenes from other characters to fit in a statement where it's Q's fault, and closing his statement with "will you still join Q, despite them being the cause of Wataru's death?".

I mean really? the entire VN tried to build their teamwork, their freaking bromance (I'm not kidding, it was great), only to reduce to THIS? I've seen religious fanatics who use verses from the bible, out-of-context, to convince lost lambs to join their church. They're way better than this.

In a way I can understand that he was desperate for Yuuri's sake, or that Watase wanted(?) to be stopped, but it's about their freaking bromance! How can this be allowed to happen???
#14 by kei-tr
2016-09-09 at 12:28
I did add lot of tags to this vn and almost doubled amount it had compared to before I have finished. But some of them down voted by a user. So I decided to ask opinion of people who have read this. Down voted tags are episodic story, sexual innuendo and most importantly player as a character. Are these tags are applicable to this vn?

By the way I prefer you also did read xtend episode before answering here because I cant prove my point if you didn't.Last modified on 2016-09-09 at 12:35
#15 by bunny1ov3r
2016-09-10 at 22:51
It was me I think. I'll just not vote in sexual innuendo since I already forgot how much it was at play (though it was only at -1 before). As for episodic story, I feel like this is not the case here, since the four routes are just a rearrangement of chronological order and from different narrative perspectives. Maybe you are talking about the multiple instances of flashback at the end, though I still feel like they are just flashbacks and not episodic stories (but I'll change it to -1 to make you feel better). I was entirely unaware that there is any player as a character elements, but maybe I completely missed that and you can enlighten me on that.

Yeah the ending is kind of disappointing. I feel like the visual novel lost its heats after Root before route (though there are things in before route I didn't like as well). The characters didn't feel too compeling for me and the story just give me the feeling that it is trying to hard to give the impression that something big is gonna happen without the actual impressing plot unfolding. SSS also gets tiring for a while. To me, the multiple flashbacks in the end is one of the worst way to finish the story. I still give it a 6.5 tho.

edit: Oh you mean that those bonus episodes that come with the main storyline... I didn't read those since I didn't like the game too much. Guess I'll just cancel out my votes on those.Last modified on 2016-09-10 at 23:17
#16 by kei-tr
2016-09-11 at 00:37
For episodic story, no I didn't put that tag neither for routes nor flashbacks. For example each day of route B is considered one episode. And that screens showing "there is 2 hours until gates open". They are shows up when you start a new episode. There is even a screenshot of it here actually. Go ahead check it out.

Sexual innuendo is in xtend episode at Watase's memories called Jupiter and Serenade. Though you have to unlock them first by viewing earlier memories.

And as for player as a character. We are (reader) the spirit born in LABO. Well, before applying that tag I actually compared it to Blink Winkel of Ever17. Both of it same. They both borrow perspective of protagonists and observing events of story through them. But there is a big difference. Blink Winkel was an only observer until end of true end. But ALL choices in Root Double is actually spirit's influence on protagonists via senses sympathy. So unlike Blink Winkel who was an observer until very end of story spirit of LABO is taking an active role from start to finish. Because of that I thought if its applicable for Ever17 it should be much more applicable for Root Double. And you may say spirit of LABO's existence didn't accepted completely at the end but no its accepted since at xtend episode we borrowed its perspective at helicopter scene and at Natsuhiko's last memory. Lastly its even gives a meaning what SSS tutorial said us: "We are expecting your feelings to have good effect on this world".
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#17 by bunny1ov3r
2016-09-11 at 01:15
K thanks for the explanation. Nice to know there is that kind of twist to it. I cancelled my rating on the other two tags you mentioned. I still don't quite agree with your definition of episodic story(so still -1). Since we both have seen the same materials to arrive at a conclusion and we have different interpretation of tags, I think it's fine. It's what the tag voting system is for :DLast modified on 2016-09-11 at 01:19
#18 by kei-tr
2016-09-11 at 01:36
Well, since it shows us frequently chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3... I thought its common sense. Maybe I am a little wrong giving that much high score to it since there is not much difference at flow of story in chapters. Here, I lowered my score a little too.Last modified on 2016-09-11 at 01:45


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