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#1 by whitetragedy
2016-05-09 at 06:59
So far, it appears he has finished the common route (28%) and is looking for help from other translators.

Official Website: link
Fuwa: link

I am pretty excited by this as we can finally get some new trap visual novels in English and that the trap genre is getting more love from translators.Last modified on 2016-05-09 at 06:59
#2 by kiru
2016-05-09 at 07:46
There's some pretty hard to translate stuff in this. I wonder how he managed that, especially if he isn't that good with Japanese.
Basically the blonde girl has crap Japanese, and one major running gag is that she oftentimes uses slightly different words which end up having drastically different meanings. (i.e. I sit on a bank -> I shit on a bank) They are also mostly vulgar or sexually related. Adapting that to English will be insanely hard, especially also given that this happens a lot. It's essentially your dreaded language puns, where you can't just translate for the same effect.

There are also a bunch of other scenes I remember which are equally tough.
The way Luna treats the blonde girl is a good example. Luna basically gives her a lot of wrong ideas about how the Japanese language works and on top of that also sometimes simply "hides" true meanings of what she says. Like she named a bunch of the blonde girl's dogs, and those names are... yeah. Motokare is one example. But could you name a dog "exboyfriend" for the same effect? Stuff like this. You can have a lot of fun with a translation, but at the same time it also requires a lot of work as you will essentially HAVE to do it really freely or else you'll lose a lot of what the VN offers.

Outside of that.. okay. This VN is longer than I thought. I made a rough estimate for how long lines are, and with his 30k line-count, this should be around 2.2mb script-wise. (in other words "medium" length is most likely not right.. provided the style doesn't change with the other author, who wrote Minato and Mizuho, which I don't know)
#3 by whitetragedy
2016-05-09 at 18:53
It also seems like he's going to release a partial patch
#4 by bunny1ov3r
2016-05-09 at 19:51
haha I remember the motokare joke.
#5 by whitetragedy
2016-05-09 at 20:43
He could make tl notes and explain it to the reader in patch notes
#6 by kiru
2016-05-09 at 21:46
TLnotes aren't funny. And, as I mentioned, there's way too much. Do you wanna have hundreds of "tl-notes" at the end? Yes, HUNDREDS. Again, it's a running gag. The blond girl messes up a lot of Japanese words, grammar and whatnot. And if you cut that out.. the VN will probably be rather boring. (you already have to fight getting bored with all the fashion stuff)

I actually think these puns make this VN very attractive to translate as I think it's the most fun to translate, but it also takes the most time. And isn't easy.
#7 by chuee
2016-05-09 at 22:24
Yeah, I don't think he'll be changing any of that
#8 by jazz957
2016-05-09 at 22:54
This is gonna get taken by MG, right?
#9 by dk382
2016-05-09 at 23:26
No. MG likely no longer has a working relationship with Navel.
#10 by jazz957
2016-05-10 at 06:37
True. At least they probably will avoid a C&D then. Unless Navel decides to.
#11 by whitetragedy
2016-05-11 at 04:47
What are the rules on updating releases? Do we wait for a partial patch before entering the information or is it the role of the actual translation team to update the information?Last modified on 2016-05-11 at 04:48
#12 by kiru
2016-05-11 at 08:31
Vndb (usually) doesn't want to list anything without releases. This is a new translator, as such, before there isn't a release, it shouldn't be added. This was done, because a LOT of things just die anyway and vndb doesn't want to collect "tba's", but rather actual releases. This isn't Sekai Project.
#13 by dk382
2016-05-11 at 10:52
That's what's technically in the FAQ, but in practice that was never the case. For years and years, we've always added WIP projects from first-time groups. Me and Beliar are pretty active in creating and maintaining these entries and I don't think either of us have any problem with this role, so I don't see why not.

You can add a release if you want. I haven't done so yet because I'm a little skeptical of the project overall and they never really reported any real progress until now.Last modified on 2016-05-11 at 10:53
#14 by infernoplex
2017-07-24 at 03:16
May I request for this release to be undeleted? Another translator picked it up.Last modified on 2017-07-24 at 03:16
#15 by asaki
2017-07-25 at 04:10
Well, I'd just created a new entry so I think it should be suffice for now. I hope that the translator managed to finished the project someday in the future.

PS - By the way, nice to meet you here too Infernoplex. Just call me Asaki here, okay.
#16 by eacil
2017-07-25 at 05:08
>Coming from a prestigious family
>it was his dream to live a life of a commoner
>As part of his plan
>he became the maid of his (Famous, Wealthy) classmate Luna
>dream to live a life of a commoner
Do they even try to not look that retarded or is it just me who is too smart and nitpick apparent contradictions right in the synopsis? Maybe it's a comedy?Last modified on 2017-07-25 at 05:09
#17 by kiru
2017-07-25 at 09:43
Mistakes happen. They write freakin' summaries for all titles that get released every month, based on the trials or whatever.

The setup is a little more complicated than what the summary here says (which is fairly common), and as far as his dream goes, it's fashion related. Commoner is not part of it at all. No idea how that got into there. Honestly, this whole summary is a bit "huh?", but yeah.
It's more that he is the son of a wealthy family, but his mother is not the official wife of the family. So obviously, he isn't quite having the same status. Especially the wife is hating him and they (most of the family, aside of Resona) generally consider him inferior because of that, as he is the son of a commoner as well (obviously). So he was hidden. Later on he was even shoved far away from the main house and his life wasn't especially great. Which obviously includes him never having had a "rich man's life" as well. Then stuff happens and he starts to get an interest in fashion. More stuff happens and Resona gets him into drag and to Luna as a maid.

Mind you, being the maid of a wealthy person IS being a commoner. So there is no contradiction there. His dream is something else, but in theory it could be a thing.Last modified on 2017-07-25 at 09:44
#18 by eacil
2017-07-25 at 10:40
You are not magically transformed into a commoner if you are from a wealthy family, even a persecuted bastard raised in this society. You have a lower status but your origin and education don't change like that. Moreover, all servants weren't members of the proletariat. You even have "ladies-in-waiting" system all over the world were high dignitaries could have high ranking servants.
Anyway, my point was that you don't experience what it is to be a commoner, like acquiring "common" sense (plenty of characters and anime about that like Shomin Sample), if you stay in your little circle. But, ok, "commoner" here was more about not being treated like a piece of shit by your own family and living a non-persecuted life.Last modified on 2017-07-25 at 10:52
#19 by kiru
2017-07-25 at 11:39
Life of a commoner is still pretty different from being a commoner. Your origins don't matter for a current situation. A noble can live the life of a commoner, be it by force (lost all money), or by will. The goal isn't to become a commoner.
And just because SOME servants MAY have a higher status... obviously not all do. Especially not all the random maids and shit.

That said, you probably shouldn't try to talk too much about this game, if you don't know at least the prologue. We are essentially discussing a wording of something, that is wrong anyway. His dream is something else, as I already wrote. So it doesn't even matter if it makes sense in the summary or not, as it's simply wrong. As far as I remember at least.Last modified on 2017-07-25 at 11:39
#20 by infernoplex
2017-07-25 at 13:52
#15 Nice to meet you here as well "Asaki" ^_^


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