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#1 by redpanther
2010-08-06 at 01:42
Beat it in 3 hours.Maybe because I growing up with 8 bits (game console) that why I find this game very fascinate.

Is there anyway to save Emilia?
#2 by eternal
2010-08-12 at 20:18
Don't think so. I tried replying to all of Emilia's messages and she eventually says that she won't respond anymore.
#3 by tiya-novlita
2013-02-17 at 14:14
It only has one ending, so yeah. Linear story
#4 by cross
2013-11-30 at 22:04
So I finished it and was seriously surprised. I expected a feminist-gender-lbgt-tolerance nazi-stew, but the game wasn't about that stuff at all.
To make it short:


- The artdesign, which recreates an old AmigaOS, is simply fantastic. It actually looks like an emulator, even if it's just shitty RenPy. If you love 8-bit aesthetics as much as I do, you'll love the optic of this game.
- The narrative manages to make me feel for the characters without any visualization. No sprites, no cgs, no side-images, just text. I know that a bazillion books already did that, but it's still nice to see.
- The chiptune music is great as well.


- You have to manually type in the numbers for the modem. Many times. Over and over. Without any shortcuts.... what the fuck, Christina, was that really necessary???
- To progress with the story you have to randomly visit the same places and send mails - reminded me of the "all you can click!" rooms of Yu-No.

+-+- neutral -+-+

- While I like the approach of letting the player discover everything for himself with the interface and the mails, I still think that a bit more conventional storytelling would have helped to emotionally involve the players. That only worked in the last third for me.
- The actuall story. The theme is rather classic and standard. You could call it a love story...

All in all: 7 out of 10.
Pretty good for an OELVN, although I'm not sure if "Visual Novel" is the propper category for this game. Still, I don't regret finishing it and hope that Analogue, the (commercial) successor is even better.Last modified on 2013-11-30 at 22:19


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