Thoughts about vn in general (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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#26 by gabezhul
2016-06-02 at 03:56
Please proceed, however let me insert a bit of a correction:
If you really do high level stuff with many cgs, art cost top even high level seiyuu's.
This is actually not typical of VNs, only minori's titles. Their VNs are 100% CGs so naturally the division of their budget reflects that. In fact, minori is exactly the kind of exception you should not try to use as a rule to talk about the industry in general.
#27 by iwasawa
2016-06-02 at 15:00
Doesen't look like I have more I want to add, aside that I myself recognized that seiyuu usually are the most expensive part, my point with

If you really do high level stuff with many cgs, art cost top even high level seiyuu's. Usually it's true that seiyuu are the most expensive part of producing a vn, but you still have new games in 2016 with 800x600 resolution and just a few dozen mediocre cgs because seiyuu have priority, not because you can have all around good production values putting less money in art than in seiyuu.

being that production is skewed toward full voice acting over quality art and that quality art is no less expensive than quality voice acting. I wasn't making general rules out of minori, if anything I lamented that in 2016 there's still games that would have been cheap even years ago.
minori games aren't 100% cgs though, nor is minori the only one who does invest more in art than in voice acting as there's Littlewitch for example, not really sure atm about others (ωstar, Clochette and so on).Last modified on 2016-06-02 at 15:30
#28 by thefreeloader
2016-12-28 at 06:42
Umineko is pretentious mystery BS. Don't talk about it anymore!
#29 by danpmss
2017-02-22 at 08:35
Obvious bait is obvious...

But yeah, just reminded that this thread existed after seeing a discussion in Rokkenjima forums about Jung and Umineko (and some stuff in TV Tropes also claiming that before me in here).

I wonder if I should edit my comments to a less offensive and troll-ish replies or something, though I won't correct my failures trying to explain what I wanted at the beginning (I already admited that I kinda made a rather confusing text besides being coherent and all), since it kinda ruins the whole discussion.

Feels bad for being that rude in a interesting discussion like this one tbh

I'll wait for either @gabezhul or @iwasawa to reply before doing so, however (gotta follow a nice policy in threads before touching heavily discussed topics like this one).Last modified on 2017-02-22 at 08:36
#30 by armando777
2018-12-05 at 23:30
I thought it was pretty cool


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