Protagonist development?

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#1 by cfreak
2016-05-19 at 18:10
Having read this VN for just 2 hours or so, I'm already considering dropping it. The constant teasing of the protagonist from Yuuki and Aoi is getting really old really fast, and if that is going to keep going on through the entire VN then I doubt I'll be able to finish it. It's a one-trick pony that stops being funny after the first couple of times, since that seems to be the extent of the interactions between them.

Does this change at all at some point or is every single scene going to be Souta being more or less abused while making a feeble attempt at protest? I've seen my share of toothless protagonists, but this one takes the cake so far.Last modified on 2016-05-19 at 18:11
#2 by kzel
2016-05-20 at 17:10
In the common route, it's a pretty recurring situation. You can always ignore the events involving Aoi (the worst offender in my opinion) and Yuuki once you get to choose what to do during weekdays, and you'll barely see any of them. You'll still have to endure them in a few week-ends until you get friendly enough with one of the heroine to ask her out on a date (it takes a couple weeks if you focus).

Once entering character route there's not much more teasing going on, apart from Rinka's route.
#3 by cfreak
2016-05-20 at 22:14
Thanks a lot for the reply. I'll stick with it for a while longer then. It helps knowing that it's not going to be like that for the entire rest of the VN.


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