Lise's good ending doubt. EVERYTHING is spoilers

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Does Lise's Throat completely heal?

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#1 by emir7
2016-06-09 at 01:52
Hi guys
At the end of Lise's route she seems to remember who she is, but I was wondering a few things (without them I don't think it's truly a happy ending):

Does Lise's throat completely heal?
Does she (and Chris) become famous musicians?
Is Chris able to cut Grave open and spill his innards?

I guess the ending doesn't clarify these points. Please tell me your point of view :)

P.S: You can't change your vote once cast. Also, no need to use spoiler tags as we are talking about the end of one route (everything is spoilers...).Last modified on 2016-06-09 at 01:54
#2 by pendelhaven
2016-06-09 at 07:25
bullying, physical harm, whipping, violence, child abuse...

why would anyone think otherwise?
#3 by emir7
2016-06-09 at 12:30
So you don't think it can fully heal?
I mean there was HUGE improvement. At first she could just manage weak animal sounds: ahhh; eh...
But after just one year she develops a very weak hoarse voice. Maybe another year more will make her as good as new.
You don't think so?
#4 by pendelhaven
2016-06-09 at 14:41
I heard people with cancer gets some sort of "improvement" for a short while and then a bit later it gets gradually worse.

this is even more true with patients on their last hour. they'll feel completely fine and then *blag*.
#5 by emir7
2016-06-09 at 22:15
I think you and I had a similar conversation regarding Fal. Your words are truly made to put minds at ease and soothe aching hearts :D
#6 by asaki
2016-06-10 at 02:00
@OP My suggestion here would be just ignore pendel who tend to mix bitterness in reality with the game he play in order to cure his boredom ie pendel was quite eccentric one. Anyway, about Lise throat I think if it show she could speak, maybe her throat was healed but could not fully like was back before. For the rest of your question, I don't know. Dd you play Al Fine by the way? Just asking.
#7 by emir7
2016-06-10 at 02:25
Thank you for answering Asaki XD
My last comment to pendel was just a funny way to say he's the pessimistic kind :) I'd actually have to thank him for maintaining my symphonic threads alive :D
So far I've played Fal (complete), Lise (complete) and Torta (just the bad ending. I'm halfway through her route). I never skip the common route. I'm currently replaying Fal and finishing Torta. After that I'll replay Lise. I really don't want this visual novel to end XD
One question if I may ask. Does Alfine tell me new info about Lise and Fal? Does it give a better closure to their respective endings?
(Please no spoilers, just what I asked :D)Last modified on 2016-06-10 at 02:33
#8 by asaki
2016-06-10 at 04:14
From the spoiler, I think no since Al Fine was more focused on Torta. But at least Lise wasn't got her throat slit by her jealous father. Sorry if I couldn't elaborate more here.
#9 by loctar87
2016-06-10 at 04:31
@7 The answer is mostly no, but very slightly yes. There's no direct continuation of those endings or anything like that.

I want to say more but can't. Even if you want to replay the game, I suggest you finish Al Fine after Torta.
#10 by emir7
2016-06-10 at 12:00
I didn't quite understand. I'll take it I get to see new scenes for those girls in alfine XD
#11 by pendelhaven
2016-06-10 at 13:45
@8: my impression was that seeing Grave was the torturous dad that he is, a literal son of a bitch, and that I was watching ISIS behead videos a couple months back, I don't even doubt that he'll, in all intents, gonna slit her throat and kill her on the spot.

if anything, her surviving such a lethal attack when you cannot take in oxygen is a deus ex shit. thankfully that was the ending part meaning I could easily erase that from memory.
#12 by tangkienan
2016-07-25 at 15:24
It's 50-50 now....
#13 by thelastmelody
2017-02-28 at 19:58
I am guessing it didn't completely heal to the point that she was able to sing as well as she used to, but well enough that she would be able to yell and talk and whatnot. After all, I can't see such a wound physically healing with no aftereffects...
#14 by bardock123
2017-03-01 at 15:51
Did no one notice that the her song started playing at the end? I believe its a sign that she recovers, maybe not too where she can sing like that again but enough to live a normal life.
#15 by demaar
2017-07-17 at 09:56
What I was wondering about was more that she seems to have forgotten quite a lot, so my question is, dies she even fully remember who Chris is?
#16 by ryudb
2017-10-10 at 14:05
Her throat will eventually heal and she will soon be singing again. At least that's what I think was implied by the ending.
#17 by stormwolf
2017-11-14 at 16:38
Sorry to burst your bubbles, but she wasn't "herself" at all when she was talking. She heard his voice and reacted to it, but her brain is fried. Most of the brains healing after being oxygen deprived happens between half a year to a year. And she only uttered some singing without being really resonsive after a year. But i agree that the ending did use hope as we're to think she'll get better, but i honestly do not think she'll be herself ever again.


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