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#1 by eacil
2016-06-19 at 23:20
I wanted a RPG, I got a chess game...

The comparison is easy to do with Shangrlia because the game is as short and you can bet they didn't put much effort in its conceptualization. Tweaked chess with chests that give you bonuses like extra turn or movement+2 is really lazy. You pack that with erotic scenes and that's all. Shangrlia was awful because the game was crap, here, chess-like is a safe bet but that doesn't mean it's great.

Btw, the win version is not a remake at all. You have an omake: five new CG. To unlock them, you have to win at a mini-game and I am asking you what is the most funny game you can think about? Janken, of course. Just horrible. The interface is great but the music programming is terrible and you waste precious seconds between each tries, which make the experience truly horrible when you lose 8 games in a row (you need to win 9 times to get the three variations of your CG!). Of course, janken = pure luck and you can't even chose your hand... I think I remember some dreadful experience like that in Elle. Those programmers know how to entertain us. Moreover, that are some ugly CG you get as a reward. I just don't get why. Those CG don't have the same rendering as the ones of the main game (I guess they are the same as in Wonpara II, one point why I won't play this version) but each janken opponent is introduced with a _beautiful_ tachie with the kind of shading I just love (with flat tints, not gradations I so fucking hate and is the norm everywhere). They are perfect but, no, we have windows' era kind of shit.
The windows version has a different censorship too. PC98 > sexless, Windows > mosaics.
Otherwise, it's mostly cosmetic changes. In the win version, you can see what moving your opponent's pieces can do, which is of great help because if not, you need to remember which piece get which bonus. And the bonuses are explained, the pieces are moving instead of teleporting and like windows players are chicken, they need 5 extra turns at each level. I won both games, in case you are wondering. True roxxor.
Oh, I think some of that stuff didn't come from the win port but might have been already present in the FMT because the only one addition in the staff roll is a FMT screen. Maybe the new UI is from FMT and the janken from win port?

The huge difference between a no-story-RPG and a no-story-short-turn-based-game is: there is no immersion. In Dragon Knight I and II, you get random girls but you feel the reward after all that grinding over and over and over. Here, you don't care really much, maybe at the beginning, but like you have as much girls as there is special pieces (not pawn pieces) + 1 bonus event, you reach a stage where you are just doing industrial sex. Worse, you get a scene when you get a piece of your opponent which mean the game itself is cut in the middle so, you play, you fap 15 minutes, and when you go back to the game, you don't remember your strategy with all that white in your head. We are talking about 32+7+7 scenes for just seven short levels! Last level has 8 pieces! Even Shangrlia wasn't like that, it understood that the reward had to be at the end of the level, not disseminated *inside* the board game. I am not even sure DKI or II had so many distinctive scenes.
One more point is that even if DKI&II has almost no story, one inherent thing of the dungeon crawler genre besides the grinding *time* factor is that the donjon build the world itself by giving you topology, *space*. In WW/Shangrlia you have neither time or space, the universe is really empty, it's a succession of short boards. You won't have great sex (even if it's based on poor frustration) and if the game is bad, that will be a shitty experience.

You got some great arts, well, it's Jujurou, but like I said, at some point, you don't really look at them and they all end to look the same. That's why I was more interested by the armors than by the nakedness. I am not even sure Jujurou was at his best and I won't remember half of his work. Moreover, they are backgroundless with some kind of halo. That's some lazy production.
About the music, the only thing I want to say is I am really fond of the boss conquered theme.

Now, about the """story""", the machismo is strong in this one and that's a pity. I didn't rage as much as in Dragon Knight II where you don't have sex with the monster form of the women (the point, seriously!??) but what a pity my godfathers! It's your usual story about a war between women and men and like women are weak, they were butchered and raped by men until Amazonia came from the fog made of the concentrated women's hate and chop their heads. You are... Leopard Chatolion (Hiruta Masato get the fuck out of this body!) and you are recruited by the male camp like blabla prophecy blabla need a pervert to make those sluts surrender blabla.
The female bosses are perfectly fine punks that dare badmouthing you then you win and with two lines they are just female worshiping your "technique" the moment they learn about sex (because they are all virgins so explain me how they reproduced themselves?). Ok, it's standard, but what made my little heart bleed was that you transform them in farmers! I don't want Majesty to be converted in... that... thing! I don't want my perfectly fine Amazonia to quit her psycho-eyes with dripping mascara! Yeah, the final was a nightmare to me instead of a liberation (that moment when the psycho-eyes are transformed, gniiii). Why are you forced to make every woman the same based on a boring skivvy mold?
When you think about it (not too much, just for the lulz), it makes no sense. It's a sexist battlefield but when you win and rape them they fall in love and even betray their comrades. It's like they forgot why they were fighting, which was supposed to be against men... raping them? It's about your way of raping them with love, I guess. That still makes funny jokes with some women almost losing on purpose just to be able to have sex with you the more they hear about your "exploits". *put ammunition on the floor*

Mediocre game and waste of Jujurou's CG, that's all I have to say.


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