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#1 by beliar
2016-06-21 at 18:42
Previously the characters of "Mask of Arcadius" and "Liberation Day" were created as separate instances, despite there being no reason for that. The only difference between MoA and its sequel is a slightly upgraded art. I feel it's just stupid to add the character as an instance just because of a slightly different art used.

For that reason, a few weeks ago I contracted those character entries into one and removed the excess entries from Liberation Day. Today, Siegfried88 reverted my edits with an obvious intention to recreate the instances for LibDay.

I find it kinda rude that he reverted such extensive moderator's edits without discussing it first (and I did sent him a message a few months prior to deleting the entries, thus he was forewarned), thus I ask your opinion about the matter.

Does Liberation Day need separate instances for the characters, or can it share the character entries with Mask of Arcadius?

Siegfried has just answered a new message I penned him (t7947).

None of his arguments make sense to me:
1. Traits from LD present in character entry from MoA.
That's how we have always did things. Series usually share the same character entry and the traits from the further games in the series are hidden by spoiler tags.
2. Voice actors are different for LD and MoA.
Again, not an issue. Many characters in the DB have different VAs as the series evolve. The correct VAs are seen on the game pages and there is no confusion.
3. Different art.
Definitely not an issue.
4. Supposedly legal issues.
Not an issue, unless Sam Yang himself comes here and clearly explains those legal issues.
#2 by siegfried88
2016-06-21 at 18:55
You forgot to mention the tags.

There are tags in LD that's not supposed to be in MoA at all.

Also the description, the one in the LD entries are for LD, not MoA. Since spoilers, also some points in the character description that only happens in LD, one of them being Asaga's & Sola's.

I don't think these can be merged without messing it up since these 2 are different games.

I still feel the entries in MoA needs to be reverted to the older description.
#3 by [deleted]
2016-06-21 at 19:00
Here i was hoping this was fixed.......

none of his arguments seem convincing to me either,
The legal issue is something that effects "Love in space" it shouldn't effect VNDB in any shape or form, its "space's" job to explain to "who they answer to" why they don't have control over VNDB and other outside wiki/information sources.

character trait pages on VNDB are all smashed together, if a character is protagonist for 3+ titles all his traits from all 3+ are put on 1 char page Ex. Naoe Yamato .
Simply put the way you want to do the character pages is not how VNDB does them.

as for the spoilers, that is something that people will need to discuss and decide what level of info spoils too much.Last modified on 2016-06-21 at 19:11
#4 by beliar
2016-06-21 at 19:04
Like hex explained, we have always crammed traits for the whole series into one character entry. The given example of Naoe Yamato is a good one.

I personally don't see anything spoilerous in the character descriptions I used and I specifically checked them. Asaga is one exception where I didn't merge the entries and left the LD wersion as an instance, because there was no other good way to explain Oakrun suddenly becoming di Ryuvia.
#5 by siegfried88
2016-06-21 at 19:12
oh well, if that's how it is guess it can just be reverted. I suppose I'll just leave a notice on the thread so it won't cause trouble.

I'll just revert it back from the history logs then.

Also, if there should be no problem about art & it's okay to actually use them for the merge, I suppose I'll just upload them. Though I can't decide whether it's okay to use the new one or stay with the old one.
#6 by beliar
2016-06-21 at 19:20
There is really no difference which version of the art to use. If you can get good quality sprites of about the same size, then upload the new art versions. I went with the old art, because it was very easy to get the sprites of the same dimensions to upload.
#7 by siegfried88
2016-06-21 at 19:21
well, already reverted them, but I forgot how to delete entries, since there's double of them in LD's page.
#8 by beliar
2016-06-21 at 19:23
You cannot delete entries. Only mods can.
#9 by siegfried88
2016-06-21 at 19:26
oh, well I'll just have to wait then before I upload the new images to prevent confusion.
#10 by [deleted]
2016-06-21 at 19:28
Generally we users post here t2108 ,
with the entry and reason why , then a mod looks it over and makes a decision.

not needed this time though as beliar is already on it and removing the ones that need removing.Last modified on 2016-06-21 at 19:30
#11 by siegfried88
2016-06-21 at 19:43
Okay, all done. Sorry about that, I seriously thought someone was messing up the database when I checked it. That & I think my brain was half asleep.

I'll be more careful next time.
#12 by beliar
2016-06-21 at 19:54
Siegfried, the descriptions you are adding to the entries are much more spoilerous than mine, at least I think so. Additionally, some of them are not even grammatically correct.
#13 by siegfried88
2016-06-21 at 20:22
already marked them as spoilers though. But if it's not enough you can just remove them.
#14 by gabezhul
2016-06-22 at 11:14
Since it's resolved, I am moving the thread.


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