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#1 by pb08
2016-07-05 at 19:48
I was thinking ,clannad, kanon and little busters happen on the same universe ?
Because all the key points of the history of the 3 games have the same mechanics no?
Ayu projection and recovery and makoto.
All the story of little busters.
Nagisa recovery and everything behind it
If so i dont understand the ending from Tomoyo after , because if all routes of clannad happened wouldnt tomoya have be able to cure himself or tomoyo have the same light orbs?
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#2 by thedrazen
2017-09-20 at 22:39
is japan, man, idk, for me kanon was awesome, his sountrack was better than clannad, for me was better
#3 by fuukanou
2017-09-20 at 23:32
For your third spoiler, the two games are mutually exclusive. They do not happen at the same time.


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