VNDB 1.3!


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#1 by Yorhel
2007-10-21 at 14:33
< report >Those who expected a new feature this weekend will probably be disappointed - no large update this time. I was too busy getting the new Ubuntu working yesterday, and only had a few hours to spend on VNDB today. Don't worry, I still managed to get some useful changes into 1.3:

* Visual novel ratings will only be calculated when there are at least two votes. This prevents visual novels from getting on the top of the most popular list while only one user has voted yet. The minimum number of required votes may increase when we have more users.
* Updated the category browser: You can now also exclude categories you don't want to see - just double click on an item to exclude it from the results. This allows you to search - for example - romantic visual novels, but without sexual content.
* Added two new categories under Elements: Drama and Mystery. Please request an edit if you find a visual novel that falls under one of these categories, but doesn't have it yet.
* Added a few database statistics to the right bottom of the page.
* Added the users VN list size and number of votes to the user list.
* Fixed only one small bug this time: when adding producers to a release, you can now also check the checkbox instead of clicking on the name of the producer - although I don't think anyone had any serieus problems with this bug...Last modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00


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