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#1 by eacil
2016-07-07 at 03:15
Can anyone explain me what is the difference between those two versions, why it's marked as alternative. Spoiler free of course.
#2 by zeldamaster7453
2016-07-07 at 15:51
Love Escalator, Published by Umitsuki Production
Lovers~ Koi ni Ochitara published by Palace and Jellyfish

Lovers~ Koi ni Ochitara is possibly a re-release with the company's name change from"Umitsuki Production" to "Jellyfish".

I'm not sure if there is updated CG since Love Escalator was released in 1998.

I hope that helps!
#3 by dk382
2016-07-07 at 17:28
If it's only a higher resolution, higher color version of the same game with no other changes, it really doesn't deserve a separate VN entry.
#4 by zeldamaster7453
2016-07-07 at 19:15
I think its fine how it is. It should note what I said above in the summary. Besides its a different game name and company, we shouldn't need to remove it, its not like its rpg focused anyways.

Keep it there cause the VNDB Strives to be a complete database of VN's.
#5 by tyr
2016-07-07 at 20:26
Are you guys even looking at the screenshots? It's pretty obvious this is a full remake.
#6 by zeldamaster7453
2016-07-07 at 20:39
Well, I've never played this before. I'm just pulling up what I found. But yeah thanks tyr, its good to know that.
#7 by eacil
2016-07-07 at 21:04
Hmmm... let's try to be relevant, please, before talking about deletion when you don't even know what is inside.
In fact, I found that in the history comments: "Lovers by Jellyfish retells this story for PC with updated graphics and voice."
Unfortunately, only u41210 read both versions based on the votes and could be of great help confirming that the story is following the original without huge freedom.
#8 by zeldamaster7453
2016-07-07 at 21:29
Well aren't you lucky that someone bothered to go out of their way to help a complete stranger. Besides it was only an opinion, don't take it so hard. Thats what the discussion boards all about.

Ask Hackrabbits then if you really want some answers, but don't assume he/ she read both of them. It is ever so possible that he/or she thought the games were the same by any chance and voted on both of them. Both of those votes are a 10 after all. No offense.Last modified on 2016-07-07 at 21:36
#9 by eacil
2016-07-07 at 21:50
Where did I target you? I tried to refocus the thread before some deletion fetishist decided to remove Lovers for prevention purpose.

I found weird that a company decided to fully remake one of his own game that early. The fact is I know how much Taki Minashika truly loves his characters and is still drawing doujins with them years later. It really emotionally moves me to see such dedication. (Ok, it's because the guy is so good and he is giving us more Akiko kyaaaa Akikooo.)

That's the reason why I asked, because it could be some kind of stylistic exercise of reinterpretation (I mean a remake so loose that it's not really a remake, or just another story with the same base). Or just an enhanced version under the new brand, as you said, like they did with the Ultra Edition of Sisters. Better be sure before doing a mistake.Last modified on 2016-07-07 at 21:52
#10 by dk382
2016-07-07 at 21:58
I wasn't about to delete anything, chill out. I was still trying to find more information about it.
#11 by zeldamaster7453
2016-07-07 at 22:02
I did mention about not removing (as in not moving it to Lovers or deleting it) it so I thought you were inadvertently mentioning me sorry about that.Last modified on 2016-07-07 at 22:11


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