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#1 by sai30
2016-08-02 at 00:14
this Visual novel having very rare concept, I dunno it pure love or nukige because I feel when play this VN feel like play nukige VN sometime Pure love, I dunno which one ,having between this two genre concept is very rare. it make this VN become more interesting to play,I don't feel bored at all when reading it.
#2 by sai30
2016-08-02 at 01:00
semeone who give this VN only 6 score might be not trying yet playing this VN, he read the synopsis and he think this VN storyline so stupid should try this VN first and after that's, he freedom to give this VN how much score he want and worst or good opinion that's was he freedom.
#3 by praxis
2016-09-16 at 19:34
can you tell me about the protag? is he good?
#4 by aleisster
2016-12-31 at 21:05
Thanks Sai, I really feel bored when I read the sinopsis but if you, who already read the novel said that's interesting then I'll try to read it
#5 by exaccuss
2016-12-31 at 21:16
I would totally play this game if it ever got translated. The fact that (according to the character page) it doesn't have any tsundere's is a huge plus for me :P
#6 by fuukanou
2019-10-08 at 21:46
I'm in the Shigure route at the moment, and in the volleyball sections, they often use the term 「ボールが大きく膨らむ」 (I think I've only seen it in past tense so ...膨らんだ) and for the life of me (and through some googling), I can't find what this means or what it'd entail. The ball isn't inflating so what's happening? It appears to describe some result of a hit (i.e. of a returned ball or of a deflected ball) but I can't tell anymore.Last modified on 2019-10-08 at 22:03
#7 by tyrog
2019-10-09 at 10:18
A secondary meaning of 膨らむ is to veer outside an intended trajectory. In the context of volleyball that probably means that the ball missed its target and went out of bounds.
#8 by fuukanou
2019-10-09 at 15:35
#7, thanks very much! I was thinking it was something like that from the context but now you've cleared it up completely
#9 by fuukanou
2019-10-10 at 22:46
mmm hate to double post, but the free engine-swapped game is technically unbeatable unless you edit the files.

I'm getting a crash after picking Marina three times because of a script error. Admittedly, I was able to open up the script file, edit the script file to remove the offending section, read the script file until the scene change and then force the scene change in the script before repackaging the xp3 file, which seemed to work but it's not ideal.

just to finish the game. did anyone test this at all before release? i know it's free but come on guys this just looks sloppy.

edit: there's a patch but afaik it doesn't work with this version of the game. At least not for me.

edit 2: turns out this game is only ~1mb long. Pretty low huhLast modified on 2019-10-11 at 17:03
#10 by thefimdoing
2020-01-10 at 21:30
Ever since an accident when he was a child, Kimito has been able to peep into the dreams of others. While his ability enabled him to see a person’s true self, he often became entangled in their nightmares as well. Gradually, he came to unconsciously avoid being too close with others.

Reading the description reminded me of Sanoba Witch.

Looks interesting though. I might get it sometime.


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