Sentimental Trickster

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#1 by minah
2016-08-02 at 14:03
Thanks for fixing my dumb error here r47344.2 Are you sure about the resolution, though? When I start it the only option the Unity launcher gives is 1280x720.
#2 by beliar
2016-08-02 at 16:02
I'm pretty sure about the resolution. The demo gave me multiple resolution options; I have no idea why you only saw 1280x720, might be something about your configuration. The actual resolution of the game can be seen by opening the log file (not unlike with Ren'Py games, even though this is Unity). The line near the bottom of the log states the virtual (native) resolution of the game to be 1920x1080.
#3 by minah
2016-08-02 at 16:32
Thanks, I wasn't sure where to check for that with Unity games.


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