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#1 by zolty
2016-08-09 at 21:10
I am developing an external client for VNDB using the VNDB API, you are welcome to use it and may suggest features or report bugs in this thread.

Github link
You can download it here link

Make sure to read the "Project Goals.txt" (link) before suggesting features or reporting bugs as they may already be there.

The project isn't completed or bug-free and a lot of documentation is still needed both in code and in the interface.
#2 by sanahtlig
2016-08-10 at 00:54
Being able to browse by title image while sorting by VNDB rating would be very nice. Also, being able to browse a given producer's titles while seeing the title image and rating would be nice too. Seems like a useful tool.Last modified on 2016-08-10 at 03:40
#3 by zolty
2016-08-10 at 01:52
I haven't implemented average vn rating/popularity yet but it is planned.

In the meantime you can use your own ratings (which the program gets when you load your userlists ('Update List') for sorting by clicking the Vote column header in the list.

You can see a producer's titles by selecting them from 'Favorite Producers' and clicking 'Show VNs From Selected'.
Alternatively, simply enter the producer name (currently case-sensitive) in the little producer box above the list and hit enter, currently this only works if the producer is already in local database.

Another feature that I completely forgot to talk about is the ability to change the view for the Titles list, with the rightmost dropdown box.
You can get a regular line by line detailed list.
#4 by zolty
2016-09-03 at 19:10
New release for Happy Search Version 1.1

Most important update is probably the information on how to get started and what each section can do, so you should be able to start using the program without any outside help.

Lots of other change and bugfixes.Last modified on 2016-09-03 at 19:11
#5 by zolty
2016-09-05 at 00:04
I just added saving of vn stats (popularity, rating, votecount) so you should be able to do what you wanted now (in detailed view), I added it after the 1.1 release so you will have to download the latest commit from github and compile it yourself.

There's also a button to update titles to latest version of happy search, which will only get the newly added stats so you don't have to start over which could take a while.

The next release should have more VN information displayed in tile view and on the visual novel window (left click on tile).
#6 by herbalnekotea
2016-09-05 at 00:25
Would be interesting to have a post on the forum notification.
#7 by zolty
2016-09-09 at 19:10
Just released Happy Search Version 1.2
Now with Screenshots, Related Anime and Related Visual Novels in VN windows (right-click a VN tile to launch).

Next milestone is to be able to search for titles by traits in the title's characters (eg. get all vns with characters with twin tails).

To update Happy Search, just paste the files in the new release over your existing installation, your database and settings will not be overwritten.Last modified on 2016-09-09 at 19:11
#8 by zolty
2016-09-12 at 22:53
And finally, here is Happy Search Version 1.3
Now with trait filtering.
Filter VNs by traits in their characters.
For example, get all VNs with red-haired characters.

Due to some naming changes, custom tag filters will have to be readded, or the user can replace the word ComplexFilter with CustomTagFilter in the "saved_objects.xml" file before they launch version 1.3
There shouldn't be any major updates until the Staff database is added to the VNDB API but if you can think of a feature that would be useful to you, feel free to write down a comment.

There is no gender-specific trait filtering because I think the advantages gained are not worth the additional API throttling that would probably occur.Last modified on 2016-09-12 at 22:54
#9 by aristippe
2016-09-15 at 17:20
Oh, so you can link VNs having specific characters tag... good, that's what I was searching for!
#10 by zolty
2016-09-15 at 22:47
That's right so if you wanted VN's that have airheaded characters, instead of getting the characters as Airhead shows, you will get something like this (image)

That's using the information on your account's lists by the way.
You can see that the 'Only URT' (User-related Title) filter is enabled around the center of the image, so only titles that you have in your userlist, wishlist, or voted on, appear, you can switch that filter to 'Hide URT' or to 'Only Unplayed' which shows titles that you have never finished or dropped.

Do note that the filtering sections of the program don't get new data from vndb (with the exception of 'Tag Filtering' > 'Update Results')
You will have to first get those titles by getting them from your lists (Update List) or by getting titles by year (Get Titles by Year)

Hopefully the yellow help buttons give the information needed, otherwise, just ask.

PS. Please download the latest release version 1.3.1 because ver1.3 had a bug.Last modified on 2016-09-16 at 00:53
#11 by herbalnekotea
2016-09-16 at 19:45
Well, cannot update my account list :

linkLast modified on 2016-09-16 at 19:50
#12 by zolty
2016-09-16 at 21:19
I tried replicating your circumstances (fresh copy of happy-search-v1-3-1, set user id as 44974, update list) but didn't have any errors, did you change your userlist (on vndb) while the list was updating perhaps, or do you not have .NET Framework 4.6+ installed?

All went normal for me, it took a long time because its about 400 titles but thats it.
Close the program, paste these files onto your happy search folder and re-launch the program, you should have your list there (its in the .sqlite file, the vnImages folder contains the cover images of vns).

Latest release version 1.3.2 writes to a log file that can be used in debugging.Last modified on 2016-09-17 at 00:42
#13 by ff80c38
2016-09-17 at 20:00
Somehow I can't get the program working even though .NET Framework 4.6.1 is installed. Under Windows 7 it always crashes/freezes during the splash screen when "Logging into VNDB API..." is displayed, and Windows 10 plainly refuses to execute the executable in the first place due to wrong version. The log file also doesn't say anything about this.
#14 by zolty
2016-09-17 at 20:38
For the Windows 7 machine, if it freezes during that part, it must be because you are failing to connect to vndb, however, it should show in the message.log the error and the message "Conn Open Error".

As for the Windows 10 machine, can you paste the error that comes up when you try to run the executable? And I'm assuming these are 64bit machines.
#15 by ff80c38
2016-09-17 at 21:14
Yes, I forgot to mention that both are 64bit machines. The log file from the Windows 7 machine consists only of the following, even after whitelisting the executable in my firewall:

Tagdump Update = 17.09.2016 07:33:19, days since = 0
VN Items= 0
Producers= 0
Characters= 0
UserRelated Items= 0
As for Windows 10, it's just this generic error message.Last modified on 2016-09-17 at 21:14
#16 by zolty
2016-09-17 at 21:52
I think that this might be a case of missing DLL files, I have uploaded all .dlls required to the latest release (even though Windows should already have the ones that weren't present earlier), try pasting those in the folder and see if anything changes.

I can also see that your machine's format (like dates and times) is different to mine so maybe that's the issue.

That Windows 10 message is very unexpected, not sure what to say about that.

I've been developing the app in a Windows 10 machine and I also test on a Windows 7 machine.Last modified on 2016-09-17 at 22:01
#17 by aristippe
2016-09-17 at 22:36
I use win7 64 bits and I have the same problem, unfortunately... crash when launching the program.

Tagdump Update = 17/09/2016 22:26:09, days since = 0
VN Items= 0
Producers= 0
Characters= 0
UserRelated Items= 0

BTW I have the same error from my Japanese win7 64 VM...

In what locale did you test the program?
#18 by zolty
2016-09-17 at 22:43
I occasionally change my locale, language and format between English/Japanese and Great Britain/Japan but haven't had any issues.
#19 by zolty
2016-09-17 at 23:14
I just released version 1.3.3.

It has more messages along the point at which #13 and #17 are having issues.
Paste the message log if the same thing happens.Last modified on 2016-09-17 at 23:14
#20 by aristippe
2016-09-17 at 23:32
Here is the output:
Tagdump Update = 17/09/2016 23:32:00, days since = 0
VN Items= 0
Producers= 0
Characters= 0
UserRelated Items= 0
Attempting to open connection to api.vndb.org:19535
TCP Client connection made...
SSL Stream received...
#21 by [deleted]
2016-09-18 at 00:10
Having the same issue as the 2 above, crash at "logging into vndb api"
Windows 7 x64 home premium

Tagdump Update = 2016/09/18 0:06:33, days since = 0
Decompressed: tags.json.gz
Decompressed: traits.json.gz
VN Items= 0
Producers= 0
Characters= 0
UserRelated Items= 0
Attempting to open connection to api.vndb.org:19535
TCP Client connection made...
SSL Stream received...
Last modified on 2016-09-18 at 00:13
#22 by zolty
2016-09-18 at 00:49
Ok, so now I know the problem is here: sslStream.AuthenticateAsClient(VndbHost);

Please try again with version 1.3.4 and report back.
The program should be able to start but you won't be able to connect to VNDB, but the message log should tell me more info on how to fix that.
Meanwhile, you can use the provided database in the latest release to start using the program.
#23 by [deleted]
2016-09-18 at 01:10
yep it launches now, here's the log link

no clue what happened to the date in the log that time...

new log link as i forgot to copy over the supplied database for the first oneLast modified on 2016-09-18 at 01:23
#24 by zolty
2016-09-18 at 01:26
That's just the default date, don't worry about it, anyway, time for another release, lol, it seems that the issue is that the certificate is not valid, it will disable it after 2 tries (temporarily).
#25 by herbalnekotea
2016-09-18 at 01:34
Well, i mostly think it's a database corruption from my part, gonna wait for your next final bump since you just uploaded a test update 7min ago. BTW, i use W10 64bit pro before anniversary update (using defer upgrade option) on a surface pro 3. I missed the login before trying to login. I am using either eng usa or canada for format with jp sys local. I did in the installation, used some french canadian setting before switching them.


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