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#76 by sanahtlig
2017-01-31 at 13:38
For reference, my connection speed is 3Mbps download. It's sufficient for my needs, including video streaming.
#77 by zolty
2017-02-04 at 00:09
Just released Happy Search 1.4.5

Mostly changes in VN windows, which are now tabs.

* VN Options to VN tab
* Display of VN Notes and Groups in VN tab

* Double click to open VN tab, it will auto-switch to it unless holding Alt key
* VN windows are now tabs in the main window

* Wait for DB to be free before attempting to load data in VN tab
* VN tab downloads screenshots asynchronously.
* Information tab fits in minimum size window.

Hopefully this solves your issue of long loading times for screenshots, give it a try and let me know.

Many changes inspired by your post #71 including tabs instead of windows. Thanks.

I'm not very happy with the UI for vn tabs at the moment and may render it in HTML later on.Last modified on 2017-02-05 at 01:59
#78 by sanahtlig
2017-02-05 at 14:07
It still stalls during loading of screenshots for several seconds. It's more responsive than before however.
#79 by entra
2017-02-08 at 20:44
Minor bugs in 1.4.5 I think (hard to verify first):
1) The new "Refresh" button on VN tab does not update the cover images if they've changed. Clicking the "Updated X days ago. Click to update." link does update the cover image.
2) The "Update Title Data" doesn't seem to update titles that haven't been released yet but do have a release date.

A few minor requests too if they aren't too much trouble:
1) Make mouse middle click (the one when you press the scrollwheel in) close the VN tabs, I keep trying to do this as a habit from browsers and other tabbed software
2) Make double clicking a favourite producer do the same as "List Titles by Selected" button.
3) Add an "Update Title Data now" right click option. Ideally being able to select multiple VNs and update them all (including covers) as the same time.

Thanks as always for your work.
#80 by zolty
2017-02-11 at 14:29
Thanks for your feedback.

1) The refresh button was meant to be used when a tab doesn't load Anime/Screens/Relations because the API connection was busy doing something else, one could then press the refresh button rather than close and bring up the VN tab again. So it doesn't get new data.
The update option gets new data for all fields.

2) That seems to be due to the tier system, I made the first tier between now and 6 months ago, when it should be from 6 months ago to infinity, will be fixed in next version.

1) Will be in next version.
2) Will be in next version.
3) I might implement this in the batch functions menu (Multi Actions, left of hide/show options)

Remember that Update Title Data only updates stats, traits and tags, this is because changes to other data are rarer and less important, but most importantly, updating all data would incur more API throttling, I will add an Update All Data option to 'Other Functions', both with tiered option and 'all titles' option.

It will be necessary to Update All Data for all titles in the next version if you wish to take advantage of locally searching by Aliases and to use the new language features.
Unfortunately, due to throttling, this could potentially take hours if you have a lot of titles (5000+), you will be able to close the program and then continue later if you can't keep it running for that long in a single sitting.Last modified on 2017-02-11 at 14:32
#81 by zolty
2017-02-12 at 18:37
New release Happy Search 1.4.7

Added some language features and some other changes.
For previous users:
To use the new language features, you will have to run:
Update All Data (the normal 'tiered' mode will also update titles never updated and doesn't require you to do the whole thing in one sitting);
Get Producer Languages (which must be done in one sitting but is faster, it can be found in Other Functions).

Language support. Flags in VN tiles represent languages of original release, in VN tabs all languages available (up to 6) are shown. List By Language added.
Update All Data (tiered and all titles), this updates all data on a VN, not just tags/stats/traits.
Multi-actions: Update Tags/Stats/Traits and All Data.

Fixed and Improved:
Sorting by wishlist now in proper order ( high > medium > low > blacklist).
Middle click a vn tab to close it.
Update VN in tab moved into 'Options' menu.Last modified on 2017-02-12 at 20:23
#82 by nozomu
2019-04-03 at 21:33
Do people still use this? I haven't managed to make it work.
#83 by cscco
2019-04-16 at 07:28
How to get the Developer and Publishers of a vn through this API?
Thanks.Last modified on 2019-04-16 at 10:50
#84 by yorhel
2019-04-16 at 07:38
How to get the Developer and Publishers of a vn through this API?
API discussion is better done in t3599.

But to answer your question: producers are a property of releases, not of VNs. So you get the releases associated with the VN and then fetch the producers linked to that.
#85 by sanahtlig
2019-04-16 at 13:49
I use version 1.4.5. Later versions reorganized the UI (especially tag searches) in a way that was less convenient for me. VNDB seems to throttle traffic more aggressively than it used to, so Happy Search isn't as convenient to use as it was in the past.

I occasionally have an issue where the interface takes especially long to load, and afterwards title images won't display. Closing the program and then immediately reopening it usually fixes the issue.
#86 by yorhel
2019-04-16 at 14:06
VNDB seems to throttle traffic more aggressively than it used to
The site or the API? I've not changed the API throttle settings in ages.
#87 by sanahtlig
2019-04-16 at 20:00
The site or the API? I've not changed the API throttle settings in ages.
I've had problems with slow image loading on both, though especially Happy Search since it loads full pictures by default instead of thumbnails. I assumed traffic has been heavier lately.Last modified on 2019-04-16 at 20:04
#88 by yorhel
2019-04-17 at 05:55
Nope, images aren't throttled at all and bandwidth is fine on the server end...


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